How to Naturally Grow Your Hair Faster

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Obtaining Rapunzel-like hair is not an easy task — ask anyone who takes biotin and vitamin E supplements to grow long healthy hair. There are other things to consider for hair growth like scalp massage. Scalp massage stimulates the nerves and blood vessels that help hair to expand faster and make it look luscious. There’s also the egg treatment or warm castor oil therapy to consider. There are lots of all-natural therapies that give the results you want to achieve. The best part is that some of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen!

Stimulating Hair Growth With a Scalp Massage or Scrub

We invest a lot of money and time on hair products but we fail to consider the main area of hair growth: the scalp. An easy and quick treatment is scalp massage. The massage stimulates blood circulation to the head and improves the stamina of the roots by letting nutrients reach roots quicker.  You can even massage the scalp on dry hair. Consider including a nutrient-rich oil to the mix to increase the benefits. Rosemary oil, in particular, has been used for centuries to promote hair growth. It tightens hair follicles to stop hair loss.

Egg Yolk Mask to Avoid Breakage

On average, hair typically grows half an inch each month. Yet hair growth depends on the type of hair treatment performed. If hair strands break before reaching the shoulders, then apply an egg yolk mask to prevent breakage. Eggs include lecithin and healthy proteins that enhance, nurture, and recover hair. The high sulfur content also aids dandruff problems. Mix 2 eggs with 2 tbsps of olive oil to make the paste. If the mix is too dense then add half a cup of water to thin down the mix. Use the mask straight to dry hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Shampoo afterward to wash it off completely.

Hot Castor Oil Treatment

Castor oil is the undiscovered hero of the hair world. The benefits of castor oil may persuade you to replace it with coconut oil. Firstly, castor oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial residential properties to fight scalp infections that stop hair from growing. Second, it’s full of omega-6 fats, vitamin E, healthy proteins, and various other nutrients that permeate dry hair and secure hair shaft to maintain moisture. Finally, it makes a remarkable hot oil therapy– rubbing the oil right into the roots assists the scalp to drain each of the nutrients and promote hair growth. To properly apply the warm oil, massage it right into the scalp and throughout till the end. Once hair is covered with the oil, put up hair, cover it with a shower cap, and blow-dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner to get the soft results.

Healthy Diet Plan vs. Hair Supplements

You can always take hair supplements but there’s still uncertainty on how reliable they are for hair growth. Besides, they have other minerals and vitamins which may cause adverse side-effects. Minerals and vitamins normally found in foods are much better for the body. According to all-natural nutritional experts, eating a lot of healthy and balanced fats, like omega-3s, can expedite hair growth. Since the body can’t generate omega-3 fats on its’ own, it’s important to include a diet with these fats.

Limit Hot Styling Tools

You may notice before hairdressers advise limiting the use of hot styling tools. Excessive heat leads to dry and weak hair causing damages and breakage. It’s recommended to air dry hair after bathing or showering. Try the High Speed Air Dry spray from IGK which quicken air-dry time and provide glossy hydration. If you notice hair damage then try to quit using chemical products. Many individuals benefited from using no additional hair products. Pick hairstyles that don’t involve hot styling tools and choose mild styles like headbands, hair scarfs, and other trendy hairpins.

Trim Split Ends Regularly

It may seem counterproductive if you want to grow hair longer; however routine trims remove dry, broken split ends that prevent healthy, and balanced growth. If left untreated, split ends can cause more breakage. You may need to trim hair anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the hair texture, hairstyle, and hair treatment. The better you take care of the hair daily, the less frequent trims are needed. Make sure to wash hair with warm water and gently apply shampoo and conditioner. Also, brush the hair gently when detangling wet hair because wet hair is more likely to cause breakage.

Choose a Good Brush

While a brush with steel bristles is available; a wide-tooth comb, a detangling brush, or a paddle brush with rounded bristles are all better alternatives for delicately brushing the knots and avoiding damage. Rather than detangling after the shower (when the hair is most vulnerable), brush out the knots before washing hair. Start detangling the knots from the roots to stop the tangles from getting worse.

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