Which Laser Hair Removal Machine Is Best

A. 15 At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices That Actually Work

Finding the right hair removal method can be a process. If waxing is too painful for you and too long to shave, laser hair removal may be just what you are looking for. In addition to being cheap, treatment is the only hair removal process that gives you permanent results.

Professional laser hair removal can be very expensive and may not be an option for many of us. However, there are several household devices that are cheaper, but effective for trimming hair. The idea of ​​having a laser on your face or body can seem daunting. That’s why we talked to two dermatologists to find out everything you need to know about laser hair removal devices at home.

1. What is laser hair removal?

“Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a beam of light to destroy the hair follicle root and permanently prevent hair growth.” said the NYC-based dermatologist, Dr. Joshua draftsman. “The beam of light is selectively absorbed by the pigment cells in the hair follicle.”

Although these treatments are much less painful than waxing, discomfort can occur. “It looks like a rubber band is breaking,” said dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. “The more powerful the machine, the more discomfort you will feel. Some areas are more painful than others. However, it is not something for which you need painkillers.” If you experience irritation or pain, she recommends applying a cold compress to the area immediately after treatment.

Remember that laser hair removal does not work the same for everyone. “Lasers are better for treating people with dark hair and fair skin. Unfortunately, lasers are not effective in treating gray, white or light hair,” said Dr. Illustrator. “Please note that laser hair removal at home is not recommended for all skin tones. Check with the company before purchasing,” added Dr. Jaliman added.

2. Is laser hair removal at home safe?

“Laser hair removal devices at home are not as effective as office devices and you will not get the same results. [But] they are safe if used properly and instructions are followed,” said Dr. Jaliman. As with any new skin treatment, it is recommended that you test a small area of ​​the skin and see if complications arise. “Don’t start zapping your device when you take it out of the box,” she added. “This poses a risk of injury or even burns. Treat one area at a time and don’t over-treat the same area over and over again!”

When choosing a device, Dr. Subscribers ask to stay with “trusted companies that ideally publish results of clinical evaluations of the devices”, while Dr. Jaliman recommends choosing an option that has FDA approval and good ratings from customers. “Don’t look for a bargain or try to cut the price because you pay for what you get. A more expensive device will give better results. You want one with enough power / power and as close to a laser hair removal machine as you can get it. “, she said.

3. How to use these devices effectively

Dr. Drawer said that the most effective way to use these useful devices: “Do not scrub or scrub your hair, as you will need the root as a target for the laser. Make sure the skin is thoroughly washed and remove all creams or cosmetics before using the laser. ”

“Do not use a laser on your skin if you are brownish,” she added. “The extra pigment in the skin can confuse the laser beam, which is aimed at the skin instead of the hair follicle. This can cause inflammation, dark or light spots on the skin.”

Are you ready to try it out? With these dermatologist guidelines in mind, we found 15 top-of-the-line devices that can be purchased online and that customers find truly effective.

4. Overall, the best: Remington iLight Ultra IPL hair removal system for the face and body at home

This Remington laser hair removal system has hundreds of positive reviews for a reason. The brand not only promises that you can get up to 94% epilation in just three treatments, but also has two treatment caps of different sizes for body and face, so you can remove hair from head to toe with the same machine. It even comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. “I was very impressed with how this worked,” wrote one buyer. “I saw my hair think about it after wearing it. I’m so excited that I won’t have to worry about the bikini line this summer! I highly recommend it.”

5. Dermatologist’s best choice: Tria 4X Beauty Laser for Hair Removal

Dr. Drawer recommends this Tria hair removal laser because “it uses diode technology that is also used in the office. However, the energy is less, so it can be used safely at home”. The FDA-approved device has a smaller laser cap that targets hair follicles more accurately and uses less intense light emissions so your eyes are not disturbed. “It works so well,” enthused one customer. “I have been using it for six weeks and more than 75% of the hair is gone. Highly recommended. I found waxing much more uncomfortable. So, based on this comparison, it is 100% a victory because it is permanent.”

6. Best for thick hair: Silk’n Flash & Go Jewel hair removal device

Nordstrom customers love this portable option from Silk’n. The device’s powerful lasers target the roots of hair follicles to prevent growth. The Home Pulse Light laser system is easy to use and has five intensity settings and makes your skin smooth and protruding quickly. “I loved that purchase,” wrote one buyer. “This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Four weeks after using this product, my face and armpits are hairless (I used the product once a week). Now I move on to the legs and. “Poor. I am very happy with the results.”

7. Best for the body: Braun Silk Expert Pro3 permanent hair removal system

The Braun Silk Expert System uses intense pulsed light (IPL) that has been clinically tested to ensure a safe and efficient epilation treatment at home. In addition to being fast (you can treat both legs in just nine minutes), the device is also equipped with more than 300,000 flashes, which corresponds to an average treatment time of 16 years. “It’s only been a few weeks and my body hair is getting thin,” wrote one buyer. “It doesn’t hurt at all and the laser knows when it has passed over an area, so you won’t go over it again. I absolutely love this product!”

8. Best cooling option: Sedengu Ice Laser Hair Removal Device

If you are looking for a cooling option, consider the Sedengu Ice laser hair removal device. The portable device is designed with IPL technology to allow salon-quality removal at home. Customers praise the integrated cooling system that helps to reduce pores and soothe the skin during treatments, as well as how it painlessly and efficiently attacks hair follicles. “This one works so well,” wrote a customer. “I was tired of shaving and shaving because my hair grew too fast. I spent over $ 200 shaving my armpit at a laser spa store, but the price of the whole leg was too expensive for me. Something that was more cheap and more professional. I can say that this product works the same way it did when it was loaded. My legs got smoother after the first try. I’m going to use it in my arms too. I recommend it to anyone who likes to save money and is tired of grow up. ”

9. Best affordable option: Fezex laser hair removal system

Most of the items on this list cost more than $ 300. So, if you are looking for a cheaper option, consider the Fezex laser hair remover. In addition to an IPL system equipped with 999,999 flashes, the handheld device also has safety glasses to protect your eyes during treatment and a razor to help you prepare for treatment. One buyer wrote, “This is the first time I’ve written a five-star review and I think it’s the best beauty device purchase I’ve made so far. Exactly four weeks have passed and I have less than half of my hair left and I don’t even need to shave because hair growth is very slow. I used it in the armpits and the result is incredible. I have less than 20 percent of the hair under my armpit and it’s only been four weeks! ”

10. Ideal for the face: Imene laser hair remover

Although the Imene laser hair remover is technically suitable for facial and body hair, its compact laser cap allows you to target hair follicles more precisely to smaller areas, such as your face. Each device is programmed with 500,000 flashes of light, enough to perform an epilation process on the entire body nine to eleven times. The device is FDA approved and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. “Product very well done”, wrote a buyer. “It was very easy to use and I felt comfortable in the hand. I used it mainly on the face, but also on the legs, a few days ago. It definitely worked on facial hair, so I have high hopes for the rest.” Body hair. “”

11. Top rated: Fasbury IPL laser hair remover

With hundreds of 4,300 five-star reviews, this Fasbury device is one of Amazon’s most popular laser hair removers – and it’s easy to see why. It uses IPL technology to direct hair and prevent future growth and can be used on facial and body hair. There are five power levels to choose from and each device will provide 999,999 flashes over its lifetime. “This product is of high quality and works very well”, praised a reviewer. “I have used other hair removal products in the past and this is by far the best I have used. It gives long-lasting results and is very easy to use.”

12. Best for different skin tones: Silk’n Infinity laser hair remover

Although many home laser removal systems do not work well on light hair follicles and dark skin, this Silk’n option has been designed specifically for different skin tones. According to the brand, hair growth should be reduced by 92% after eight treatments with the practical device, and some buyers say they have achieved surprising results in even less time. “After three months, I honestly noticed that the side I used on had less hair growth than many follicles,” said one customer. “The process doesn’t hurt (I worked up to intensity four (I still can’t do five or it’s a bit painful), but level four works well for my armpits. In general, it’s cheaper and easier than getting into one. salon every two weeks to do it professionally and, yes, I’ve seen the results. ”

13. Easier to use: Mismon laser hair removal device

If you are concerned about the possibility of burning yourself at home with a laser removal device, Amazon customers recommend this easy-to-use device from Mismon. In addition to being released by the FDA, it also comes with simple instructions and pre-programmed settings that allow you to target hair follicles safely with the push of a button. “This system intimidated me a little at first, so it stayed in the box for a few weeks,” wrote one reviewer. “When I finally started using it, it was easy. Start with the lowest setting and go beyond what is tolerated. I started with my legs and now I can say that I am almost hairless! The instructions are easy to follow, as the process for each session does not take long. Beats for expensive laser treatments every day. ”

14. Best for small areas: Tria Beauty precision hair removal laser

If you are trying to reach smaller or difficult to reach areas, go for this Tria Beauty device. It uses the same diode laser technology as Dr. The drawer brand selection mentioned above, however, has a more compact and lighter design so you can easily straighten your hair in tougher areas. There are five energy levels to choose from and you should see results after about eight uses, depending on the brand. “Although I only use Tria Laser Precision for a few weeks, I have seen very good results,” wrote a client on the Tria website. “It doesn’t take long to treat each area, there is very little (if any) discomfort during treatment and it is the PERFECT size for treating areas such as forearms and upper lip! It also loads and accommodates quickly and easily! I am very satisfied. ”

15. Best for quick results: Gozye hair removal system

Amazon buyers love this Gozye laser hair removal device because of its large flash window, integrated color sensor and its ability to quickly target hair follicles on your body and face. As an added bonus, it even comes with goggles that can be worn during treatments. Although the brand says it would take eight weeks to achieve 98% of hair removal, many customers said they achieved results after just a few uses. “I saved a lot of money buying and doing it myself, instead of going to a professional. I’m in my fifth session and I’ve seen results since my second session,” wrote one of them. “This is my first week, the first session was a few days ago and I am already impressed. I can certainly see less change in growth just in that first session,” said another.

16. Best selling option: Beamia At-Home laser hair remover

This Beamia device is Amazon’s best-selling laser hair remover for a reason. Not only does it have 999,999 built-in flashes and five energy levels to choose from, but it also has two modes that you can use to work on different parts of your body. Flash mode helps you target smaller surfaces like lips, armpits and chin, while sliding mode allows you to quickly attack larger areas like legs and arms. A satisfied customer wrote: “For $ 100, I was able to gently zap my legs during the coronavirus crisis in the United States, with more zaps remaining on my weapon (I only used a few thousand of the 999,999 zaps with those. Delivered.”), I have long legs and it’s hard to shave [and] use the laser even more, but after about 10 sessions my hair barely grows any more. As it is almost painless, I don’t see why it is not a smart investment if you have unwanted hair. ”

17. Best for the bikini line: Gillette Venus IPL hair remover

This Gillette Venus device has hundreds of five-star ratings thanks to its powerful IPL technology and SensoAdapt skin tone sensor that adjusts the intensity to ensure safe and effective treatment every time. Customers say it is a great option to get rid of all types of unwanted hair, but it works especially well around the bikini line. “I’ve been using this for five weeks and it definitely works,” wrote a reviewer. “I am very pale, with very dark hair, so I am an ideal candidate for that. I used it on the bikini line, on the armpits and on the legs. The bikini line was the most drastic, there is a very obvious line between where I used it I made one leg too and left the other hairy for comparison and there was a visible difference. Easy to use and very painless, maybe a little zapping on sensitive areas, but nothing compared to hair removal. I would like to know that I used to exist. ”

18. Best multipurpose option: Deess permanent hair removal system

There is nothing like a beauty tool that can do more than one thing. So it makes sense that this multifunctional hair remover from Deess is so popular with Amazon buyers. The device not only features integrated ice compress technology to make the hair removal process more convenient, but also has three interchangeable UV lamp accessories, each offering a different treatment. The HR lamp removes hair, the SR lamp rejuvenates the skin and the AC lamp helps fight acne. “The cool photo is amazing. The automatic flash is fast, so it’s quick and easy,” wrote a customer. “I also love the skin’s rejuvenating light! Nowadays it helps a lot with the hyperpigmentation of old acne spots. The acne light seems to help my daughter. I was skeptical at first because I’m a licensed beautician and I do medical aesthetics, so I’m very familiar with the IPL. I was satisfied with the strength of the product at home. “

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