Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

A. Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

Halloween is two weeks away, so it’s time to do something cute with your kids. This easy accordion folding paper stick is perfect. It’s simple enough for kids to have fun and older ones to have fun too. After you’re done, you can hang them on a string from the ceiling around the house to decorate them for Halloween or glue them to the front window to say trick or treat.

1. How to Make a Simple Accordion Foldable Paper Bat Craft

a. Deliveries:

  1. Paper bat model (optional)
  2. Black cardboard (or construction paper)
  3. Cups to trace
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Wide eyes
  7. White crayons or crayons
  8. Glue

b. Instructions:

1. Download and use our paper bat template or cut two circles (one smaller than the other) from your black cardboard and two triangular bat ears. We trace two different sized bowls with a pencil to get our circles. We use the smaller one for the bat’s face and the larger circle for the wings.

2. Fold your larger circle accordion style. Not only is this great for fine motor skills, but the accordion fold adds a fantastic texture to the paper bat art. When finished folding the circle, use the scissors to cut the circle in half. You now have two bat wings.

3. Glue bat wings to the sides of the other circle. Glue your bat ears to your paper bat. Glue wide eyes to bat.

4. Finish your paper bat art by drawing a mouth and some scary vampire teeth on your bat with your white crayons.

2. More Fun Halloween Paper Crafts

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