How To Layer Your Own Hair

How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair

Layers can freshen up a hairstyle and add volume. The layered look flatters any face shape and works equally well on straight or curly hair. Learn how to prepare your hair for layering, clipping it, and adding the finishing touches to your look to look professional and chic.

Prep your hair for cutting in layers

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Since you are cutting hair at home, take extra time to examine it in the mirror and decide where the layers you want are. If you want, take a picture of your face, print it out, and mark where you want the layers to go. Some people prefer long, natural looking layers, while others prefer a bolder look with sharp differences in different hair lengths. Consider the following:
The textural layers of your hair connect the body to the hair, especially if some layers are short. If your hair is already full bodied or curly, you may want to use longer layers that aren’t too different for the formation of your face frame.
Shape your face. Think about which layer length is right for your face shape. Longer layers look gorgeous with round or square faces, while accent areas with shorter layers look oval or heart-shaped.
Your style choice. When trying to mimic the look of a particular celebrity or popular hairstyle, you’re determining how you want it to work with your hair. Decide where you want the layers to fall, how your hair will split, and how you will eventually style it.

Invest in good scissors.

The most important tool to make sure your hair looks good – and your little sister didn’t cut it while she slept – are professional-quality, sharp barber scissors, also known as scissors. If you use craft scissors or kitchen scissors, you will feel dissatisfied with the end result. Get some good pair of scissors from a beauty or drug store.

Set up your hair salon.

Work in a well-lit area with access to the sink and mirror – possibly the bathroom. Place a towel over your shoulders, sections of your hair, your scissors, and a set of hair clips to keep a comb under your control. A second mirror that you can use to check the back of your hair is also needed. Depending on how fast it dries, you may need a water spray bottle to keep your hair moist.

Clean your hair.

When you’re ready to begin, wash your hair and use a wide tooth comb to tangle it up. Dry it with a comb towel so it dries but doesn’t drip. You will get the best results if you start with clean hair.

Ting cut your layer of hair around level 1

Divide your hair into sections.

Unless you want a standout style on purpose, make sure the layers are the same length on either side of your head. In other words, the layers of your temples should be the same length, the layers behind your ears should be the same length. To do this, divide them into sections by level.

Bonsai Trees

Make sure your parts are straight and even.

Make a “Top Box Category”. Use the comb to create two parts: one on the left side of your head and one on the right side. The box above divides the hair into two layers.
Divide the box into two parts above: the first part extends from the crown of your head to your forehead and the second part extends from the crown of your head to the area of ​​your neck. Use hair clips to keep the sections in place.

Make the right and left front pieces.

The two front sections start at your temple and end at the top of your ear. Cover and hold the right and left front pieces.
Let the rear parts loose. You’re not cutting the longest part of your hair, so leave it as a guide for measuring other layers.

Cut the front top box.

Loosen the top box section in front. Lift your head up at a 90 degree angle from your head and keep it straight between your index and middle fingers. Place the hair between your fingers and bring it in front of your face. Slide your fingers towards the ends of your hair until they line up with where you want to start your short layers. Cut the length of the hair between your fingers.

The 90 degree angle extends right from the hair to the head, creating evenly layered haircuts.
It is common to cut the shortest layer just below the earrings or on the right side. Use your self-portrait as a reference. Alternatively, if you have long hair, you can cut the right layer off at the shoulders.
Failure to try to make the plane longer instead of shortening it. Once your hair is dry, it will shrink a bit. You can always cut more if you have to.

Cut the front right side.

Straighten the front right section of the hair. Use your fingers to lift your head up at a 90-degree angle from your head. Hold it straight between your index and middle fingers. Bring it to the bottom of your face and slide your fingers towards the ends of your hair until you want to cut the side layers where you want. Use scissors to cut the length of the hair that extends from your fingers.
For soft looking layers, cut at an angle instead of a horizontal line.

Cut the front left.

Empty the left side of the front of the hair. Use your fingers to lift your head up at a 90-degree angle from your head. Hold it straight between your index and middle fingers. Bring it to the bottom of your face and slide your fingers towards the ends of your hair until the right side layer lines up with this cut. Use scissors to trim the length of the hair that extends from your fingers.

Cut the back pieces.

You can also add layers on the side and back of your hair if you’d like. Often times to check your work, lift small sections of hair with a second mirror and cut them off with scissors. The layers of the back panels should be the longest. So avoid cutting them too short. These should be exactly longer or longer than the other layers.

Comb your hair and check your layers.

After cutting, check all of the layers to make sure they are where they fell. Examine your cut by examining the hair vertically and horizontally. If you see uneven layers, carefully section the hair for a better look.

Use a shortcut 1

Make a ponytail on top of your head.

The easiest thing to do is to use a comb to turn your head upside down and collect. Secure the ponytail to the top of your head with an elastic band.
The ponytail should be on top of your scalp, not the top of your scalp. This ensures that the planes are positioned correctly.
Make sure it isn’t tied to one side as this can create uneven layers

Slide the elastic down the length of your hair.

If you want shorter layers, stop the elastic position a few inches from the top of the hair. For longer layers, slide it down about an inch from the end of the ponytail.
Alternatively, slide your fingers down instead of elastic. This method can be more beneficial for those with longer hair.

Cut the ends of your hair.

Use scissors to cut off the part that is stuck to the ponytail.
If you have thick hair, all of the layers can hold one to several snippets. Make sure you cut them in the same place.
Don’t cut at corners or the layers will look jagged. Make sure you keep the scissors horizontal and cut straight.

Remove the elastic and check your layers. There will even be a natural look layer around your head. If you want to change your look, cut individual parts.


How To Layer Short Hair? Step by Step Process

Short hairstyles like layers are never out of trend! It doesn’t matter if you have a long bob or pixie haircut. You can make your hair more beautiful with short layers! But I’m tired of running to the salon every two months to get a new haircut. And so I started thinking about how to keep short hair at home!

Some cute easy hairstyles seem straightforward, but have you ever wondered how difficult it is to cut your hair in short layers? So I tried the strategy to get some small levels at home!

And yes, I am here to guide you! So prep your popcorn and jump right in for the perfect short layers!

Tips for keeping hair short

  • Always attach two mirrors
  • Take two or three sharp scissors
  • Make the haircut line as straight as possible
  • Use bottle spray to spray water
  • Always shower before trimming and don’t get too dry

How to Layer Short Hair: Step by Step

Step 1: damp hair

Short hair with layers is not easy to find. They keep hair wetter when it comes to short layers of hair. Before preparing for a layered short haircut, it is a good idea to wash and properly groom your hair. After that, towel dry your hair and get ready!

Step 2: split parts

For short layered hair, use a rat tail comb. You have to part the hair. You need to create three sections of hair – one on the right, one on the left, and one in the middle. Now make a top box and divide the middle hair in two. It will be on either side of the crown of your head.

You need to move the front part of the middle section or the top box forward. Keep your back straight down. If you want to create amazing hairstyles with short layers you need to be very careful with the top box.

Step 3: cut it out

Now you need to create the perfect angle to create short hair with layers. First you need to cut off the front part of the middle part.

Layered short haircuts look great, but it’s important to keep the right angle. All you have to do is lift this hair off your head at a 90 degree angle. Keep the hair just right. It will be between the middle finger and the snow. Keep your fingers perpendicular to your head.

Get a pair of sharp scissors for the layers of hair and cut the tip of the hair first. Now divide the ends of your hair into sections until they are the same length. You can put some hair from the previous section into the next section. It can be a length guide to create the perfect short hairstyle like layer.

Step 4: part the hair

Now you’ve finished working with the top box to create the layer of hair. Now part your hair again using a comb from the middle. It’s time to trim the side hair. For short layered hairstyles, start trimming from the front and finish from the back. Place the hair between your fingers as before, keeping your finger perpendicular to your head. Pruning with scissors.

Step 5: check

Now you are done with short haircuts. Comb your hair. All you have to do is take a mirror and see if everything is okay. Check to see if the hair has bumps. Cut it with scissors and test again!

Get baby hair with your comb and style some pretty easy hairstyles! Or, you can highlight short hair for a fun look.

Things should be avoided

  • Don’t place the hair at a 45 degree or 30 degree angle
  • Do not use blunt scissors
  • Avoid using regular combs to comb the hair while trimming
  • Don’t use a mirror to cut your hair
  • Don’t just use scissors

Frequently asked questions about short layers of hair

Q-1. How does hair layering work?

The core of the hair layer creates an illusion. Layers are usually cut to give the illusion of volume and length so that your hair looks great. The hair has top layers and these create the misunderstanding of your frizzy hair so that your dull hair gets a little volume. Short hair with more layers than long hair looks better!

Question 2. What is the layer to thin your hair?

People cut layered short hair to show it off a lot. However, when it comes to long hair, the hair can become thin. Long hair is usually heavier and can pull down as you reach the level. However, if you are doing layers to cut short hair, you needn’t have any problems with it!

Q.3. What layers look good on straight hair?

People with straight layers of hair may find it a little annoying to learn that their hair looks flat and dull after the layers are completed. A long cut is best for those who have fine hair. Long layers of hair look a bit bouncy with haircuts, but if your hair is good it can take string. However, opting for short hair or layers for a short haircut can eliminate the problems.


Now you don’t have to go to the salon you want because you already know how to keep your hair short! Now all you have to do is get some scissors and some mirrors and know the trick!

Go for short layered hair and your hair will never look dull. If you want a haircut, try sitting at home! Follow my steps and get your favorite hairstyle that you like!

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