Hyunjin Black Hair

A. Hyunjin’s Brand New Black Hair (Dior Boy)

Hyunjin has had her iconic long pink and blond hair since her return on God’s menu and at the back door. Today he transformed himself into a “Dior Boy” with his new long black hair wrapped in a Dior brand ribbon.

Jungkook attended the Golden Disc Awards ceremony with his blond hair yesterday, and then Hyunjin changed from blond to black. Lots of cultural change in a single day! We are announcing January 9, 2021 as “Hair Color Change Day”!

Hyunjin appeared on the song “Beach Again” by SSAK3 with Hyunjae from THE BOYZ and Wonyoung from IZ * ONE on the Music Core MC show with his new black hair. Hyunjin’s new hair color was a big deal for fans and became the subject of the day.

His dark hair is said to look younger. We think the blond hair made Hyunjin look mature due to his age and looks good on him.

Let’s see what kind of pictures Hyunjin will give his black hair in the next few days. Are you ready to stay


B. Stray Kids Hyunjin Is Breathtaking With His Long Black Hair

As if BTS’s Jungkook’s new blond hair wasn’t enough to offend fans, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin also made a new hair color change to usher in the new year.

Bonsai Trees

After shaking his long blond hair for the return of the group “God Menu” and “Back Door”, Hyunjin became darker.

Music Core MC debuted their black hair among the newest and most charming viewers with their performance of SSAK3’s “Beach Again” alongside Hyunjae from THE BOYZ and Wonyoung from IZ * ONE.

Hair color was a big hit with fans, which resulted in it becoming a trending topic due to its refreshing appearance.

While his blonde hair complemented his princely look, black hair gives the idol a mature and sexy atmosphere that STAYs are absolutely available for.

Everyone will keep an eye on the beautiful look that will rock with their new dark hair.

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