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Jumbo Box Braids – Rubber band method

Jumbo box brides using the elastic band method are a common DIY technique that your boxing brides can use to sit at home. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make jumbo box braids using BreAunna’s elastic band method

Note: Don’t start your braids with your head dry. Always make sure the hair is pre-moistened before you start braiding.

Jumbo Box Braids Rubber Band Method Complete Tutorial | Regular speed

Hair-splitting for box braids

First, celebrate the hair in the top half. You can do the top and back separately. So do it first. This tutorial is for a total of eighteen braids, ten in the back and eight in the top.

Define parts

Define the parts that will be used in the organ oil control cream in nature. Start separating the lines for box braids. In this tutorial, we’re going to do 18 braids in total, so there are ten braids on the back and eight braids on the top.

We’re going to use the rubber band method because it’s nicer to look at. Coat the parts on the edges with the edge control and tie the part with a rubber band.

Bonsai Trees

The key to keeping jumbo box breads looking neat is the clean part. It is important to part the hair evenly and make your style look better.

Make clean parts

Start by making clean and tidy parts. We recommend that you cross your parts with edge control and clean the lines first. This helps keep the style looking neat.

Define and coat parts of the cream with Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control. Next, add the rubber bands.

When dividing the second row, make sure the lines between the pieces fall in the middle of the first row.

We have three box brakes below; The next section has four braids and makes sure these box braids fall into these parts. It looks full and the breads are perfect.

Three box brakes below and four boxes below

Start jumbo box brakes

For this style, you can use three packs of printout, cut each pack in half and make three brakes on each side.

It has a total of six braids for each pack, so this style has a total of 18 braids.

When you get the box brakes you can use the two step method to connect them. We use two sections of synthetic hair, and then the hair is the third section. When you say down, you are borrowing the hair from these two strands to make the hair equally thick.

You want to make sure that the products stay in the hair while braiding. You should use the products from your hands to keep the hair from sticking and use it on the ends of your hair to make sure it blends together.

Another thing you can do is have natural hair under synthetic hair when you are braiding. This will help ensure that the natural hair is inserted properly.


The Absolute Must Have Tips When Using The Box Braids Rubber Band Method

In this post, I am going to show you how to do box braids rubber band method. I chose this method because I went to Essence Fest New Orleans (see my blog here) and this is the code of the black girl who wants her hair to be as indifferent as possible while on vacation.

There is a video at the end of this box that teaches you how to use the box bread rubber band method. Before we start the tutorial though, I am going to explain what the rubber band method is, what you need, and what is great.

Box braids elastic band method it what?

You part your hair where you want to part the box part, triangle part or your hair. The main point of the rubber band method is not the parts, but the actual rubber bands. After you’ve parted the hair, put each section in elastic bands and tie your hair so that you braid a standard box.

Box Braids Rubber Band Method we why are we doing this?

I did my hair myself when I did my hair with a braided elastic band on the way. The rubber band method saved me HOURS of time. I literally spend 12 hours or more cutting hair breaking the traditional box

The rubber band method took me about 3 hours and that’s because I was walking more slowly. Not only is this method quick, but it creates minimal pressure on each layer of tension in my opinion.

And if you’re just starting to braid and do your own hair, you’ll find this method a lot more beginner-friendly than traditional box breaks.

Box Braids Elastic Band Method: What You Need

I’m going to give you a quick list of things to use in my box braids with the elastic band method. My hair is natural so I had to double the gel and edge controls to make sure my bridesmaids had natural braids of hair and weren’t shaking all over the place. But overall I use it here.


I used a combination of two hair types. The type of hair I used was ombre hair. The roots were black but turned golden brown. Which represents the color that you see in my hair. I didn’t want my hair to be all black so I highlighted a bit through my hair.

I used 2 packs of colored hair in total and had about 6 colored breads all over my hair. In total, I had about 20 braids. Each pack gives me three baudis, which is where my brides are jumbo.

The second hair color I used was virgin 1 hair which was more than my natural hair color. I used braided hair with three packs of hair. Each of the three packs was actually pretty thin, and each pack gave me two Buddhist gifts. That means I have about 6 loaves of bread from each package.

You can make three Buddhists and run away, but I wanted my bread to be really huge. In the end I had about 20 brakes all over my head.

Keep it tight

As I said earlier, I have natural hair so I had to keep this hair in those elastic bands without shaking too much. Even if your hair is loose, you will want to use something to hold the hair in place. That’s why I used the perfect black edges to control the edges.

There are all types of edge control gels here. Just get one that works for you. I tend to use the black edge control as it makes the edges of my hair look full. But if you don’t need this effect, you can use normal colors.

I used Eco Styler for the gel, again you can choose the Eco Styler Gel as there are a lot of them. I chose castor oil to nourish my hair. This gel didn’t make my hair too stiff or dry.

Finally, brush that edge. Of course, you won’t be using it over your head, but it really helps in keeping your edges down. Once you have your edges laid out, tie a satin scarf over it, go to sleep, and your edges will be filed and killed.

Elastic band

Of course you need rubber bands. For me personally, I like to use black rubber bands, but there are other rubber bands that other people like to use as well.


Applying hair stones or pearls to your hair is a reality right now and they literally take very little time to complete. All you have to do is open the ends of the clips and leave them on your bread.

Note that I didn’t put clips on each of the brides that I would overdo. But putting them in a couple will get you the right note.

I didn’t do it with my hair either, but another hot thing I have to do right now is braid that string into your hair to give it a different look.

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Six Bad Habits That Damage Your Natural Hair

Six Bad Habits That Will Damage Your Natural Hair

All right, ladies! There is a lot of information on the internet about how to grow long healthy hair. Let’s talk about what stops and breaks your hair! Natural hair may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few tips you will know exactly what not to do with your natural hair. With your girls at Lavish Beauty Palace, you will enjoy every step of your transition to healthy natural hair. Proper care of your natural hair is important to get great hair growth results! These are the six habits you need to break right now that are damaging your hair! Let’s get it.

Number 1: With elastic bands and hair ties

Yes! I said … hair ties are bad too! Well, I’m not saying never tie your hair in a ponytail. But never … I mean, never wear a rubber band on your hair! Even if the rubber bands have a firm grip, they will snap a few or more strands when removed. If you put an elastic band on your hair for a few weeks or more, in addition to the 100 strands that are already naturally flowing, it doesn’t look good!? Cotton hair ties aren’t that bad. However, don’t wear your hair in ponytails for the past few days. If you put pressure on the area where the hair is tied, you are still tearing your hair. Also, wearing a bun or ponytail with your hair tight on your back puts pressure on your edges as it pulls your hair backwards. Your hair will fall out in the area where you are applying too much pressure. I think we can all agree that 100 strands is natural enough!

Fix: If you’re late and need to have your hair ponytailed or braided, please use a hair tie made of hair tie or cotton. At the end of the day, take it off asap and release the pressure on your hair!

Number 2: Very tight hairstyle

Now I know that our women like to enjoy our favorite hair braid and get a micro, lemon water bread, Senegalese or a person. Let’s face it … you need to wake up every morning and give up your hair loss. The struggle with this natural hair is real. However, braids that are too tight can also tear your hair. Even if it is the basis of sewing. If your ears are too tight, it will push your edges. Also corno hairstyles that tie your baby’s hair into corno. I know it’s nice and neat to look at, but it can also damage your edges. I guarantee all hair has become so firm that it will fall out once exposed.

Fix: Your hair brider is a stylist you believe in and doesn’t pull the hair so hard that your edges come out when the braid is removed. Make sure your stylist is keeping your hair tighter and ask them to lighten it up a bit. Don’t keep the edges, sister doesn’t look good!

Number 3: heat loss

Now I know all of our naturalists made it … you will go to the Dominican salon and get the blues out, and at the end of the wash day you will finally have the words “Please let my curls come back”! Then you shower and look dead in the mirror … “Whoa, Carls Poppin”! You know I don’t lie … Al! Say “Heat Loss” to a room filled with naturalists and listen as everyone gasps! Hahaha! Do your best to minimize the amount of heat you put on your hair. I live for the best, but once or twice a year. Flatron, hair dryer and hairdryer can severely damage loose or natural hair if they are used too often. Excessive heat can permanently break the S-S or disulfide bonds in the hair strands that give the hair its strength through protein crosslinks.

Fix: Like I said earlier, reduce the heat that you put on your hair. If you can, try the roller set stretch method and let your hair air dry. If you need to dry your hair, I recommend the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This will dry out your hair and reduce the time it takes to dry your hair. Always use a heat shield when drying your hair or drying the wound. One of my favorites is the Tracemm Thermal Creation Heat Temer Spray. If your hair is already damaged by heat, get treated with a protein to repair your hair. I recommend Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt Hydrate and Repair Intensive Protein Treatment.

Number 4: not the deep state of your hair

During my conversion process, I do my hair religiously on a weekly basis. This step is important in keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. If I can’t find a shower cap … Oh, I’ll wrap a plastic bag around my head! Lol … I know that I am not alone. Dry, brittle, natural hair breaks when this important step is lost. Now you don’t want it. During the shower, I usually apply my deep conditioner while combing my hair back with a wide toothed comb and parting it. I swear in this isolated way it just seems to me On the way to the wash day, dry your hair with a microfiber cloth or t-shirt. The best way to dry natural hair without breaking it!

Fix: I recommend using the Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Deep Treatment Mask once a week. If you have the time, let it sit in your hair for an hour or more. Analyze your hair and wash it off.

Number 5: Don’t wear protective style

Take care of your hair and keep your hands away from the hair. Playing too much on your reel will cut your hair. Sleeping without curls can cut your hair. Keep your hair in a protective style. It’s two corners, twist, hello bread, wig, hair extensions, etc. Protect your hair! I know this sounds like a lot, but if you spend extra time keeping your hair in a protective style, you will get great results! If you neglect your hair and don’t show love for your hair … it will break up with you!

Fix: wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf every night. Wear protective styles that can last a few days or a week. Your hair needs as little tweaking and gentle maintenance as possible.

Number 6: not your last cut

Girl: Please trim your edges! I don’t care how long the last strand is … cut it! It’s not about the length of your hair, it’s about how healthy your hair is. Long hair with split ends doesn’t look great. Split ends mean that your hair is damaged and usually protects itself from heat. Hanging on the split ends is a bad idea. The hair will continue to expand until it reaches the roots.

Fix: Cut your hair every 3-4 months. Healthy hair grows long and strong, healthy and fast. If you hold onto them, the split ends will get in the way.

I promise love your hair and it will love your back!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and are ready to apply these few tips to your hair care routine. I urge you not to apply heat to your hair for a month using these tips. Come back and share your results with us a month later. We want to know the results! Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates on freebies and hair care tips.

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