How To Ombre Hair

How To Ombre At Home

Ombre hair is one of the most popular trends in recent years. This is the French translation of the word “shading”. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it’s ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance paint. Ombre hair creates a natural looking two-tone effect and eliminates the need to keep the roots up for a few weeks. Although you need a professional stylist to get such a gorgeous look, creating amber hair at home is incredibly easy with our L’Oreal Choice Wild Ombre collection or the ColorRista ombre kit. Here are the steps we need to take to achieve salute perfection at home.

Choose your ombre effect

Traditional Ombré  

Traditional ombré is a dark-to-light effect, where colours gradually merge from one shade to the next. Darker hair is at the root, gradually getting lighter from the middle to the ends.

Reverse ombr 7

As the name suggests, instead of a dark brown to light colored one, this ombre technique contrasts with light roots that gradually darken towards the ends of the hair.

Deep die ombre

The third ombre effect is the deep dye effect, which is achieved with bold, less conventional shades such as red or pastel. For example, our Colorista Paint Cherry Red Permanent Hair Dye creates a beautiful, intense red ombre that is perfect for fall.

Once you’ve decided on the ombre effect you want, here are the steps to successfully create salon-worthy ombre hair at home.

Decide where you want the color conversion to take place

Equally important to you when choosing the ombred shade is where you want the ombred effect to begin and end. It doesn’t seem to matter, but if the two colors are too close to the hair there is a risk that the roots will grow back and not the lovely ombre.

Bonsai Trees

In general, ombre hair is better for longer hair as it helps reduce the amount of original regrowth. However, if you don’t go too far with the application of dyes, you can achieve a gorgeous ombre look with short hair and just focus on the ends. . As your hair grows, you can gradually improve your hair color.

As a guideline, we offer color fading positions in harmony with your jaw. It’s also important to keep in mind that the intensity of Ombre 6 will depend on how your hair looks naturally colored. If you haven’t had this adventure before, giving it 20 minutes to start the process through the test strand will give you a good idea of ​​how long the dye will stay on your hair to achieve the Ombrite effect you want .

Your ombre character is applied


Divide your hair into sections and start your transformation! First, divide your hair into two sections from the back, then divide those sections in half so that your hair is divided into quarters. If your hair is particularly thick and full, you can introduce more sections.


Lightly comb the hair back in the area where you want to start the ombre to avoid tight lines. Squeeze evenly on the brush until the mixture is covered and apply the mixture from the tip of your hair to the line where you want to stop the ombre and merge into undyed hair.


Apply the product so that all the strands are evenly coated, working in small sections to ensure complete coverage. For a more subtle effect, cover the hair with vertical strokes. If you want more intensity, rotate the brush horizontally to cover more ground and create more intense contrasts. When your job is done, check in the mirror that the product has been applied evenly on both sides. Use the two-mirror technique to take a look at the back of your head or ask someone to ask about you.


Now is the time to wait for your time to change. Leave the pigment in the box on your hair for the recommended time, which takes around 25 to 45 minutes depending on the ombrest contrast you want. If you’re not sure how long to leave the paint on, or if it’s the first time it’s tested on a light paint, after 25 minutes, simply wipe the paint off a small section of hair with your gloved fingers. If your hair doesn’t look light enough, reapply the mixture in the same section and keep developing until you get the ombre intensity you want.

Washing up

When you reach the light stage, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo without taking off your gloves. As always, follow our expert color care products to extend your beautiful ombre locks.

Now you are ready to show your transformation to the world, enjoy!


Ombre Hair: 13 Reasons To Try It

Well … the one who thought ombre was just a fad is clearly wrong! After gaining popularity in the late 2000s, ombre hair is a hairstyle trend that is still going strong, and it’s a general look that many women have tried at least once. Of course there have been some improvements, like Babylites, Sombre, and Ballaz Highlights, but most of all the basics that made ombre hair popular are still the same. And say what, ladies and gentlemen, we think ombre hair is here to stay.

If you don’t know exactly what ombre hair is, we’ll break it down for you. Ombre hair is a gradual combination of one color with another, usually lighter than dark, but not always! Another twist on ombre that many people prefer is the flame – it’s similar to ombre, although the more subtle fade that starts near the roots gradually fills in towards the ends of the hair. Not only is ombre hair super on trend, it also works wonders for lightening the face and giving the hair a multi-dimensional, muted look.

If you are still not sure if you want to try ombre hair and you don’t like it as much as we (still!), You can be sure after reading this article. Here are our top 13 reasons to try amber hair on your next visit to the salon.

1. Ombre hair is fun and stylish

Solid hair tones are great and everything, but it can get a little annoying at times … don’t we all have moments when we want to change things? One of the most subtle ways to do this is to create ombre or balaclava hair after you’ve changed your look. You know what, they know … two are more fun than one. Hair color, that.

The great thing about ombre hair is that you can customize how dramatic it is. You can have a very subtle transition between light browns and dark browns …

2. Ombre hairstyles look even better in dimensions

Another reason to try ombre is because the styles appear to be associated with multiple colors. When the two shades chosen complement each other well, the amber effect will add life and dimension to your hair. Especially if you have flat hair when the hairstyles tend to fall flat, the light om bra part enhances the detail and makes the hairstyle so beautiful. Trays are involved when it comes to our favorite style of amber hairstyles. Whether it’s a complex crown, a waterfall braid, or even just a simple French braid, these braided hairstyles always look dazzling with the passage of ombre colors, making them look more intricate and detailed. Check out the breaded look below:

3. Ombre hair is less well-groomed

Since ombre and balaclava hairs don’t usually start from the roots, they keep their low-maintenance hairstyles.

If you’re someone who dyes all of your hair, you know how annoying it can be to book hair appointments every few weeks and see an impressive line of natural color grow back that grows in your roots. Fortunately, with ombre hair, since the transition is subtle and usually starts under the ears, you don’t have to worry about those touch-up dates or roots growing!

Ombre hair is probably one of the least grooming color options you can try, and a rare hair color that sometimes grows even more naturally to give the look of sun-kissed edges rather than dyeing all of your hair and taking care of your roots with constant touch-ups The nice thing about amber is that you don’t have to worry about your roots at all! Grow what you want and your hair will still look great.

4. Easy transfer to and from Ombre

Always wanted a change, but not sure if it was right for you? Does dyeing your hair look more promising? We think you’re great on this one because all you have to do is promise to only dye half your hair – which isn’t that scary, is it? And if you can’t feel it anymore, you can always slowly trim the ombre part as the hair grows. Ombre hair is one of the easiest hair dyes to use for long-lasting and outward-facing attacks. It’s less harmful as only half of the hair is colored.

5. You can get ombre hair without a trip to the salon

The best thing about ombre hair? There is a way to achieve this style without coloring or completely damaging your hair – clip-in ombre luxury hair extensions! By cutting off a bunch of ombre hair extensions, you can effortlessly achieve an ombre look in less than five minutes. For a more subtle blend, choose from ombre chestnut tones …

The best part? Ombre hair extensions are temporary and do not require any pigmentation commitment. You can try an amber look one day and go back to your normal hair color the next day. There is absolutely no loss or risk involved, which makes it an effortless, silly way to try trends.

6. Ombre will save you money in the long run

If you think about it, trying out amber hair at the last minute can save you money if you are someone who often dyes your hair. Since ombre requires very little maintenance, you can easily add up to 4 months of time between touch-up appointments that require continuous touching of the roots compared to the higher maintenance style. Ombre hair can leave a variety of effects as it grows, whether it is half the color of the head or whether it is large and just tips. Once you’ve achieved the perfect ombre shade, you need to schedule regular trimming, deep conditioning, and toning appointments every week. Less expensive, colorful appointments mean more money in your pocket! It’s a win-win situation.

7. Ombre adds a new dimension to your hair

The biggest reason we love ombre hair is because it adds shine and dimension to your outfits! While we like a rich, solid color, it’s fun to mix it up with ombre and blaze looks. We like the look of the hair, which has dimensions and multiple tones flowing through it, especially when the light hits it and illuminates all the mixed tones. Since the ombre is there, the lightning effect starts around your ears and extends to the ends of your hair, creating iridescent lighting, an impressive effect. Ombre hair emphasizes the details of your hair and ultimately adds dimension and life to your locks.

8. Ombre hair changes quickly for special occasions

If you’re still not sure about ombre hair and are looking for an excuse to try it, why not give it a try on the special occasion you’re about. Whether it’s a wedding, a Christmas party, or even a summer barbecue, there’s nothing like a special event to try something new and put a new hairstyle to the test. The easiest way to achieve this? Luxury hair extensions in temporary clip-in ombre. Just cut the extensions off to have amber hair in minutes with no promise.

9. Ombre is an anti aging color technique

If you are a little older and think ombre is something trendy, you can’t go wrong anymore! Actually a secret antiaging ploy, ombre will shave years after your age. This is because when you put a light piece of hair around the face it gives brightness and a lighted quality to the complexion while subtly obscuring the gray. Ombre hair can change the look almost instantly, adding an upscale youth with a subtle color shift. O’Brien doesn’t have to be dramatic in any way, even the slightest electrical effect on facial hair can come as a surprise to create a naturally youthful aura.

10. Ombre is a great way to grow your roots

If you’re hoping to grow your own roots and regain your natural hair color a bit, ombre hair is a great way to fade away. Or if your hair is dark and you want to get light, this can be a huge hassle – yes, you suspected there were always dark roots that keep growing! Fortunately, ombre hair is a trendy, low-maintenance way to look like you need to go to the salon to grow your natural roots. This is a great camouflage option that is sometimes the ugly transitional episode of root growth. Don’t worry … it’s our little secret.

11. Ombre looks great in any hair color

If you’re nervous about trying ombre hair because you don’t think it will work with your hair color, let you know! From jet black to maroon to platinum blonde, there is a shade and ombre style that will definitely look great on you. We believe that ombre hair looks great in any shade of hair, even if it’s a little more bizarre. We’ve seen celebrities like Draw Barrymore do a reverse ombre by adding golden roots and black borders or Demi Lovato to the pink ombre at the ends of their hair. There are no limits or rules when it comes to ombre and some bold looks can surprise you and be your favorite.

12. A DIY balaclava can be created by layering ombre hair extensions

Another reason to try the extension method of creating ombre locks is because you can customize the look you want. This can be done by overlaying hair extensions with clips, which creates a more prominent ballast effect, especially when the various layers of the extension are curled up and twisted. Luxurious hair extensions are colored using a multi-colored adapter system, which means that each shade contains many colors. It gives the hair a multi-dimensional look that ties it together and makes the layers effortless. For example, the ombre chestnut goes well with ombre blonde: the ombre chestnut is a combination of deep brown and light golden brown that blends seamlessly with the ombre blonde, with red, brown, and gold undertones. Layer extensions are key to making sure the sets are in the same color family and overlapping in the undertone and highlights to create the perfect blend.

13. Ombre works with any length of hair

Much like ombre can work with any hair color, it can work with any length of hair! If you’re hesitant to try ombre because you think it will only work with super long hair, then it doesn’t. Just think of Ruby Rose’s balaise pixie crop or Selina Gomez’s amber rag.

In the case of ombre, there are no restrictions. Whether your hair reaches your waist or above your ears, there is an umbrella or balaclava that will work for you, we promise. There is also a solution for this if you want the length. Not only are Umbre Luxurious Hair Extensions the right way to achieve ombre hair with unpromising color and no damage, they also provide a nice length and volume to your hair right away.


Fade to Gorgeous: How to Ombre At Home

Ombre lips, fashion, hair … Ombre Obsession is showing no signs of slowing down and why should it? It’s breathtaking. Fortunately, ombre hair can be surprisingly easy, despite the fact that it has a high level of maintenance. Do you want to extend or touch your deep ray locks? Avoid going to the salon and tinkering your roots, your edges, and everything in between.

How to comb hair at home

Discover your roots
For the best Om bra result for the home, keep the color of your roots as close as possible to your natural or current shade. You don’t have to touch your own color often to make your life a little easier – it’s a win-win in our book. Do you have to cover the gray tones too? If so, first choose the perfect shade for your permanent color. Take a look at the table below to determine which level is right for you:

It’s shine

The ombre look usually means darker roots with lighter edges – brown to blonde, light brown to dark brown, reddish pink maroon, etc. At home, you shouldn’t add permanent color to the lower, lighter part. Instead, freshen up your edges with a gloss, glass, or toner like our colorful, revitalizing gloss. Choose shades that complement and enhance your current color, and remember that you want to see noticeable contrast. Try a vibrant maroon shade for a fun change of pace, avoid terrible brass by going for ash tones, or add warmth to the golden blonde beats.
Share and win

Start the touch-up process by dividing your hair into four sections.

Choose a section and apply permanent paint only to the roots. Make sure that your roots are perfectly filled with color. Stop dyeing your hair about an inch from where it starts to lighten. Then use a wide tooth comb to draw the paint down – this makes for a neat look. Continue to the next section until the top of your hair is completely filled with color. If you have gray hair, you can go back and add extra color to these areas.


Now you can tighten the lower part of your hair. Start by applying shine where the permanent color stops, completely saturate your hair, and continue to your ends. Use two separate gloss colors for more variety. Be sure to apply a light color to the tips of your strands to enhance the ombre effect.

Fine tuning

All you have to do is shampoo, condition (sulfate-free products must be used) and make your binary lists the way you want (or not). It is so easy to care for ombre hair at home.

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