Why Do Women Have Long Hair

Why Women Have Long Hair

The two women quarreled and one of them secretly went out at night and dug a deep hole in the middle of the road on the way from the enemy house to the village.

The next morning, when everyone was walking to the well with water in their heads, the woman fell into the pit and shouted for help.

Her friends ran up to her, grabbed her hair, and pulled her out of the hole. To her surprise, her hair was stretched out when she was pulled, and when she was safe her hair was as long as a man’s arm.

She was so embarrassed that she ran away and hid.

But after a while he noticed that his long hair was beautiful and then he felt very proud and all the short haired women mocked them or when they saw them they were engrossed in violence and began to be ashamed of their short hair. They said to each other: “We men have hair.” “How nice to have long hair!”

So they jumped into the hole one by one and their friends pulled their hair.

Bonsai Trees

And so she and all women after them had long hair.


The Biology of Hair Lengths: Why it’s Natural for Women to Have Longer Hair

At 1 Corinthians 11: 14-15, Paul explains that “nature” taught us that men should cut their hair short and women should keep their hair long.

Are there biological functions that make women’s hair grow?

Yes, there seems to be a built-in biological process that allows women to have longer hair than men (usually naturally). This process is due to our hormones. First we need to understand how our hair grows. Male and female hair grow at about the same rate of about 1 cm per month. So the difference is not that women’s hair grows faster. 1)

Our hair grows and falls off in a three step process that repeats itself. So we keep driving on a regular basis and every hair on our head is at a different stage at some point (around 90% are in the growth stage). 2) However, our hormones are an important factor that can determine how long we stay up to a certain time.

These three stages:

  • Anagen – hair growth phase (lasts 2-7 years)
  • Katagen – transfer episode (lasts approx. 10 days)
  • Telogen – rest or dandruff time (takes about 3 months)

To help you better understand and understand these three phases, I recommend you watch this short video:

As mentioned earlier, our hormones play an important role in certain stages that we are in. If someone stays in the anagen for a long time (hair growth step), they obviously have more hair. And just in case: women stay longer than men in this phase.

Pastor John MacArthur stated:

“Men and women have different physiology. An obvious difference is that the hair growth process develops in three stages of the scalp hair: formation and growth, rest and fallout. The male hormone testosterone speeds up the cycle so that men reach the third stage more than women. The female hormone estrogen causes the cycle to last longer and women have longer hair than men. “3)

This is a theologian’s point of view, but has it been scientifically proven? Since dermatology is not a field I specialize in, I did some digging and found that MacArthur was absolutely correct in his assessment.

Here are some of the agencies that specialize in hair biology:

“The reason men have thinner patterns is primarily related to two sex hormones, testosterone and DHT. The body converts testosterone to the hormone DHT through enzymes in various tissues of the body … In men … DHT increases rest ( Telogen) and hair growth (anagen). Reduces episodes. “4)

“DHT seems to affect the hair follicles and prolong the telogen (resting) phase.” 5)

“Hair loss, or noticeable hair loss, is common in women when the levels of the female hormone estrogen decrease after the menopause. Before that time, estrogen helps counteract testosterone, which can be converted to the hormone DHT, which can turn hair follicles … before the hair’s normal growth cycle into normal ones. 6)

“There is some limited trichogram data that shows that estrogens shorten the resting phase and lengthen the growth phase of the hair cycle. Therefore, in some countries, estrogen is used to treat hair loss in women.” 7)

In these sources we see that the hormone DHT (dehydrotestosterone) keeps a person in the resting / dandruff phase for a long time and for a short time. Both sexes can produce DHT; the female hormone estrogen inhibits testosterone (this is converted into DHT). This is why DHT has a greater effect on men when a woman does not have low levels of estrogen. We also see that estrogen reduces the resting phase and keeps a woman in the growth phase of the hair cycle for a long time. Obviously, if your hair has been growing for a long time, it will take longer to grow longer.

Despite the fact that men’s and women’s hair grow at the same rate, there are natural biological processes that make women’s hair last longer than men’s hair. Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule, but it is the ideological pattern that shows the original design of God. After Dr. Kurt Stein (Author, Hair: A Human History) had studied hair at an academic level for more than 30 years, he noted, “[It has been culturally observed around the world that women have longer hair than men.” 8) It should be what we expect regardless of time or culture, it was an ideological pattern because it has a natural management process.


Now You Know: How Did Long Hair Become a Thing for Women?

Although hair fashion can vary from season to season, the association between women and long hair is an old one.

It comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans, at least, and according to archaeologist Elizabeth Bartman, even in this society, despite the ancient Greek norm of the late, long-haired philosopher, women had more hair than normal men. Roman women kept their hair long and tended to split it below the middle, and a man paid too much attention to his hair. “The awareness that the picture appears was risky.” The biblical tradition carries history. Anthony Sint, a sociologist who writes that hair is “a personal symbol of great social importance”, for example St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians: “Nature itself does not teach you that it is a shame for him if a man has long hair? that is the fame for him.

But why this tradition began and why it was tolerated is harder to end.

According to Stan, hair is a very communicative topic that allows individuals to send the message “health, sexuality, religiosity, strength” at first sight. It can be an expression of the identity of individuals and groups, and can be as much as one would expect to pay attention to an individual (often a woman). The scholar Deborah Pergamon writes that the cultural-historical effects of hair can be legally significant. “Information and judgments about a person’s morality, sexual orientation, political motivation, religious sentiments, and socio-economic status in some cultures are sometimes stimulated by looking at a particular hairstyle,” he noted. “”

Stein, a former professor of pathology and dermatology at Yelte who was also director of skin biology at Johnson & Johnson, believes that health is probably the number one reason hair is important. “You have to stay healthy to have long hair,” he says. “You have to eat well, have no diseases, have no infectious organisms, you have to have a good rest and exercise.”

Stan also notes the practical drawbacks of long hair: “In order to keep long hair, you have to take care of your life needs.” Long hair is also an elastic symbol, especially when it comes to complex hairstyles. You have to help someone else do this, which means you have the money to do it. Women in the region opposed the idea that they should be cared for.

And the effect of hair is different

Men (especially tall men who also had time to look after them) sometimes extended their hair, and free Gothic warriors in Italy at the beginning of the last millennium were known as the Capitol, or “long-haired men”. However, in general, their hair is expected to be shorter than the hair of women in their society. Historian Ian Robert Bartlett notes that Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury refused in 1094 to give ashes or blessings to young men who ‘grew hair like girls’ without cutting their hair. “Even in the mid-20th century, American men and boys had to struggle for the right to add up their locks, although women with short hair were less surprised.


6 Reasons Men Prefer Women with Long Hair

6 reasons men prefer women with long hair

Often times, women spend a lot of time, money, and attention trying to make their hair as attractive as possible. Fabulous hair makes a woman more confident and, in many cases, more attractive to her partners. But what attracts men with long hair?

1. Long hair helps prevent confusion

Men usually seem to prefer women with hair. Longer than short, but not unusually long, otherwise the hair will resemble a horsetail.

Why do you prefer long hair? Because it’s feminine. A friend once told me a story about how a villain woke up the morning after a night out and found the head of a stranger lying naked in the middle of his sheet. For the second separation, he thought it was a man. For him, a simple man, it was clearly an unforgettable experience. He still talks about it today.

2. Men with longer hair down are more likely than women

A field study of women’s hairstyles and men’s behavior found that men were more likely to help a woman with long hair fall naturally onto the neck, shoulders, and upper back. In this little study, a woman threw a glove in front of a man walking alone on the street, probably unaware of her loss. In this experiment, the women created three different hairstyles: the hair fell naturally on their shoulders and back, the hair on the hair plate, and the hair in a bun. Experiments have shown that men can do more to help women who naturally have hair on their necks, shoulders, and upper back.

3. Light hair = a light boys’ night!

Oh hair, wonderfully long hair! That is the real truth. Men like their boys at night and send the women to the hair salon. The longer the hair, the longer it will take. Talent. And the best part is that women just love it when there are great high street salons like rush hair everywhere! Try not to bring her to the salon, hell will relax.

4. Improves the appearance of good hair

Let’s face it, when you receive a valuable picture, you are given a frame to enhance the picture. For example, you can never paint on a wall with a blue label or cellophane. If you are very specific you can also get special lighting to bring the picture up. Well, hair is what makes a woman look like that. In some cases, hair styling is an art form in itself. But for the most part, the hair enhances the woman’s beauty and to make sure there are movies, just think of those scenes where, one way or another, a lot of hair is found through the air and in the frame of the camera.

5. Long stressed hair combines with “organic” feminine

The tradition of long hair is traditionally associated with femininity. I’m sure about half of men have combined long, thick, sharp-edged hair as the first sexual style for their women. Many of the traits of conventional femininity that many contemporary women associate with weakness today are actually manifestations of a deep inner strength. For many men, the ideal woman will be bright, radiant, acceptable and yet strong, seductive and yet holy, beautiful, loved, fertile, feminine. Long hair is beautiful and sensual, gives every woman a particularly feminine scent and, unlike white pillows, looks sexy. Good long, thick hair is a biological element that tradition has traditionally associated with a woman’s feminine characteristics, and men of the opposite sex often look for a partner who is naturally and subconsciously themselves.

Probably a factor in why they are so bad. Amazon comes with Remy Real Human Clip-On Hair to adapt to many colors, sizes, and textures. Nowadays, many women find it so convenient that they can buy it online with the push of a button and the next day through Amazon Prime if they don’t already have long hair. Can accept. And voila, you suddenly have long hair!

6. Hair fur men

Okay, that probably doesn’t sound like the whole word, but I mean that a woman with long hair can really convince a man faster than a woman with curly, thin, old hair tails – although that may work for some men, too.

A woman with gorgeous long hair can play with her hair while her hair covers half of her face or the layers bounce in the air. This allows men to play with their hair. It can be very romantic. Good hair is definitely a twist!

Why is long hair often considered feminine?

Cultural exceptions are not very difficult to find; France For example, in the early 18th century, men’s hair was usually longer than women’s hair. But it still remains that long hair is viewed as a female asset throughout history and around the world.

An explanation comes from evolutionary psychology. It is said that men are generally attracted to women who are youthful and healthy in appearance (indicative of higher fertility), in whom women pay more attention to physical strength and signs of “weakness”. Hair length in this context can serve as a visual clue to a woman’s imagination.

As people get younger and healthier, their hair naturally grows faster and thicker. Consistent with that report, the study, including a 2017 study by U.S. psychologists, found that men see women with average longer hair more attractive, healthier, and younger. While this evolutionary account is true, of course, cultural force and individual differences also play a role in whether we consider long hair to be “feminine”.

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