How To Get Curly Hair Men

How To Get Curly Hair For Men

When you have straight hair, you are wondering how to get curly hair for men. Fortunately, it is very possible to curl straight hair with the right styling products and tools for men. If you don’t have very short hair that doesn’t curl at all, this tutorial will show you how easy it is to cut curly or curly hair with thick, straight hair.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to curl men’s hair with the top-notch hair styling products and block dryers you need to create permanent curls below.

How to curl hair for boys

Most people will be surprised to know that the process of creating curls is quite simple and straightforward. However, in order to curl short, medium and long men’s hair, you will need a few main products: heat protectant spray, sea salt spray and hair dryer.

Curls in men’s hair

Follow these steps for the best chance of keeping the circles in place throughout the day.

  • Clean your hair. For starters, you need clean, wet hair. Damp hair is usually easy to style and manage, not to mention sea salt sprays work best on wet locks. Wash your hair with a good quality, natural, invigorating shampoo and conditioner. Then dry the towel, but keep it slightly damp.
  • Attach your heat shield. Using heat protectant spray not only stimulates your hair from heat loss that can dry out or shake your strands, but it also dries out your hair as soon as it begins to dry out.
  • Use sea salt spray to create a wavy or curly style with movement. Spritz on a good sea salt spray on your head. To evenly distribute yourself, lift your hair up and apply it from the roots. Otherwise, you can work it with your hands to make sure it has reached the end of the roots. Sea salt spray is essential in adding textured, natural-looking waves and curls to your hair.
  • Dry Your Hair Once your hair is pre-compressed, use a good blow dryer to create curls. If you have a diffuser attachment, use it to distribute heat evenly over your head. This will distribute the heat to increase the curling effect, add volume and reduce heat loss in the refrigerator. If your hair dryer doesn’t have a diffuser, simply remove the tip to create a wider airflow.
  • Get your hair curly. In order for the waves to effectively dry your hair, dry the bottom up and place the air just above the roots, squeezing them to avoid this. As you place the heat in different places, use your other hand to scrub the sections that touch the heat to hold the sea salt spray in place. If your hair looks dry, add even more salt spray for a curly look.
  • Create distinct curls. Boys can try wrapping small strands around their fingers and exploding heat right over the hair to create a clearer style. If certain sections are not yet wavy, you can spray these areas again with sea salt spray and dry them if necessary.
  • Finish with a styling product for hold and texture. Once your hair is dry, add some soft french fries or cream to hold your curls in place. At this stage, without hesitation, you can feel your desired look to style the hair with your fingers.

Straight curls are the best product

With these tips in mind, you are probably thinking of the best products that boys can use to create sleek curls. Here are the best styling products if you are looking to buy.

Heat protection spray

When looking for your heat protectant spray, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive to do the job well. These sprays are designed to act as a barrier between heat and hair, preventing breakage, reducing shaking and increasing shine. Look for water-soluble sprays and all natural ingredients as these offer maximum protection yet are easy to wash. Here are some of the best heat protection products you can find on the market.

Bonsai Trees

C. Salt spray

For the best sea salt sprays, try OGX’s Moroccan Sea Salt Spray for an extremely affordable alternative that adds the right amount of salt and creates natural beach waves. This spray is mixed with sea salt, kale, and argan oil to make your locks look naturally toned and smooth.

Another good sea salt spray is Tressem Perfectly (Un) sea salt spray. It offers a very affordable and natural looking textured wave and a professional quality product for all-round curls. It doesn’t stiffen soft, disheveled hairstyles to pair with sea calp extract.

Here are some of the top rated sea salt sprays for men.

The best styling product for curly hair

When buying a good fries, wax, cream, or clay for curly hair, it’s important to look for sturdy styling products that won’t weigh down your curls or make your strands stiff or sticky. Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Shaping Cream is a great choice for a strong, yet flexible cream that creates a lasting hold when moving.

Another top choice is American Crew’s Forming Cream. This medium hold styling cream offers a moderately shiny, stiff hold while keeping your hair supple and natural enough to move.

Here are some of the best styling products for men with curly hair.

The best curly hairstyles for men

Boys with curly hair have many options. If you are planning on curling or curling your hair, here are the best curly hairstyles for men!

Curly edge

Curly fringe hairstyle is one of the most popular styles of the year. With short hair on the sides and thick, textured curls on top, a pony makes for a stylish finish.

Curly hair fades

Curly Hair Fade is the perfect “short sides and long top” hairstyle for curly or wavy boys. There are many types of faded haircuts, including bald, high, medium, and low fade, and all are well styled with curly hair on top. Men can even get lines to clean the strands of hair, or use curly haircuts instead.

Curly quiff haircut

Quiff hairstyles continue to be iconic and timeless hairstyles for men all over the world. Whether you have short or medium length hair, it can be beautifully styled with textured curls of modern quality that are characterized by unwanted looks.

How to get curly hair

Just a quick guide to getting curly hair.

Start with clean, slightly damp hair.
Apply heat protection spray.
Use sea salt spray.
Dry your hair
Form your curls.
Stay in place with styling products.

They take the time to buy good hair products, a good quality blow dryer, and practice some of the styling techniques at home, but getting your straight hair curly is very effective. It is possible to have waves or curls by following the steps above, as long as you have short to medium length hair.



When you think of curly hair you might think of the 80s kid or the weird, uncontrollable mess. But with the right care and styling, curls will stand out for the right reasons. Things Game of Thrones John Snow, Bradley Cooper or Justin Timberlake. The key isn’t fighting against your natural curls or waves. This type of hair requires lots of moisture and moisture, as well as heat protection, curl-enhancing products, and gentle drying and exposure procedures. If you have naturally straight hair, don’t worry – you can still get curls!

1. Wash your hair less

We all know that shampoo can dry out your hair – mainly when using a formula that contains sulfate. But did you know that it can interfere with the formation of your natural curls and waves? This is because the product cuts your natural oil hair which is responsible for its body and movement. If you don’t wash it properly, the shampoo may straighten your hair due to being overweight. To get your curls in – and to keep them – don’t wash your hair too often. Instead, wash it off with cold or mild water to remove any dirt or buildup.

2. Dry your hair naturally

Towels are wrapped in tiny, loop-shaped fibers that are specially designed to absorb liquids. Trying to get out of the shower is great but not good for your hair as it will soak up natural oils too. This also applies to hair dryers, which treat your fine locks with extra heat as moisture evaporates. This leads to one thing: frizz. To prevent this from happening, dry your hair naturally.

3. C. Use salt spray

Sea salt spray isn’t just for creating volume – although it can create a lot of buoyancy. This type of product is great for beach curls and waves, as well as enhancing the natural curls and curls in your hair. Sea salt sprays usually have a medium hold and a soft finish so your hair won’t go bad. For best results, spray it while your hair is damp from the shower and use your fingers to create your curls.

4. Try a hair curler

If you have medium or long hair, the fastest way to create curls is by using heated hair tools like curling carts and rollers, which can be used to enhance your existing curls. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you start and preheat your rollers or curlers. Spray the heat protectant spray through your hair to avoid damaging your curls, then curl it into sections. The smaller the roller or the thinner curling vessel, the more curls there are usually.

5. Use products that improve curls

Curl-enhancing products add extra definition to your hair by flattening it in the refrigerator. They help him stay in place longer. You can use most curl enhancement products on damp or dry hair and not use them too often. When choosing the product to improve curl formation, keep your hair type in mind as you don’t want your waves to be heavier or out of shape.


How To Get Curly Hair For Men in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for curly locks? We’ll cover you.

With international catwalks and stylish trendsetters around the world, curls are officially back in fashion. This is good news for men with natural curls and spirals. But for those who aren’t out there, you are probably wondering how to get curly hair for men?

Even if you’ve completed your whole life easily, you too can hit the warmest curly “dos” of the season! Just follow the steps below to continue these textures.

How to Get Curly Hair for Men Using These Simple Steps

Are you trying to promote naturally curly or avy looking textures, or combine body and texture with straight hair? Follow our simple steps to give your hair a curly, dry blow. We have also added extra tips and products that you may need.

So ready to learn how to get curly hair for men? Let’s start!

1. Wash your hair.

You will get the best results with damp hair. So wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Thoroughly dry the towel until it is no longer wet.

2. Apply a heat protection spray.

Since this style uses heat, protect your hair with a heat protectant spray like TRESemmé heat protectant spray.

3. Apply a C salt spray.

Sea salt spray is key to creating texture and movement in your hair. The next step is to squirt the Tony and Guy C salt texture spray in your head.
Lift your hair from the root to make sure it is evenly distributed across all layers.

4. Dry your hair.

Once your strands are ready for prep, use a good quality hairdryer to dry the hair.
Use your fingers to scratch your strands as they dry. This will apply a sea salt spray to your hair and create the Avy-Wave effect of your choice.

5. The final look.

Once your hair is completely dry, use your fingers to perfect your chores and shape them to your desired style.

5 different types of curls for men that you can try

Curly hair for men comes in a variety of shapes, from tight spring curls to more relaxed, surfer-style waves. There are different methods depending on the look you want to achieve – check out some of the most popular options below.

Soft curls

For casual, natural looking results, remember to add curls to the body of your hair that have soft definition, but there are quite a few curls. If you’re looking for a quick hairstyle change, not wanting a dramatic transformation is


To do this, dry the towel until your hair is slightly damp, then apply a sea salt spray liberally. When your hair is long enough, you can twist it into small pieces and tie it with an elastic band to keep it in place.

Leave it on overnight (or until your hair is completely dry), then undo it for soft, natural-looking curls.

It’s worth noting that it works even better if you have medium to long hair that already has a hint of dandruff in it. If you have straight hair, use either a flat iron or a curling iron to create curls and gently comb your fingers for the effect you want.

Surfer waves

Try a texturizing paste for a natural-looking, smooth finish that allows you to look back more freely. It’s great for styling short or medium length hair.

All you have to do is rub the 1 pound coin size product through your damp hair and twist the small sections of hair with your fingers for a little wavy effect. Let it dry naturally for best results.

Controlled Carls

Straighteners are a must have when creating texture and adding volume to a shortcut, especially when you have a naturally lustful lock.

Use it to twist in different directions when your hair is dry and when working on a wax with your fingers. This will enhance the textures you create and give a more defined finish.

Carls not met

If you have long hair and want to add some volume, body, and sexy curls, why not try a non-hit style.

After washing the hair, dry it with a blow dryer until it is only slightly damp. Brush any knots and tangles before dividing them into two or three sections. Wrap each section in simple 3-strand sheets and secure at the bottom with a small elastic band. Leave them overnight.

Tony and GU Tosled Textured Texture Creation Hairspray

In the morning, untie the braids to reveal the natural-looking curls. To improve texture and keep the effect going for a longer period of time, spritz on some hairspray and keep your style throughout the day.

Man Perm

The products can only get you so far. So if you are looking for a more stable stay, there is one parameter you should consider. Perming is a process that breaks down chemicals and then re-establishes the natural bonds in your hair.

These can be changed to the shape you want, be it super tight rings or more undone, loose waves – you can see what you want. Depending on how much you take care of your hair, the effects can last a few months to a year. The investment is definitely worth it.

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