Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows

A. Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to makeup and personal care, we take eyebrows seriously. With the precision of tweezers, we pluck the hair from the eyebrows obsessively trying to obtain perfectly shaped eyebrows. It really takes a lot of effort to have two hairy spots above our eyes. But when you think about it, it makes sense. A pair of well-groomed eyebrows can do much more than just look good. Eyebrows frame the face and communicate emotions. Happy, sad, surprised, sexy … the eyebrows say it all! Whether it is full and lush or thin and smooth, every beautician at heart knows the secret power of the forehead.

Although after a while, regular eyebrow maintenance can become a chore. All the hair that you or your beautician expertly pulled out will only persistently reappear a few days later. Surely there is a better and more permanent way to keep your eyebrows in shape? We present: laser hair removal. From getting rid of that unibrow forever to controlling loose hair, people are discovering their best eyebrows.

1. What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal for eyebrows is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their eyebrows perfectly shaped permanently. It’s about constantly pulling out and creating a thing of the past. Laser hair removal uses focused laser light operated by a trained laser technician. The laser light is set to a wavelength that targets dark melanin in the hair, but not the skin. This concentrated laser destroys hair roots and prevents future hair growth.

2. What are the risks?

Choosing a cheap laser hair clinic risks putting yourself in the hands of an underqualified technician who operates a low quality machine. A laser is a potential hazard if used incorrectly and that risk increases in sensitive areas such as the eyes. Not to mention that a poorly done job leaves you with permanent and wobbly eyebrows!


B. Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

There is nothing more picturesque than precisely shaped eyebrows, but the maintenance required to deal with them all the time can be overwhelming. Fortunately, laser hair removal treatments offer the option you’ve always wanted: perfectly sculpted, maintenance-free eyebrows. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about laser eyebrow hair removal: if it’s safe, what you can do with it and the best place to do it.

1. Can you remove the laser hair from the eyebrows?

Laser hair removal is generally a very safe procedure, especially when performed by a trusted professional. The laser beams applied to the skin are short and fast, and the thermal energy of the laser is absorbed by the pigmentation of the hair, leaving the skin intact. Most of the time, laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body that the patient may need.

However, when handling eyebrows, doctors and patients need to be more careful when handling laser technology. This is because lasers near the eyes can be dangerous because the eyes are extremely sensitive to heat. Studies have identified cases of eye damage caused directly by laser hair removal procedures, even when eye protection devices, such as safety glasses, are used. Although the eye itself is not the target while the patient is wearing eye protection devices, lasers are often called “scattered light”, which means that the energy can spread if not properly absorbed by hair pigmentation. Even a small contact with the eyes can cause serious permanent damage.

Does this mean that any laser hair removal in the eyebrow region should be avoided? No way. Although lasers can be dangerous when administered close to the eyes, if handled with care, they can be safely performed for specific eyebrow needs.

2. What can laser hair removal do with eyebrows?

There are two popular and safe types of eyebrow treatment that can be performed with laser eyebrow hair removal. These are eyebrow shaping and unibrow treatments.

a. Laser eyebrow shaping

  1. Sculpting eyebrows is a great way to take a step further to make you look slimmer and slimmer. With carefully sculpted eyebrows, anyone can achieve the Hollywood look of their dreams on the red carpet. The problem is that most eyebrow removal methods are short and tedious, which means that you can spend hours of confusion and pain to get an appearance that lasts only a week or two, if applicable.
  2. Common methods are threading and waxing, which are painful and frustrating. They also mean constant travel back to the salon whenever you want your eyebrows to look beautiful again. For many people, keeping up with so much maintenance can be difficult. That’s why we usually let our eyebrows grow.
  3. With laser eyebrow shaping, you will never have to worry about your eyebrows again. You can sculpt your eyebrows once with a variety of treatments to prevent future hair growth in certain areas from sprouting again. A series of short 15-20 minute sessions will shape your eyebrows the way you would like them to be in life.
  4. To ensure patient safety, it is important that your doctor or specialist does not administer the laser anywhere below the forehead. The safe areas are close to the forehead and above the forehead, as well as the eyebrow line itself. Anything under the forehead is very risky, as it can cause the laser to bounce off or reflect in the eye. You should also always wear eye protection, such as safety glasses.

b. Unibrow distance

  1. Another great use of laser eyebrow hair removal is unibrow removal. Nobody wants the annoying unibrow, but some of us are cursed with the unibrow genes and need to find ways to deal with it.
  2. Whether you have a totally thick eyebrow or just a few strands just above your nose – or anything in between – laser hair removal is the perfect procedure to ensure you never have to worry about fibrosis spoiling your appearance again.
  3. The benefit of hair removal with Unibrow is that it permanently eliminates the condition of Unibrow. Although you may need follow-up care a year or two after your first treatments, you can be sure that you will never leave the house again with an accidental fibrosis.
  4. Finally, another popular application for eyebrows is laser hair removal just above the forehead. Generally, if you have thick, unwanted hair on the forehead that you want to remove, it will also be removed with a laser during an eyebrow sculpting or an eyebrow removal session.

3. Alternatives for eyebrow removal

If you are not sure about the laser procedures around the eyebrows, here are some alternatives to try for your eyebrow and unibrow needs:

  1. Plucking: plucking is perhaps the easiest method, but it is also the most time-consuming and perhaps the least effective. You can only pull out one wire or a few wires at a time, and each pull has its own point. It also depends a lot on the plucker’s ability and the effectiveness with which it can shape the eyebrows.
  2. Waxing: Waxing is much faster than pulling out, but it is also much more painful. Applying hot wax to the eyebrows and the eyebrow area and plucking them, while effective, can be a painful experience. As with dragging, you should repeat as many times as you want fully sculpted eyebrows.
  3. Threading eyebrows: Threading eyebrows is all about precision, which means that it requires the careful hands of a threading specialist. Most celebrities choose the method of threading because the technique can be performed accurately by a professional.
  4. Electrolysis: Also known as the only other permanent hair removal solution, electrolysis is an effective permanent alternative to laser hair removal, if you don’t want the low risk of hurting your eyes. The disadvantage of electrolysis is that it is much more painful than laser hair removal, as it sends electrical waves to the individual hair follicles in the skin. It is also much slower and, due to its more precise application, requires many more sessions, with some patients taking up to 30 sessions.

4. Laser eyebrow – hair removal faq

a. Does laser eyebrow modeling hurt?

There is little or no pain with laser hair treatments, regardless of whether they are performed on the eyebrow or any other part of the body. At most, patients feel a small sting, similar to breaking a rubber band on their skin. This is caused by the rapid pulses and the feeling that heat is being absorbed by the hair follicles.

b. How many sessions do you need for your eyebrows?

For permanent hair removal results, 6 to 8 treatments are recommended, although the exact number of sessions depends on you – hair color, hair density, hormones, whether patients are men or women and other personal factors.

c. How long does a laser hair removal session last?

The length of a session depends on the size of the area to be treated. As this area is much smaller than other parts of the body commonly treated with lasers, sessions are generally much faster, lasting between 15 and 20 minutes per treatment.

d. How much does an eyebrow laser session cost?

As well as the duration, the cost of a treatment is influenced by the size of the area to be treated. Patients can expect between $ 75 and $ 125 or more for an average eyebrow session.

e. What should the patient expect after removing the eyebrow?

Patients can expect some immediate results after a session, but the results will be removed within the next 1-3 weeks after each treatment.

5. Template your sailings today with ethos spa

Are you ready to say goodbye to irritating eyebrows and unwanted hair around your eyebrows? Get the perfect eyebrow shape permanently and safely with laser hair removal performed by New Jersey’s best laser team – Ethos Spa. At Ethos Spa, we help countless patients – men and women – achieve their facial and body hair goals with our state-of-the-art laser technology and our laser specialists.


C. Why Laser In Between The Eyebrows is Good

Nowadays we all want to have the perfect eyebrow shape and for that we spend hours in front of a mirror holding tweezers to pull out ugly hair. (Needless to say, from a man’s point of view, it’s really fun to see all the weird faces your girl makes during this process!) If we could have a practically hairless body with laser treatments, wouldn’t it be cool to reshape your eyebrows with the same laser technique? If you ask your beautician this question, she will probably answer: “Of course you can!” However, this type of response shows a lack of knowledge and this, my friend, should alarm you !!

1. A little knowledge and common sense will save your beloved hair.

The light emitted by the laser machine is classified as “scattered light” and when activated it spreads through the skin and kills the hair follicles. Even though the tip of the gun used by the Soprano ICE is the most accurate on the market, the type of light emitted will still propagate to the immediate areas around the focal point.

When trying to reshape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair, there is a great risk that you will choose the hair you want to keep and destroy the shape of your eyebrows. That’s why you can definitely treat between the eyebrows, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend treating the areas around them !!

Pearl of wisdom: L.A.S.E.R means amplification of light through stimulated emission of radiation

In other words,

  1. The light in your room
  2. What comes from your phone
  3. The microwaves

They are ALL lasers. The key is how often they work!

2. Regulations, regulations, regulations!

See, laser hair removal machines are a beautiful piece of technology, and Soprano ICE confirms that great progress has been made in painless, effective and fast treatments.

However, for some reason, I still don’t understand why the Care Quality Commission does not regulate laser hair removal treatments! Anyone could open a laser clinic without authorization, and especially without basic laser knowledge, and start zapping patients who are messing up their appearance. (As long as they can buy a machine that costs £ 85,000, like the Soprano ICE.)

Yes, you can really do permanent damage to someone if the doctor doesn’t know how to use the laser machine! Do we need another scandal like that of PIP breast implants before raising awareness about non-surgical treatments? Hope not. It is a good idea to have a laser between your eyebrows, while trying to reshape them can be very dangerous.

3. You scared me; Should I forget about laser hair removal?

Laser machines are like cars. You are safe as long as the driver knows the vehicle’s performance, risks and limitations. If you use a laser machine to shape your eyebrows (especially cockroaches), you are traveling at 160 km / h on the highway.

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