How To Trim Leg Hair

How to Trim Your Leg Hair for Men

Very few men take up the challenge of shaving their feet (or have a reason to do so), but for some brave souls, it is important that you follow some of the best practices to get the best, smoothest shave possible.

Before you start, if you’re a male guy who doesn’t have a good reason to shave, shaving your legs is one of the things that people will say, “Oh, so you have legs?” So be prepared to get this answer from others – especially if you are a direct person.

On one side of your genitals, a man’s hair makes a man healthy. Admittedly, there have been these metrosexual movements in recent years – and I’m totally equipped myself. Men cut and trim all of their body hair to look neat and tidy.

However, shaving your legs and arms are two areas of the body that seem to detach themselves from this movement – partly because people think it looks uncomfortable and the reason is because of rubbing against uncontrolled straw. This is the challenge for many men – they will do something with a sigh and then be complacent.

However, there are some good reasons to shave your feet. Once you start, it’s just as important that you maintain a sleek appearance.

Reasons Men Shave Their Legs

The most common causes of an amputation are:

Bonsai Trees
  • Bodybuilders and alpha men
  • Professional swimmers, gymnasts, runners, cyclists and other athletes
  • Professional dancers (including strippers – hate standing in line but true)
  • Models (with very few hairy legs that are rarely seen in an ad or on the catwalk)
  • Men with elegant aesthetics (few men do it well)
  • Disguised women

I think for all of these teams – hairless legs can work. It’s the perfect aesthetic in most of them – you expect these guys to look neat and tidy.

The only exceptions are for athletes such as swimmers and the like. For avid sports enthusiasts, this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also an achievement. Easy to swim, run, etc. with no extra hair. Many men also prefer frosting sprays and sores on smooth skin.

Have your significant other smuggled from scratch

I cannot write this guide without acknowledging the good people who face your slippery legs or their lack – most importantly, your significant other.

When you shave your feet, you need to keep them regular. Hair regrowth on the legs can be quick, creating a straw that looks like sandpaper.

No one can cause a collision faster than facing a scratchy foot under a sheets – it’s just not good for good smuggling.

Your legs are probably not as brown as you think they are

If you have light skin and dark hair, you will be surprised to find that your feet look a lot whiter and pasty after shaving. Curly hair gives the appearance of dark skin – once removed, it can expose alabaster skin that you never knew was you.

If you are, you probably want to invest in a good self tanner to darken those feet. In all fairness, a person’s shaved legs only feel good when those legs are pulled.

Before you begin: determine the smoothness and exertion

Before starting this project you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How smooth do you want your legs to be? Super smooth or smooth
  • How much effort do you want to invest? Subtle effort or minimal effort
  • Types of polishing

There are different types of polish, both depending on the type of razor you use on your feet: a manual razor or an electric groom.

Smoothest: manual razor

When you want to shave the closest, silkyest, and smoothest you have, you need to use a manual razor. Gillette Fusion Proglide offers the closest shave to any razor on the market.

However, that level of smoothness can sometimes come at a price – including skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Unless you are prone to irritating insects, this is not a problem.

Of the two options, this option gives you the longest (though not too long).

Glatt: Electric grooming

Another option is to use an electric groom. An electric groom ensures an intimate and smooth shave. Philips Narelco Bodygrum Pro works great when it comes to shaving. It’s not as sleek as a manual razor, but it’s sleek. The smoothing effect usually doesn’t last as long as the electric groom, but again, you are likely to lose a day compared to a manual razor.

The effort

Covering your feet with hair and shaving your feet can be quite a task. However, there are several options as to the amount of effort you want to apply.

Fine effort: manual razor

If you don’t take the time to shave well and are very detailed, you will likely enjoy the precision of a manual razor. To use a manual razor, you need to use shaving gels, constantly wash the blades, and then brush your feet. As mentioned earlier, this option provides the smoothest shave but requires the most work.

Minimal effort: Electric Body Groomer

If you want to do this quickly and easily, using an electric personal care product is your best option. The electric body groomer does not need all of the prep work. Basically, you can shave your feet (and not get wet) in just a few minutes with a groom.

Recommended products for shaving your feet

Below are the recommended products for shaving your feet.

High quality razor

If you want a super close and super smooth shave, you have to shave your feet with a manual razor.

Under no circumstances should you ever apply a cheap razor to your feet – it will be a disaster that will cause a lot of irritation. To properly shave your feet, you need to use a good quality razor – gelatin, for example

Gillette Fusion Proglide

No other razor beats the Gillette Fusion Proglide when it comes to intimacy. If you want to shave super smooth, the Fusion Proglide is a must have.

The strength and power of this blade is remarkable. No pressure required – just shake it over your skin and the razor will do the rest.

There is only one downside to this product: if you are prone to irritation, you can consider Shik Quattro. What Fusion Proglide does is so good that it can be irritating for some results. However, if you never use an antiseptic after shaving, you will feel irritable. So apply the razor post solution later.

Shik Quattro Titan

Shik Quattro Titanium is my favorite razor. I use it for most of my body shaving needs. The shave is certainly not as close as Gillette, but for some it may be enough.

The special thing about this product made in Germany is that the blades are wrapped with very thin wire. This wire prevents the blades from going deep into the skin, reducing irritation.

I like the idea of ​​Quattro Titanium as the official razor blade for people with sensitive skin (this is your official razor blade that I promote to shave every part of you).

An 8-count pack runs on Amazon at 18-18.

Electric groom

If you want to shave quickly and easily, you can try the electric groom. You can shave your feet quickly and without a lot of fuss without using the shaving gel.

Phillips Narelko Bodyguard Pro

The Philips Narelco Bodygrum Pro is the ultimate in bodybuilding and the title of the best-selling body groomer for men on the market today.

This personal groom is perfect for shaving your feet. Thanks to this dual-end design, you can easily cut and shave without having to go without additional accessories.

There is a skin trimmer at one end that you can use to trim the hair so that it is shorter first. And on the other end, there are regular razors that can help you shave more thoroughly.

Shaving lubricant

Whenever you shave, you need to lubricate your feet with a good shaving solution in order for your razor to achieve a smooth, intimate shave. If you’re using a manual razor, you’ll need a damp lubricant like shave gel. If using an electric personal care provider, consider using a body powder dry lubricant.

Shower shave Chevel gel

If you want to shave large parts of your body, then you should definitely invest in a product called Brave Shave from Brave Soldier. This shaving gel is designed for showers or bathtubs.

Shower Shave is a transparent liquid gel that is incredibly admirable. It also holds up very well when shaved in water. The origin of the ingredients in this gel is in stark contrast to anything I’ve seen on the market. One of the main ingredients is silicone – which gives the pleasure of shaving. Silicone not only makes shaving easier, it also promotes intimate shaving, so that you have extremely smooth skin.

The product has a light, fresh scent – not too much energy. The scent doesn’t last long and eventually distributes the body quite well – a plus for me as I don’t normally use perfume shaving products.

Gold Bond Ultimate body powder

Using an electric groom to shave your feet can add body powder to your own shaving method.

Body powder can be used as a dry lubricant with an electric razor. You will find that using body powder with your razor makes a huge difference in the quality of your shave – shaving 1) is not only easy to shave, but 2) allows you to get a closer shave.

I recommend Gold Bond Ultimate Body Powder. This product is made from non-talc, finely blended corn starch. The smell is amazing – it’s very fresh and clean. You can also use this powder on your feet to soothe the skin friction caused by hair loss.

Razor post solution

After shaving, you need to apply your solution / antiseptic after shaving to avoid skin and hair irritation.

Cool solution

If you are only investing in one product to shave your feet, I’d say buy it. Unfortunately, most people avoid it.

Cool Fix is ​​a product by Anthony Shave Works and I think it’s the most popular post-shave solution out there. Using it after shaving will definitely reduce the risk of irritation and razor burn.

When applied on the skin it gives a cool feeling, does not give wings and leaves a very smooth skin feel (from the silicone of the product)

This product will be available on Amazon at 22-22


You may feel dry, itchy skin after cutting your feet. You need to use a moisturizer to soothe your skin and reduce the problem.

Usarin soothing cream

Usarin Calming Cream is a great product for soothing dry and itchy skin.

The product contains oatmeal, a great way to cure itching. The formula isn’t sticky either, which is intended to make your feet feel oily and sticky. In addition, the product is fragrance-free, so you cannot smell flowers or fruits.

The cream also provides 24-hour hydration so you only need to apply it once a day.

This product costs around 9 euros on Amazon.


If you are Caucasian or have light skin, you will find that your skin is very white and colored after shaving the black hair from your legs. To make your smooth legs look sexy – a good self-tanner can solve the problem.

St. Tropez Self Tan in the bronzing season

St. Tropez is hands down the best-selling self-tanner on the market. I’ve used this thing many times and love it. The tan is natural to look at, not even planted. Plus, it doesn’t have the strange tan smell that you experience with other products.

The product is very light, dries in 60 seconds and immediately leaves your skin with bronze and shine. When using this product, you must use a glove for it to work smoothly and without problems. I’ve used except and got great results, but MIT will keep improving the results.


How to Shave Your Feet in 9 Steps for Men

And without further ado, here are 9 steps for the perfect leg shave.

Step 1 – Disinfect your razor

Before you start, you’ll want to make sure that the alcohol killed all of the bacteria in your razor along with the butter. If you’re using a manual razor with a cartridge, you can pour something on the top of the cartridge. If you’re using an electric groomer, put the alcohol in a cotton swab and apply the swab to the razor blade and comb.

For those of you who use manual razors, I recommend that you just start with a new razor cartridge. Most men have a lot of hair on their legs so you don’t want to shave your legs with a dull razor – use a new one.

Step 2 – Short Haircuts

Before you start shaving, it is important that you cut your hair so that it is short – especially if you are using a manual razor. This will prevent long wounds from getting stuck in your razor.

Most personal care products come with a skin protection attachment. The skin protection attachment looks like a comb that shortens and shaves the hair.

For those of you who own an electric groomer, you can also use this groomer to shave your feet more thoroughly. Just remove the skin protector or use the end of the groomer that has no skin protector. If you use this method, you can skip step 6. If you want to shave very thoroughly, you need to use a manual razor.

Step 3 – Step into your bathtub or shower

You likely have a lot of hair on your feet and want to shave in a place that is easy to clean. I suggest you shave in the bath or shower.

If you use a manual razor, you need to draw a bath filled with at least water and soak yourself in the water. The water mixed with the shaving cream gives you the foam you need to shave faster.

If you shave in the bathtub or shower, then you won’t be able to wash your hair with water until you’re done – it’s easy to clean.

If you use an electric groom, you will likely want to bring a wide, shallow bowl of water to the shower so you can clean your shaver frequently.

Step 4 – apply shaving gel or body powder

If you use a manual razor, you can apply shaving gel to your feet. Start by shaving the shaving gel in small areas first. If you apply too much shaving gel to your feet, the gel will begin to dry out before you shave all areas. So shave it in sections.

If you are using an electric groom, you can try putting some body powder on your feet before you start shaving. Body powder is one of the best kept privacy – it doubles as a dry lubricant for electric shavers.

Step 5 – Start Shaving

If you use a manual razor, you may want to wash your razor every few strokes or more, and shave your legs with shorter strokes. You want to make sure that your razor is as free and clean of hair and gel as possible – this will ensure that you shave the best and best you can.

If using an electric groom, just shave your legs. Because of the amount of hair on your legs, your electrical body can start moaning. You may need to open the razor head and shave the shaved hair. If you don’t do this from time to time, the affected hair can affect the shaving performance of the razor – which often slows down the motor.

How to Shave

If you want to shave super thorough, you have to shave against the grain. In other words, the opposite side of the hair growth. This gives you super smooth legs.

If you think you have skin irritation or irritation, then you should shave with grits – the direction of hair growth. The shave shouldn’t be as close, but irritation should be reduced.

Don’t forget your feet

When you shave your legs, don’t forget about those legs! You want a clean, smooth transition from your feet to your feet, so shave your toes and toes

Step 6 – Rinse and don’t dry anymore

Now that your feet have been shaved again, it’s time to wash off any messy hair and extra shave gel or body powder. There is likely a lot of stray hair in your bath or shower, so it may be easier to draw a shower very quickly to wash your feet. This will also help remove stray hair from the shower.

After washing, use a clean towel to dry it. A clean towel is important for freshly shaved skin – you don’t want to bring bacteria into your skin from a used towel.

Step 7 – apply antiseptic

You may want to use a post-shave solution or antiseptic to help prevent razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs. This kills all bacteria and helps close the pores of the skin. For the first few days after shaving, you will likely want to use it daily, and of course as soon as the hair starts to cut. As the hair begins to grow, it will spread onto clothing, bedsheets, etc. so using a razor post solution can really reduce irritation.

Step 8 – apply moisturizer

If your feet feel dry or itchy after shaving, you can apply a soothing body moisturizer to your feet. However, you will need a special type of moisturizer that soothes and soothes irritated skin, like the Uresin Skin Calming Cream.

Step 9 – apply self tanner to your feet (ption)

If you are Caucasian or have naturally fair skin, you will find that removing dark hair from your legs will make them look very white and colorful. To fix this problem, consider self-tanning your feet (or going to a solarium, which I’m not a fan of).

Obviously I think if a man is going to shave his legs his legs usually look better with a tan. Hairless, very white legs look a little strange on a person – unless your professional swimmer.

To the best of the author’s knowledge, this content is correct and true and is not intended as a substitute for the formal and exclusive advice of a qualified professional.

One last word

In my opinion, the best way to trim your feet is simply to use a trimmer. Most of the time we don’t need smooth stone feet.

If you just don’t like hair or if you are into a sport that doesn’t require you to keep your hair on your feet, take a razor as it is expensive and easy to use.

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