Paper Bag Monster Puppets

A. Paper Bag Monster Puppets

I love it, I love it when we make art that is not just open, but the whole family can participate. We made these monstrous dolls out of paper bags last week and it was such a pleasure to get the craft supplies and we all sat at the table as a family, each creating their own unique monster. If you’re looking for a fun Halloween craft that the whole family can have fun with, grab the craft supplies, some snacks and have fun making these stupid paper bag monster dolls.

1. How to Make Paper Bag Monster Figures

a. Deliveries:

  1. Paper lunch box
  2. Acrylic paint (color of your choice)
  3. Colored cardboard
  4. Guest book scissors (optional)
  5. Tags
  6. Circular drilling (optional – we use 3 inches, 2 inches, 1 1/2 inches and 1 inch)
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue

b. Instructions:

1. Paint the front and bottom of your paper bag in the color of your choice. Allow to dry completely. After I paint the bag, I like to open it to dry so the paint under the bottom flap doesn’t stick to the bag.

2. Use colored cardstock, cardstock, scissors, circular punches and markers to design a unique monster.

Let your creativity dominate your mind and body! Think of eyes, teeth, fun patterns, pointy ears and horns. I even added a silly tongue and some long eyelashes to my monster.

2. Feel like something different? Learn how to draw an eye!

One of my kids drew a fun sketch on his monster with markers and gave him arms and long horns on his head.

The added fun comes after you finish making your monsters and watching your kids put on a beautiful puppet show. But who am I kidding, I also had a lot of fun playing puppets.

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