Simple and Playful Spider Web Craft

A. Simple and Playful Spider Web Craft

You can also make this fun spider web any time of year after learning about spiders or from a popular children’s book about spiders. Preschoolers may also enjoy playing with this art as they sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. So many fun options!

1. How to Make a Playful Spider Web Craft

a. Materials needed to make this playful spider web

  1. Paper plates
  2. Blue or purple color
  3. White color
  4. Brush (we like to use sponge brushes!)
  5. Self-adhesive jumbo craft stick
  6. Black cardboard
  7. 2-inch circular punch (optional)
  8. Wide eyed halloween
  9. White crayons
  10. Craft knife (adults only)
  11. Scissors
  12. Glue

b. Instructions for making this spider ship

1. Paint the paper plate blue or purple or a dark color of your choice. Paint your jumbo sticky stick with white paint. Allow the ink to dry completely.

2. While the paint dries, cut a 2-inch circle from your black cardstock. Then cut 8 spider legs from their black cardboard.

3. Glue the spider’s legs to the 2-inch black circle. Glue wide eyes in front of your spider and then use white crayons to draw a friendly smile on your paper spider.

4. When the paint is dry, use white chalk to draw a cobweb on the paper plate. To do this, draw a white line down the middle of the paper plate. Then rotate the paper plate 90 degrees and again draw a white line in the center of the paper plate. Then draw two diagonal lines through the existing lines, all of which you will cut in the center of the paper plate.

5. Draw curved lines between each of the intersecting lines to finish your cobweb on your paper plate.

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6. Remove the self-adhesive coating from your jumbo craft stick and attach it to your paper spider. You want the paper spider to be on the bottom of the jumbo craft stick (see image below).

7. Use a craft knife (adults only) to open a slit in the top of your paper plate spiderweb ship.

8. Insert your jumbo craft stick with the spider from the bottom up through the slit in the top of the paper plate.

2.Your spider’s web craft is complete!

Now it’s time to play! Hold the paper plate in place with one hand, then use your other hand to hold the jumbo craft stick on top of the paper plate. Move the jumbo ship’s pole up and down and around and watch the spider move in its web.