MEGAN FOX Skin Care Routine & Megan Fox Skin Care Products

A. Megan Fox’s Skin Care, Makeup, Beauty Tips And Fitness Secrets Revealed

Megan Fox Skin Care Products
How many of you envy the incredibly beautiful Megan Fox on screen? Yes, we can’t help but look at her radiant face, gorgeous hair, mesmerizing eyes, pout and graceful body every time she appears on TV screen. How about a peek into Megan Fox’s beauty secrets? Here’s how::

1. Beauty Secrets of Megan Fox Skin Care Routine

1. The adage “less is more” is completely true when it comes to this moody actress. Her regular beauty routine consists mainly of cleaning and moisturizing. She washes her face well at least twice a day, followed by a mild moisturizer with Otto Rose Bulgarian by Epicuren Discovery.

2. Hours of soaking in the bathtub is not your forte. Instead, you prefer to take a bath when necessary and nourish your skin with cold pressed organic oil (grape-seed oil) from Whole Foods. American beauty simply loves this moisturizer, because it is lighter than olive oil and adapts very well to your skin.

3. It is not at all a person with sunscreen. The chemicals found in commercial sunscreens or sun blockers cause allergies to your sensitive skin. So she tries to protect her skin from the sun, going outside as little as possible and wearing hats most of the time. However, when she really needs to go out in the sun, La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen is her only choice.

4. Fox takes care of your beautiful cat’s eyes with the Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum from Perricone MD. She makes sure to apply it at least 3-4 times a day right after washing your face.

5. A weekly oxygen face mask is a must for this amazing beauty (when she is not too busy). Since she doesn’t have enough time to wear masks, she makes it a habit to get facial masks as needed.

6. Drinking lots of water is another secret to your hypnotizing beauty. It eliminates toxins from your body and keeps your skin impeccable.

7. She also believes that a healthy sleep is essential for a healthy and glowing skin.

2. Megan Fox makeup secrets

1. Fox does not always like to wear makeup and allow her skin to breathe when she is not working. On a normal day, she just needs a colorful moisturizer, a good mascara and an attractive lip gloss.

2. She suggests that girls lose their foundation from time to time. She also advises applying petroleum jelly to cheekbones and eyelids.

3. Beach Wave’s hair is her favorite look for a simple date night and she relies on Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to get that thick and beautiful hair texture.

4. The glamorous actress is very aware of her fashion and makeup. She makes sure her makeup and hair are soft and natural when her dress is bold.

5. Highlighting your eyes is an indispensable part of your makeup practice. She makes sure that her eyes are highlighted in any situation, properly modeling her eyebrows and filling them with precision.

6. When it comes to lip makeup, Fox loves to experiment with different shades of red. Whether it’s a deep red wine or fresh orange red, she knows how to use the look perfectly. The lipstick Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani in 400 is her favorite, as it perfectly matches her skin and hair color.

7. “Red lips and simple eyes” is the trademark of the talented actress. She used a light foundation and a little blush to compliment.

8. She cannot do without moisturizer, concealer, mascara, fragrance and Jao Hand Refresher. Some of her main makeup items are Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Armani Code fragrance, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, etc.

3. Secrets of Megan Fox Fitness

Megan Fox Skin Care Products

1. Fox trains regularly not only to obtain an enviable figure, but also to strengthen it with positive energy. Her fitness secret is her perfect daily exercise routine and a 5-factor diet plan created by her famous fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak. This helps a lot in the appearance of flabby fads.

2. To be slim and sexy, Fox targets the entire body, completing a 45-minute circuit training session and working on all major muscle groups. She performs exercises such as side boards, crunches, Swiss balls, excessive stretching, etc. for 5 minutes each, followed by a rest period of 30 seconds.

3. In addition, she practices Pilates, weightlifting and aerobic exercises such as cycling, running, dancing, etc. to stay fit and flexible.

4. Megan Fox Diet Secrets

1. Fox’s 5-factor diet plan includes “5 small meals a day” as well as a “day off” where she can eat any type of food she wants.

2. Instead of dieting, he focuses on eating healthy foods that are mostly fruits, raw and fresh vegetables, etc. Provides enough carbohydrates.

3. She makes a point of taking silica and fish oil supplements regularly. Processed foods (and dairy products are strictly prohibited for her. The stunning lady also avoids cereals (she prefers whole foods), white bread, cookies etc.

4. She never skips breakfast as it is one of the most important meals of the day. Your breakfast consists of 2 egg whites, 1 ounce. Almonds and a bowl of fresh fruit. Egg is her favorite and almonds are rich in antioxidant vitamin E, fiber and protein. As a result, she doesn’t feel hungry for the rest of the day and stays in shape making her workouts more effective.

5. The attractive star is very fond of salads and likes to mix apple cider vinegar with them to get rid of excess body fat.
She also makes sure that her diet contains a reasonable amount of fat.

Beauty tips are simple, practical and very effective. Try the tips above and share your success stories with us!

B. Megan Fox Skin Care Full Product List and Makeup List:

Sonia Dakar Diamond Peel Treatment, Bliss Detoxifying Facial Mask, 15 Minute Bliss Step Clean Face Mask, La Roche Pose Anthelias AC Extreme Liquid, Mindy Walters Vitamin C Complex, Giorgio Armanil, Giorgio Armanel and In Wheat, Amazing Cosmetics in half amazing beige concealer, Dr. Hauska covers face powder with Laura Marcia’s secret bleaching powder, Laurac Rose Blush, Chanel Cryon Sursils with soft brown eyebrow pencil fill, Me Kohl, Omega Mac eyeshadow, Giorgio Armani Ice to Merck Mask, L’Oreal Vasuminas mask, exclusive Mac lashes, DR. Hauska lip balm, Chanel Le Cryon Lavres Exact Lip Definer Natural, Giorgio R.J.R.J. Lip color Plum Dyer Addict, Param Rao Lankem L’Absolu Rouse.

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Beauty Secrets Lessons We Learned From Megan Fox

1. Glamorous lashes match the face are important.

The actress balances long, curly eyebrows with soft makeup to create the glamor of the red carpet. We like Giorgio Armani Ice’s Kill Mascara.

2. Hair doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

From the coffee run to the red carpet, Fox’s hair never looks too frayed. She works on the beach in a haute couture dress or an elegant ponytail for film premieres. The faceless approach is part of its appeal

3. Red has more than one hue.

No girl can have many short black dresses or many shades of red lipstick with two oximeses that Fox applied. Her lipstick changed with her appearance: fresh, orange-red with moist makeup and smoky eyes, orange-red with polished skin and her characteristic shiny pout. The best orange is M.A.C. Moran’s lipstick; Dark tones that add the color of Dior lips to decadent plums; And really red, perfectly blush Lankem L’Absolu Rouge LipClour.

4. If you’re retro, don’t go all the way.

The Fox 40s takes a modern approach to glamor. She unleashes the waves of Rita Hayworth to keep her makeup soft and peach-colored.

5. Pink and shiny lips are the most delicious.

Sure, the actress has attractive Goto Off lips, but a few strips of pink glass make her look fuller. Our selections are lip gloss figs and Laurel Couture Shine Sutcher in pure Alam combinations.

6. A central part of hair can be sexy – including the right hairstyle.

The centerpiece of straight, sticky hair may catch the attention of the day of the elementary school photo, but Fox doesn’t call it a sign of waves and growing girls

7. Sometimes it is subtle not to laugh too much.

The secret of the mystery wind? A subtle reminder – this is one of Fox’s exclusive photos that doesn’t take time.

8. Don’t be afraid to stress your eye brows.

Even with little makeup, Fox’s eyes stand out with his well-formed and well-filled eye brows. Makeup artist Dick Page suggests filling the forehead bones with a cream-colored shade: “These products are as shiny as hair and give eyebrows a healthy glow,” he says on the page. Our favorites are the Custom Brown Chanel Precise Browse Definer by Soft Brown and L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist.

9. The hottest pose is looking over your shoulder.

You learn how the camera works when you’re on a red carpet like Fox. The three quarters of the profile pose are fun, but they also emphasize chapbone – who else couldn’t use an elevator like this?

10. If your outfit is bold, it should stand out in your hair and makeup.

When it comes to being at an official event, Fox knows that heavy clothing is the way to go. She also knows that her hair and makeup must be natural and discreet to speak to the dress. We just like Nude Nude Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow for the eyes, Bobby Brown Blush on Tony for the cheeks and Chisido Makeup Perfect Rose Lipstick for the lips on 109B.

11. Take a break from time to time.

Some of them are really like us. Fox knows that she doesn’t need to have everything in her pocket to get to the supermarket, and that makes her look minimalist with makeup and ponytails.

C. 7 Beauty Tips From Megan Fox

Megan Fox, one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood, has an inspiring beauty and style. What is the secret of the beauty of this natural pump? Let’s take a look at Megan Fox’s 7 beauty tips.

1. Her hair matching the skin tone

One of Megan’s constant beauty rules is her neat black hair. Her hairstyle has never changed since we met her. The black color exactly matches her skin tone and makeup choice. In addition, her hair never appears in her daily life or on the red carpet. Unlike other Hollywood stars, she always chooses simple hairstyles that look incredible to her.

2. The power of red lipstick

Lipsticks are definitely the makeup we need. But when it comes to red lipstick, it matches Megan Fox’s lips. Red looks very noticeable to her, it’s not just her lips, she also has clothes on her body. Megan is obviously aware of the power of red lipstick and turns it into an attractive weapon.

3. The right AR mascara for long lashes

It is very clear that long lashes are more attractive than anything that makes beauty curious. Megan has beautiful, ruffled eyes, of course, so she wears the right mascara for this stunning look. Smo is an eyelash curler and a shiny mask that is her favorite choice for smokers eyes.

4. Elegant retro style

Retro is currently one of the trends in the fashion industry. Megan has created retro looking for her own style. She got even better with her wavy hairstyle from the 60s and the choice of soft colors and peach.

5. Shapely eyebrows

Although she doesn’t wear makeup, her eyebrows are bold and noticeable due to her well-formed forehead. You don’t have to force yourself to straighten your eyebrows, as Megan won’t try them. He risks filling his eyebrows with everything she needs

6. Glance across the shoulder

This pose really works for cameras on the red carpet to look great in magazine photos. Megan occasionally shrugs on the cinema glass or on the red carpet. In fact, he was beautiful with the look of his cat eyes. He knows how to look right in front of the cameras. So it shows us that he really is a Hollywood star who knows what to do with his search.

7. Smiling trick

A little smile on that face! Anyone can look beautiful with a smile, but be careful of exaggerated smiles like Megan. He has a mysterious appearance with the simple lip tapping technique.


D. What Beauty Products Does Megan Fox Use? Skincare, Makeup Must Haves

What Megan Fox Skin Care Products

When Kim Kardashian wrote which beauty products are very popular, I thought about returning to the subject by focusing on the various female celebrities and their favorite makeup products. Then there is Megan Fox, who is undoubtedly a beautiful woman and who is probably on everyone’s “Girl Crush” list. Yes, she had minor surgery, but her makeup always looks perfect and natural. Here, of course, is an overview of them.

1. Skin care

When it comes to the beauty of it all, Megan follows the “less is more” mantra. However, while her skin fights from acne stars to large, pore and strange rashes and is in the spotlight all the time, her skin care routine is far from easy. She visits dermatologist Sonia Dakar regularly and has a diamond bowl to keep her skin clean. It’s expensive, at 7,725 (yes, US dollars, it just scared me), but he’s definitely a regular customer. She is a fan of Bliss Skincare – she likes detoxifying tonic and wearing a clean, deep 15 minute face mask. “It is the only product with SPF that does not irritate my skin,” he said, using Anthelios AC Extreme Fluid and Mindy Walters Vitamin C Complex in La Roche Pose for skin protection.

2. Face & Foundation

But Giorgio Armani is another celebrity than the treasures of the Luminous Silk Foundation! Megan is also Kim Kardashian’s favorite and prefers to wear it alone and on the red carpet, as it offers good coverage, has no oil (perfect for taking pictures) and is expensive all day, but it’s worth it. Another foundation she uses is Chanel Waterlights Shear Make Up Stick in Sand and Wheat. For concealers, she prefers Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (her shade is medium beige), as it covers everything from acne blemishes to tattoos.

To set everything up, she uses Dr. Hauska Transcluent Face Powder for all faces and to illuminate the lower part of her eyes, she uses Laura Mercier’s Secret Light Powder in Megan. She uses it to brighten her complexion and keep her skin looking fresh and healthy. Her first choice is Lorac Rose. A light coral pink.

3. Eyes

For Browse, she prefers the brown Chanel Crayon Sorcils eyebrow pencil. For many red carpet looks, makeup artists used the Loras Tech Bro wax kit in brownie for a cleaner, fuller look. For a softer lining, the Mac Omega is her favorite choice, as Megan loves to slide up and down the Mac Smulder I kale for a messier look. She said in a recent interview how she likes to use two masks for different brushes. First, he used Giorgio Armani I Kill to Kill as “thin brush means you can go to the base of the brush”, so L’Oreal is at the top to increase the volume. The most common feature of the red carpet is the Rich Black Mascara Max Factor 2000 Calorie Straight Brush Mask, which is rounded with some custom Mac lashes.

4. Lips

Whenever Megan’s lipstick changes in appearance: a neutral red-orange look and a deep, wine-red look with smoky eyes for Chanel Le Crayon. Her deep red lipstick was Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani in 400 for an orange color, Mac Morange is a staple. For your dark fruit tones, use Decadent Plums Dior Addict Lip Color and Lancem L’Absolu Rouge LipClour for the real red color on the blue base of abluten König.


E. Megan Fox Complexion

If you’ve seen Megan Fox lately, you may have noticed that she looks different than she did a few years ago when she first became famous.

Megan Fox Complexion has always been amazing with subtle variations. The complexion matches her eye color and darker colored hair. Here are some pictures of Megan Fox’s complexion over the years:

[masterslider id=”1″]

F. Megan Fox Inspired Skin Care Beauty Products Make Up Look

In the above video I will show you how to achieve this. Megan Fox inspired signature. Look, I hope you like it and let’s get started. I’m, going to begin by applying my foundation and I’m using Mac.

Studio Fix fluid so just got ta pop a little bit on the back of my hand and using a real techniques. Buffing brush, I’m. Going to buff that into my skin all over my face, I’m, just pushing it into the skin and blending it out making sure I cover all the areas of my face.

So now I’m, going to stick on my shadow shields and these will protect my under area from any eye shadow fall out. So now I’m, going to do my eyebrows and if you want to see how I do my brows just check out my eyebrow tutorial.

So now I’m, going to apply an eyeshadow base and I’m using Mac’s Paint Pot in painterly. I’m going to apply this all over my lids, I’m just dabbing. It on to the lids: this will act as a primer. I didn’t, apply a primer today, so I’m just going to use this as a primer and eyeshadow base.

Basically, two in one now moving on to the eyes I’m, going to use the ultimate beauty box by NYX and with a hair addiction, angled um fluffy brush. I’m, going to pick up this golden bronze shade and I’m, going to apply that on my outer V, just to define the eye and going into the crease.

I find this brush really useful for applying eyeshadow on the outer V and add a crease, because it’s shaped in an angle, shape and it’s. Texture is really fluffy. It helps you apply the right amount of color and helps you blend it as well.

So I’m just going to pack that on to the outer V, so now I’m going to use Mac 213 brush and I’m going to soften around the edges, and this will smoothen out the look. So now I’m, going to take the same angle brush and I’m going to apply the same shade.

On the other side, I’m, just going to repeat the same process. I did on the other eye on this eye as well, so I’m, just packing it on to the outer V and crease and just blending it lightly. So now I’m, going in with the 213 brush by Mac softening around the edges, making it appear nice and smooth.

Next, I’m, going to take this angled brush by Real Techniques, and I’m going to apply that same shade. I just applied on the outer V and crease on the outer part of my lower lash line, just to define it next.

I’m, going to pick up this ivory frosty shade from the palette, and I’m, going to use a flat synthetic brush to apply this on the inner third of my lid. If you want the color more saturated, you can wet the brush.

I didn’t because I wanted a more subtle look. So I’m just packing on the color. Then I’m, going to do the other side as well, and I’m packing on the color on the inner third of my lid, just blending it softly into the gold, and then I’m going to apply the Same shade on the TX area and in our third of my lower lash line, so I’m just going to do it both sides and then I’m, going to highlight my brow bone with the same shade and the same brush.

Just the highest point of the brow, the next I’m, going to move on to the eyeliner, and today I’m, not using a gel liner or liquid liner. I’m using Max Factor’s. Liquid effect, pencil and the shade is number 10 black fire.

I found this pencil really easy to use and really smooth to apply it also didn’t smudge. It lasted me quite a long time. So I’m, just creating the wing. First and then I’m just going in sticking as close to the lash line as possible whenever you apply eyeliner, whether it’s, pencil or gel, make sure that you start really thin sticking as close to the lash line as possible And you can, you know thicken it gradually, instead of starting really thick and then trying to wipe it off, and I will ruin the eye shadow so just make sure you start really thin.

So this is the wing that I created and now I’m looking down in the mirror in different angles and making sure that the line you know smoothens out and flows perfectly. So now I’m, going to apply the same eye.

Pencil on the other side and creating the wing first going in sticking as close to the lash line as possible thickening it out as I go so then I’m gonna go over it again and again and again do I make sure that The wing is perfect, so this is what you should get at the end now to highlight my waterline.

I’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills, brow to allottee pencil and I’m using the sand shimmer side just to highlight my waterline and then I’m going to curl my lashes and I’m going to Apply Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara, so I’m just going to apply that all over and on my lower lashes as well.

So once I’m done applying my mascara, I’m, going to apply my false lashes and you can skip this step. You can just go for a more natural look without the lashes. The lashes I’m using today are flutter lashes and the stylus Serena, and I love how fluttery and soft these lashes are and they’re perfectly winged for today’s, look and now moving on to the face.

I’m, going to remove my shadow shields and brighten up the under area using Mac Pro Longwear concealer and the brush from her addiction the Queen brush. So I’m, just pushing the concealer into my skin blending it out softly now to set my foundation, I’m, going to use Sigma powder brush and Mac mineralize skinfinish natural powder and the shade is light, and I’M going to dust this all over the face, just a tiny amount, a little goes a long way you don’t want to look caked up just want to seal the foundation and make sure that it lasts you the whole day.

Now I’m, going to bronze my face and I’m using a studio care blend, pressed powder by Mac and my shade is a large light bronze. You can use any matte bronzer and I’m using a Real Techniques, contour brush to apply this in the hollows of my cheeks, making sure you start with a tiny amount, lending it out really really well, and just remember, you can always add more.

If you need to, I’m applying on the other side as well and the size of my nose, if you need to define your nose more as in contour, you can use a smaller brush. I just went over it quickly doing the size of my forehead as well blending it out really well to add a bit of a bronzy glow on your cheeks.

You can apply Mac iridescent powder in golden bronze and I’m using Real Techniques. Contour brush to do this, then I’m, going to move on to the blush, and I’m using this gorgeous peachy cream shade by YSL and using the same contour brush by Real Techniques.

I’m just going to smile and pop this on my cheeks apples of my cheeks just blending it out towards that bronzer just apply a tiny amount and you’re done now. I’m going to use benefits. What’s Up cream highlighter and I’m going to apply this on the highest points of my cheekbones, and this will give me that natural gorgeous glow.

So I’m, just patting it on with my fingers and just blending it out really lightly. I’m gonna. Do the other side as well. This will change the whole look just make you look so fresh and glowy moving onto the lips.

I’m, going to use Mac’s, cream stick Pro liner and the shade is cranapple, and I’m going to outline my lips and fill them in with the shade. I’m, not going to use any lipstick over the pencil. I’m just going to apply some Bobby Brown lip gloss and the shade is rosy number twenty-two and your lips are done so this is it guys it’s? The final look, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired by it.

Please do try this look. It’s really fast and easy to do. Just remember. You can always use any products you have at home. You don’t have to use exact same products that I did just work with what you have at home.

The palette that I use today is by NYX and it’s. The ultimate beauty box palette. It’s, amazing that it comes with 47 eyeshadow shades 5 face colors 6 blushes 2 bronzers 2 products for the face for concealers 2 eyeshadow bases, one mascara, one liquid liner, one eye pencil, two lip pencils, six, lip colors and six lip gloss spots.

I would definitely recommend this palette. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and the amount of products that you get in one palette is just amazing. That is just under $ 50. Thank you again for watching everyone, and I just want to thank you for the lovely comments on my previous videos and for liking.

My videos. I really appreciate your support and if you need any advice that is beauty or makeup related, you can leave a comment below or just drop me an email for a faster response. Thank you so much again and have a lovely day stay blessed, see y’all really really soon. Source : Youtube

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