Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft

A. Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft

Halloween crafts for kids of all ages. Try hanging several of them on a string to create a spooky edge for Halloween decorations too. One thing is for sure, kids will love making these yarn-wrapped mummies crafts.

1. How to Make a String Wrapped Mummy Craft

a. Deliveries:

  1. Mummy model
  2. Box
  3. Black color
  4. Brush tool
  5. White thread
  6. Wide-eyed
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue dots or sticky glue
  9. Ribbon

b. Instructions:

1. First, download our mummy template and print it. We’ve included a full paper mummy and a half-size mummy for you to choose from. Draw the pattern on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

2. Paint the front of your cardboard box with black paint. Allow to dry completely.

3. Use glue dots or sticky glue to glue your sticky eyes. I recommend glue dots if you have them, because you don’t have to wait for the dry season and they keep them pretty well in the box when you’re wrapping your mummy. Alternatively, you can glue goggles to your mummy after wrapping them with thread.

4. When the cardboard person is dry, make small slits along the shape to make it easier to wrap. Glue the end of the white string to the back of the cardboard (above) and begin wrapping the string around the mummy’s face, leaving a place for the eyes. Continue to wrap the mummy, wrapping each leg. When finished wrapping your mummy, glue the end of the string to the back of the mummy.

When my daughter was wrapping her mother of hers, I just let her use the entire spool of thread and then cut it off when she was done. If you’re doing this in a classroom, I definitely recommend cutting a large piece of yarn.

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