How To Keep Curly Hair From Frizzing In Humidity

How to Keep Curly Hair From Frizzing in Humidity

Wherever you are in the world, every curly-haired girl faces her own climate-related challenges. But there is a weather report that looks like we’re all outside: humidity! For some of us, moisture is a hot mess and it seems like you just can’t prepare for it. So what is the curly girl going to do? In this blog, we explained what moisture is, what it does to your hair, and what you can do to avoid littering your curls.

What is moisture

Let’s start with the basics. Simply put, moisture is just moisture in the air. The more moisture there is outside of it, the more microscopic water droplets there are in the air around you. But curls like moisture, right? Why do they act weird in wet weather?

Why does moisture soften curly hair?

For some people, the moisture turns their locks into a heated, troubled mess. Others swear that moisture makes their locks pop even more.

What is science As always, it depends on the condition of your strand.

It may not be visible to the naked eye, but on a microscopic level, each strand of hair is actually made up of several thin layers. The outermost layer, known as the quital, is made up of many overlapping cells that resemble roof tiles.

The cuticle layer is important as it acts as a protective barrier for your hair. Think of it almost as armor. When your curls are strong, healthy, and hydrated, your fungus will open to reduce moisture and close or straighten after all of the moisture has become wet so it can trap moisture.

Bonsai Trees

What moisture does for R. Carls

We all have to deal with undesirable stinginess from time to time. However, when you feel like you are chronically uncontrollably white, your curls are trying to tell you something!

When your locks are healthy and happy, you will likely find that moisture isn’t affecting your locks too much. Why? Because healthy locks are hydrated locks. The cuticle layer gives you and your curls the perfect daytime hair sleep gift

If your curls are damaged or significantly higher, the cuticle layer around the hair can break and rise to the top. This means that the fungus transfers a lot of moisture. He can easily lose these by keeping the hair dry and feeling like straw. When the humidity is high, the hair shaft absorbs excess humidity and swells up. This causes the individual strands to detach from their brackets and create a jolt that we all fear.

Tips and strategies for dealing with moisture

If your locks feel dry to the touch and need extra TLC, we have some strategies to combat frozen and make your locks pop.

More moisture

Freezing is a sign that your locks are dehydrated. One of the easiest ways to combat frizzy hair is to keep your curls moisturized. This will help set your curls and keep your cuticle layer away and be ready to absorb extreme moisture. Make sure you have Rockstar Deep Conditioner with ingredients that can penetrate your hair shaft and really moisturize your strands from the inside out.

Dried your curls

On wet days, it is best to let your locks dry completely and set before going out. They know that your hair shaft is closed and does not immediately absorb the excess moisture in the air, causing your locks to separate and shake.

Are you still drying your curls with a terry towel? If so, it may be time to choose a cotton t-shirt. Towels are usually made from synthetic materials that will absorb all of your hair’s moisture and smooth the layers of your cuticles. Hole the towel and toss your curls with an old cotton t-shirt for a refrigerator-free result.

Seal it … Seal it

Once you’ve given all of the moisture to your hair, it’s time to lock it in. One of the best ways to do this is to lightly oil your locks. The great thing about oils is that they not only trap moisture, but also trap excess moisture, just like you need to fight the tremors on days with high humidity.

You just have to be more discriminatory in helping other people. Something too thick or heavy will just sit on your strands and make them feel noticeable (and can even leave oil stains on your clothes and pillows).

Our elixir oil is an authentic blend of 7 different oils plus vitamin E. Because this formula is light and velvety, it is easily absorbed into the hair shaft so that your curls neither look oily nor feel oily. Although it retains moisture and seals in moisture, it contains important nutrients that help nourish and repair your hair.

It doesn’t sweat

Sometimes frizz is a fact of life. Trying to get perfect curls all the time can be time consuming and the only part of who you are. You don’t want to miss out on the wonderful things that are going on around you for fear that Carl may be out of place.

It doesn’t matter if your value is over-defined or completely wild. You have relied on what matters! Going wet somewhere this spring? Take a picture at IG and mark us (Brushbrand). We can’t wait to see these poppin curls!


How To Handle Curly Hair When Humidity Hits

A good curl faster than the impression of moisture does not ruin anything. When the wind gets thick and shiny, curly hair can be a bit incredible. Unfortunately, you can’t control Mother Nature, but you can control how your hair reacts. With the right styling tips and techniques, you can add mrigist to your curls on summer days too.

Add moisture

Yeah, Al, that sounds pretty crappy to me. Looks like moisture is your problem first. What else would you like to add to the world? But listen to us. Her locks are actually pretty dry and thirsty, so they soak up the last bit of air. This sudden surge causes the hair shaft to swell and expand. And hello, fridge! However, if you give the hair the right moisture, which comes from well-made, conditioned hair products, moist air cannot get into your hair follicles. The hairdresser at Salon SCK in New York City says, “The conditioner is the answer to all #gurlihair problems.

On days with high humidity, try this advice from Toth: “Don’t completely wash your conditioner while you bathe,” he says. It works as a leave-in treatment that smooths hair and water and seals the cuticle layer so that moisture cannot penetrate to the outside. A pre-shampoo mask gives curly hair the much needed dose of moisture, while ingredients like rice water lessen hair straightening. You can shake off the excess moisture while styling by mixing a conditioner with your own curling cream or gel.

Pro tip: Use hair oil to block your hydration instead of silicone-based antifreeze.

Avoid alcohol

No, we do not advise you to give up your favorite summer cocktail. We mean avoiding hair products that are high in alcohol, which will dry the curly strands and send probes of moisture in the air. Hairspray is one of the worst offenders, says Tyth. Gel is a great gel too, so be sure to look for non-alcoholic versions of both. Or you can switch to products that retain moisture, such as: B. moisturizing serums, oils, or the type of conditioners that live in the skin.

Change your pillowcase

Lose the cotton pillow and upgrade to satin. Cotton absorbs moisture, which can make your locks drier if you sleep six to seven hours. Satin does not have this effect. Slippery elements also reduce the friction caused by shaking when throwing and turning.

Be the pin-up girl

If all else fails, leave it at that. “Your hair can’t fall out when it’s pinned,” said Toth. “A messy, unstructured update is always the hairstyle for summery curly hair.” Don’t overthink it. “Just pin the hair at the top of your neck so you can cool off and leave a very small amount of curls around your face,” he says. Romantic braids, ponies, and buns are a quick and easy way to get to the fridge on a damp day.


How To Tame Frizzy Curls in Humid Weather

Air conditioning may seem like a good idea for sitting at home with blasting on unusual summer days, but it’s not realistic. We equip an arsenal of products and accessories so that in the end we always look and feel good again and again. Unfortunately, if you have a full head in natural curls, the wrong combination of products can get your curls straight off the magical school bus into the perfect fit for Mrs. Frizzle.

Worrying about curly hair is eternal thirst. Natural oils rarely fall over strands of hair and leave the edges erect. The products offer the ability to weigh your hair in damp conditions. It depends on how you nourish your strands from the beginning to the end of your day. Yes, Carl Maintenance is a way of life.

Why do hair wobble in damp weather? It depends on the hydrogen bonding of your strand. Due to the molecular structure of the keratin protein, hair is particularly sensitive to water in the air. Since water consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the excess hydrogen forces the keratin proteins to form new hydrogen bonds. These ties instead turn your hair into tighter curls and frizz co.

Where do we go from here?

We reached out to well-known hairdresser Ona “The Hair Scent” Diaz-Santin for information on the small changes you can make to maintain natural curls and reduce frizz.

“There are a few things to consider when working in damp weather.

  • Do not prepare a shampoo or conditioner that promotes moisture / moisture. This only results in more shaking.
  • It is best to use products that smooth the hair follicle layer.
  • After closing the cuticle layer, be sure to rinse the hair with ice cold water. Make the hair moisture resistant.
  • When styling, stay away from oils or products that contain oils. Oil is a great source of maximum hydration, but while you’re trying to protect your hair from frizz, oil is not your friend.
  • Style with products that leave a “dry cast” like gels and mousses.
  • After styling, use an anti-humicant hairspray on your hair.
  • There is no living conditioner before styling products. This just adds unwanted moisture / freezing. “

Take heed of the advice to prepare with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner? If you’re looking for length with your locks, she advises against over-moisturizing. “If your hair has a high Shrink Factor from applying oils and products that promote moisture / moisture, it will result in a greater Shrink Factor! Not only that, with the help of moisturizing hair, you can increase your fatigue.


Styling Naturally Curly Hair In High Humidity Climates

Even for the most decorated locks among us, keeping beautiful locks in the air in a climate of high humidity and lots of salt water is as hard as nails. In coastal cities, hanging out and shaking on the beach is good for the soul. Without proper care, it can ruin hair as it becomes brittle, irritated, and dry.

My hair in Miami requires a different styling routine than in New York (click here to watch the video and read my tutorial on styling curly hair). While avoiding a more humid climate, I use heavier products from Moroccan that contain argan oil, an anti-humicant, and plenty of moisturizing moisture to avoid shaking hair like a phage ball. Rakhi too

Step 1:

Wash and condition with Moroconol Curl Enhancer Shampoo and Conditioner (whichever shampoo / condition you are using, make sure these crucify unhealthy and unnecessary additives).

Step 2:

A primer, preparation or an anti-humactant base product is very important in damp weather. Your hair must first use a base product that combats moisture. The type of product used will depend on the texture and curl pattern of your hair. You will likely have to walk around with a few conclusions and formulas to get it right. Here we start. However, note that regardless of your hair type, you will always use this first step to get rid of wet hair. Apply the base product to the back of the head and press the product into wet hair from the middle to the end of the shaft.

For super thick and tightly coiled hair: apply a Moroccanol Intense Curl Cream pump. This is a heavy weight product that weighs down thicker hair and reduces shrinkage.

For wavy hair: apply 5-7 spritzes on R & C One Prep Spray. This product keeps moisture out, protects the air from sun damage, and adds moisture and elasticity.

More like me for thin curly hair: Apple 5-7 Spritz New Japan Nano Amino Design Repair Mist Spray (hard to find product). This fine mist removes moisture, adds keratin, which repairs damaged hair and creates volume in the crown. I should have been born in Texas because my mantra is, the bigger the hair, the better.

Step 3:

Pump 1 layer of Moroccanol Curl Defining Cream onto the base product of your choice. Always start applying the product from the back of your head and scratch the center edge of the shaft.

Step 4:

Either air dry the hair or use a diffuser to dry it. As I wrote here, my hair is not like taking care of air drying. I like to dry my hair manually with the help of Dev Carl Divider and Devfuzer. Please note that drying your hair takes at least 50% longer in high humidity. So be patient and don’t get discouraged by rushing, crazy looking hair shakes (ugghi … it’s heavily reported).

Hair drying advice: Dry hair lasts at least 50% longer in high humidity. So be patient and don’t get frustrated if the hair is shaky and looks crazy (Uggah …. it’s put strongly).

Step 5:

My hair is fine and looks slightly lustful, so I always spray a few times to finish the curls with hairspray. Again, I prefer Moroccanil Laminus Hairspray because it helps against long-lasting hold, shine and moisture.

Tip for a deep conditioner:

The air salt dries out badly on curly hair, so I deepen my hair at least twice a week in wetter weather. For deep conditioning I use the Moroccanwell Wetless Hydrating Mask. With an amount the size of my hand, I use a “wide tooth comb” to gently apply the hair mask to wet hair while showering. If time is short, I let it wash for 10-15 minutes. For best results, I can put my hair mask under a baseball cap all day or apply it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

One benefit of salt and moisture is that my curls will look great for up to 3 days after washing. Hate products and straight hair, I basically thought Moroccan products were too heavy for my curly signal. After a few test runs, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair was shiny, defined, tactilely soft and, most importantly, not frizzy! While in Miami I learned to get used to different hair textures. My hair always feels a bit uncomfortable because the salt is regularly in the air. The good thing about her is that my curls still look beautiful on 2, 3, and 4N

On wash days, I take my hair out of the sleeping bun (curled up in a bun twice and attached to my head with bobby pins), spray Moroccan Curl Ray Energizing Spray for dry hair (very important for spraying dry hair), and then Liven up my hair. I also use a few spritzes of this magical spray to freshen up my curls in the evening or to capture fun spots when I dry for 1 day.

As always, thank you for visiting Jackie Unfilter. Despite all of these great products, curly hair has its own mind and sometimes just doesn’t work. These days, I put a hat on my head, wipe a bright lipstick and go on with my day. Remember what I said: “Your hair should be the least interesting thing about you.” “Okay, I’m out of the gym then preparing for the epic of a few days of birthday behavior!

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