How To Cut Bangs On Curly Hair

A. The Best Way To Cut Curly Bangs


Textured hair specialist Najah Aziz worries about curly bangs now. “Once you have the texture, cut and color, you don’t have to do anything else with your hair,” she tells us. Here, Aziz takes the fear out of textured hair and does his best to cut the curly fringe one step at a time. And if you like what you see, check out her class at IBS Las Vegas in June.

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry.
  2. Divide the hair where the comb comes out of the hairline (about 1 inch from the hairline). The part should be parallel to the scalp.
  3. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and cut everything else off with large duckbill clips. If you want the bangs to frame your face, pull your hair to the opposite sides and cut from there.
  4. Use sharp scissors to cut lightly, so that it just opens and closes when you roll it up. Cut each wave individually at an angle. Always allow extra length before using the tip cut to cut your bangs into small pieces (one curl at a time) to ensure the best cut of your bangs. Comb the bang locks again to make sure you have the look you want.
  5. The most important thing is to treat each wave of the fringe individually. They have their own minds at times!

1. What participants can expect from my class

Participants will leave without fear of textured hair and will be able to model this type of client in the salon. I think this will challenge many stylists to think outside the box when it comes to textured short hair. The challenge is how to soothe that hair and make it fashionable – we’ll do that a lot in my classes.

2. Moment of greatest pride as an educator

I had a hairdresser who came to me at a hair show and she was starting to cry, hug me and say: “You inspire me so much – I opened a salon, built an incredible clientele based only on the classes I have. I took it with me and I continue inspiring me. “It touched me a lot.

3. If I don’t teach my class, you’ll find me

On the floor like a child in a candy store. I’m always looking for something new. I will do my best to find the latest products and how they improve my work behind the chair. If I see a really good demo and see what the product does to the hair, I’ll probably try it. There is so much cool with all the bells and whistles and, as hairdressers, we like shiny things and flying things. I will follow all of this at the fair.

4. Why curly fringe is fashionable now

People are just beginning to acquire their natural texture. We spend a lot of money struggling to get it right and it takes a long time. Now we just want to, we want to be relaxed, we want to accept what we were born with naturally and save a lot of time. It’s a really cool look for the summer too.


B. 3 Tips For Creating Fringe On Curly Hair

1. 3 cutting tips to create fringes in curly and wavy hair

If you’re one of the 64,000 people who follow BTC team member Evan Joseph (@evanjosephcurls) on Instagram, you know that the curling expert loves to cut one lock at a time. And that goes for the limit too. If your customers with curly hair want to try the bangs again after the seasons change, watch the video below and keep looking for three of Evans’ tips for trimming the bangs.

Bonsai Trees

2. Evans 3 tips for cutting curly bangs

  1. Always cut, always, always curly fringes with dry and natural hair. Because? If it is wet or straight at the beginning, there is a risk that the bangs will be cut too short, as the wavy and curly hair types shrink naturally when drying.
  2. When cutting, notice where the head goes down towards the forehead, then create a triangular cut with the top of the triangle resting on that point. “If you use this climax, long pieces don’t fall,” shares Evan. The other two points should land directly in the corner of the eye.
  3. Do you have a client with little or no face frame? Evan says to keep the bangs an inch or two longer, then wash and style your hair. After the weight is removed, the curls bounce a little and it is easier to detail each wave to the desired length.


C. Exactly How To Cut and Style Bangs If You Have Curly Hair

Pony. You see women rocking the sides of social media and they usually appear on women with straight hair – but that doesn’t mean that girls with curly hair can’t have fun, either.
Many of the A-listers have curly hair with bangs and they look great shaking them. The key to perfecting the curly fringe is to cross your self and dot your T. This shouldn’t be a spontaneous moment when you take the scissors and cut the threads. Whatever you do, please don’t do it.

Since curly manes have their own ideas, consider leaving this job to a stylist with experience in cutting and styling curly hair with bangs. Trust us, you’ll be grateful in the end because you don’t want to have to cut those toothed locks for the next six months to hide a badly cut job. That’s why we’re here to help. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of curly bangs.

1. Should people with curly hair have bangs?

In short, the answer is yes, yes and yes! There should be no limits to how you can style or cut your hair just because it is curly. In fact, you can use your curly texture to your advantage. Curly hair with bangs is a perfect match.

If you decided to wear curly hair, but decided it is not for you, don’t worry. Shaping your bangs as they grow can be challenging, but it requires patience. Depending on how fast your hair is growing and how short you cut it, you may be able to make your bangs curly in just a few months. For others, it can last from six months to a year, but that doesn’t mean you will have uncomfortable hair days forever. If in doubt, talk to your hairdresser about styling your hair as you grow it. If you encounter a mess with your curly braid, don’t worry. Think of it as a fleeting glimpse and shake it to the max.

2. How can I make the bangs look beautiful with my curly hair?

Before making an appointment to request bangs with curly hair, follow these simple guidelines to ensure you get the exact look you want. From a dry cut to a freshly styled fringe, we are sharing these easy-to-follow tips so you can easily switch to your new style.

3. Ask your stylist to dry cut your bangs

You have probably heard that getting wet curly hair can take a bit of guesswork. This is because the curl shrinkage is real. Its wave pattern can change dramatically after drying. So pulling scissors on wet wicks is a great guessing game. Ask your stylist to cut your hair dry to get the best shape and definition. And the same goes for your bangs. When you cut your curly hair dry with bangs, you not only get the exact length of your bangs, but also how your curls fall out after styling. There is nothing worse than trimming the bangs to find that they are 12 centimeters shorter after drying and combing. Yes, we will avoid this at all costs.

4. Longer is better than shorter

Do you remember that we mentioned shrink? For that reason alone, you should ask your stylist to start with a bang longer than you think. When your curly bangs are cut longer, you have some leeway to adjust the length to your liking. If the stylist cuts them too short, there is nothing that can solve the problem, except time. Best scenario: ask your stylist to cut, wash, dry, style your long bangs and make adjustments from there. Again, the goal is to give yourself some flexibility to make adjustments to achieve the curly fringe of your dreams.

5. Don’t be afraid to wash your bangs more often than the rest of your hair

It is highly recommended that you avoid washing your curls every day. However, this may not apply to curly hair with bangs. Your curls can look better when freshly combed. Even if you don’t wash your hair every day, you may want to wash and put your bangs back on. This can include washing, conditioning and shaping, or just splashing some water and adding a styling product. The choice is really yours. No matter how often you wash, the secret to keeping the frizz away is to limit the amount of touch and handling after resetting the fringe.

6. Apply the product while the fringe is still wet

While adding a cream or gel to your bangs on the second day may seem like a good idea, be sure to apply styling products while your hair is wet. Our favorite product for styling fringes is the moisturizing modeling pudding and hair milk conditioner. Thanks to shea butter, macadamia, avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oil, it moisturizes, fixes and defines your curls.

7. A curler is your friend

There may be days when your strands do not work for you and some strands of your curly hair do not fit properly. To fix this, get a curling iron with a cylinder width that looks like your curl pattern. Set the setting to low to medium heat and wrap the hair around the stick to add definition to the unruly strands. And voila! You have defined spirals perfectly in just a few minutes.

8. Keep up to date with your adornments

Don’t get in the habit of waiting for the fringe of your curly hair to be cut until it affects your vision. It is best to stop them every four to six weeks. If you maintain the routine cuts, you will not only be able to obtain the desired length, but also ensure that your longest hair is healthy and without cracks if you decide to let your hair grow.

9. How to comb the bangs with curly hair?

Now that you have your new bangs, how do you naturally rock curly hair with bangs? And the truth is, there really is no right or wrong way. You can load them down, toss them to the side, or even fold them back if you want. To be honest, there are no prohibited curly hair styles. However, it is important to remember that when styling your bangs, you should avoid heavy or oily products. Instead, opt for light creams and gels that keep them in place without changing the texture, such as cream with castor oil or the Pracaxi nectar-style control gel.

If you find that your bangs are shrinking more than you would like as they dry, gently pull the ends with your fingers. Again, avoid messing up your curls so you don’t end up with undefined and curly hair. Instead, spray a little water on the ends and gently extend your curls with a light product like Pracaxi Nectar Wash n ‘Go Leave-In. It is made from pracaxi oil, açaí extract and olive oil, which replenishes the moisture in dry ravines and gives the curls a light definition, without weighing them down.

10. Summary

If you want a new style, make an appointment for a fresh cut with fringe. Just think of the tips and tricks to perfect your bangs. And above all, enjoy the process. You look great girl

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