How To Curl Short Hair


Short curls can be a challenge, but if you get it right it will look great, oh. You can do it in different styles too – this is where our blogger sets it right aside, giving the illusion of camouflage. Read on to see how she does it with our amazing hairdressing products.

Step 1:

Full, bouncy curls are the best type of curl, don’t you agree? Prep your hair with the 24-hour TRSEM é body collection for that full, bouncy look. Start with the reverse system preconditioner and then the shampoo for weightless, moisturized detergents. While your hair is still damp, apply a pea-sized TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil to your hair. It softens your hair and adds volume.

Step 2:

Dry hair from head to toe. Once your hair is completely dry, brush it to remove tangles and part if you want. Take two scratches on the top of the head and the cut. Better to start curling at the bottom.

Step 3:

Now to the ice stock sport! Take your curling iron or iron and start curling at the bottom of the hair near your hairline. Remember to fold away from your face and make sure the ends of your hair are also wrapped around the rope. This gives it a nice, tight curl. If it doesn’t work perfectly, that’s fine. Wipe it off with your fingers and it will take shape. Tip: the shorter the hair, the shorter the curl.

Step 4:

Continue curling your hair in the same way, including the back and top of your hair. You can curl the top hair so that it falls on your forehead or away from your face, whichever you like best. Make sure not to curl to the side.

Step 5:

Take your flat iron and iron the part of the hair that is kept flat. This will help create the illusion of an undercut. Put neatly behind your ears and you’re done!

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How to Curl Short Hair: Quick & Easy Ways to Curl Your Strands

Most hairstyles may seem quite democratic, but it’s no secret that long haired girls usually have a lion’s share of their style to play with. This is pretty clear when you talk about the final summer tripartite break: bread, waves, and curls. Needless to say, people with short locks can’t go along. Short hair can actually lend itself to a variety of styling options.

Short hair works best for curling. Curls that can make a full turn around each rod (and a few more) are generally considered easy to curl. This length is long enough to shape and maintain the style, and the bonus is that it actually looks extra smart and fresh, with a little more texture than just smoothing. If you want to change your short hair with fun, flirty curls, check out our simple guide below for information on how to curl short hair with a stick and straightener.

How to curl short hair

Start with freshly washed hair.

Clean hair usually means a fuller look and bouncer curls. Clean through a system that provides fullness and nourishment without weighing it down (especially if your strands are fine, thin, or aging). Blow dry until at least 90 percent dry.

Curl the front pieces.

Spray your hair with some heat protectants like TIGI Copyright Custom Crate Heat Protect Spray. Then, using a 1 1/4 “barrel curling iron, start twisting the pieces of hair near the hairline in front of you. Ed Tip: If you curl very short hair, a modern, slightly wavy look is more youthful. Do this by turning the Twist hair in different directions.

Continue until all sections are curled.

Further curl the rest of your body, avoiding stress if they are slightly uneven. Chunky and diffuse, more sexual.

Have to hit the roots with your fingers.

Gently shake the curls to loosen the curls. Tip: Shake the core area for some buoyancy.


Leave it as is and finish it off with some hairspray or dress it up with flirty hair accessories like headbands or sparkling combs. Something is going!

How to cut short hair with a flat iron

Learning how to curl short hair with a flat iron can be difficult at first – but once you master it, all you need is one hot tool for all of your styling! Follow these instructions to get a curl through the straightener with ease. Remember, some practice is required. So don’t try again until you’ve mastered the technique.

1. Choose your equipment

The size of your section and iron is the most important factor when using a straightener or other tool to curl short hair. You want your iron with ceramic plates to be of high quality. Try to find one between 1/2 the width and 1 between 1. If you have short hair like a pixie cut, stick to a narrow width. If your hair is longer than your ears, you can be wider.

2. Preparation

Although short hair is less damaged (all those regular haircuts!), You still need to protect your strands, especially if you want to style your hair several times a week or if you want to curl very short hair. Protecting against heat loss is as simple as spraying on a heat protection spray. Create an even layer all over your hair and comb your heaters to avoid “hot spots” from the spray.

3. Cut hair

Even with short hair, locking the section evenly is very helpful. You may need alligator or duckbill clips to secure your sections: these clips are very good at holding the strands in place and won’t slip or cut. You will likely need to cut in two layers, which means the top and bottom halves of your hair make it easy to part when short hair is frizzled.

4. Twist your hair

Start with the lower half of your hair first and start curling! In general, the lower half of your hair is pretty short. So do your best to add a bend to match the look with the long top half. Take about 1 inch sections of hair, pinch them in each iron, and then bend them outward after gently pulling them down.

5. Ice stock sport

When you’ve finished the bottom section, empty the top half of your hair. Find your part first so that you can efficiently determine how to curl the hair in the top half and how your curls lie. Repeat the curling steps, using extra care when curling short hair in the top half with a flat iron: not only is the hair more visible, you are also working closer to your own scalp.

6. Shake and style

Once you’ve curled the entire head of your hair, it’s time to shake it off! Criticize your curls and part them with your fingers for a fun description of the beach. Pick your hair from here, but wear it, add a fun clip, or try a headband!


How To Curl Short Hair With A Straigthener

Would you like to learn how to curl your short hair quickly and easily?

Our quick tip – use a hair straightener! In this week’s tutorial, Luxia Hair Lilia will show you how to use an iron to get those effortless curls into her short hair.

This look is so quick and easy to achieve that it can become your new favorite way to style your hair. ‘Because we all know that quick and easy hairstyles are the best kind of hairstyle;)

How to curl short hair with a flat iron

Step 1

Start by brushing your hair to cut knots or tangles.

Step 2

Part the hair down the middle of the back and divide it in two. Use a clip to keep one side of the hair away from the other.

Step 3

Divide the loose section of hair into two parts again, leaving the top and bottom sections intact. Clip the top part.

Step 4

There are two ways to curl your hair. The first method is to hold the straightener diagonally to the floor, wrap your hair once, and then quickly slide towards the end. This leads to a loose wave.

The second method is to hold the straightener parallel to the floor, wrap your hair tightly around it, and gently slide the straightener towards the end. The slower you move the straightener, the more intense the curls will be.

Step 5

Start from the back with the curling method of your choice and bring small sections of hair forward

Step 6

Once the lower section of the hair is curled, repeat all of the steps for the upper section of the hair. Once you’ve curled up on one side of your head, you can move on to the next. If you want your curls to stay away from your mouth, move them right away from your mouth.

Step 7

Once you’ve curled all of your hair and the hair has cooled, take your fingers and brush the curls for a quick, loose, and effortless look.

Always remember to use a heat shield before styling your hair with hot tools to avoid damaging your hair. If you end up with hair and want to make the curls longer, you can use hairspray at the end too 🙂

Make sure to recreate this look and post your picture on Instagram using #myloxyhair. We want to see what your straight locks look like!


How to Curl Short Hair With a Curling Iron: The Easy Way!

Short hair has always been a classic and beautiful hairstyle for many women, especially in summer! While this may seem amazing, there are limited styles to choose from, and something like holding curly hair seems difficult to follow.

This is great if you have naturally curly or curly hair! If you have straight hair and you are trying to curl it properly even after short lengths, don’t worry. There are ways to safely and successfully curl short hair with the help of a curling iron.

So read on for those who have short hair and want to curl their hair for beach waves or tight curls! I will show you the best tips and methods to get your desired hairstyle

How to curl short hair with a curling iron

I was so obsessed with curling irons and hair straighteners that I feared I might have burned hair or ike hair. As soon as I use these, I realize how easy it is to use them with short hair too! I’ve now done every hairstyle with it. If your goal is short curly hair, here are some tips that you should follow:

1. Prepare your hair for the first hairstyling

You need to be prepared for this before using your curlers and heat styling methods! Since your hair comes in contact with heat, it can be damaged quickly if not protected. However, follow these steps to prepare your hair for safer and more successful curly hair.

Use texturizing spray

Do you have dry hair In this case, you should start with a texturizing spray, which will add volume and body to your hair after styling. It helps short hair keep curls for a long time.

Apply your spray to all parts of your hair and run your fingers through each area to make sure the spray is evenly distributed. I also suggest that you wash your hair before applying any texture, which will create more texture.

Apply heat protection

You should always add a heat shield before applying heat to your hair. This tip is especially for those who have better, more vulnerable hair to add more to. These products are used to add volume, shine and prevent long-term hair loss.

For those with good hair, use a heat protectant spray. If you have thick hair, use a gel instead. Apply gel or spray to all parts of your hair and spread the heat protectant evenly with your fingers like a texturizer. Let the heat shield sit for two minutes to allow it to dry sufficiently.

Comb or haircut

Using a standard brush or comb, gently brush your hair from roots to tips. This will further distribute the texturizer and heat preservative so your hair won’t have knots that could affect the way it curls.

For those who have good hair and want more volume, I recommend using a round brush and combing it. With thick hair, a good brush won’t do, just don’t flip it!

Cut your hair

Section your hair all the way to the end to make curling the bottom layer (where you are just starting!) Easier. Pull the hair from either side of your head and place it over your ears. Next, cut off these aspects with strong hair clips.

If you have very short hair you may not have the length of the top layer to cut. If so, you can skip this step and start curling!

2. Steps to Use Your Curling Iron

Now that your hair is natural, now is the time to curl your hair! Here are quick and easy steps to follow curls:

Your curling iron is ready

Prepare your curling iron and use a one-half inch wrench. This will ensure that your stick has a large width to curl your short hair without getting too short

Take your hair, then wrap it around

Hold the curling iron with your dominant hand and take the hair about an inch from the back of the ear. For short hair, take a small amount from the front.

If you have virgin hair, set the temperature of your curling iron to around 400 degrees to color the hair treatment. Do not exceed 390 degrees. If you have fine or double processed hair, hold about 350 degrees.

Wrap the hair once or twice and keep it away from your roots and face. Wrap it about 1.5 times for a C-curl or 2.5 times for an S-curl.

If you have medium or thick hair, hold the hair for half a minute. If you have fine hair, wait a maximum of 15 seconds. Let go of your hair and hold your hands for about five seconds to set it up better.

Alternative curling directions

Once you’ve rolled up a piece, roll the next part, this time towards your face. Directions If you have an option, you have more. Make sure you balance the amount of hair in each section.

Curl the bottom layer and repeat for the top layer

Continue to curl the bottom layer of your hair an inch at a time. Work from the first side to the way you go and get all the curls the same shape and size. When you go through the bottom layer, empty the top of your hair and repeat the process with the next layer. If you are curling very short pieces of hair, be careful with your fingers and try to curl them up instead!

Let your hair cool and disheveled

After you’ve finished all parts of your hair, cool off from the heat and let the curls sit. Don’t move the curls or touch them first to make it easier.

After cooling, take some hair in water and shake it with your hands. Massage and toss your hair, or even run it through with your hands, it will look worse and more natural. Don’t use a brush or comb to pull out your curls!

Set and done!

Set your now frizzled hair with a hold hairspray, although you should use a very small amount to prevent your locks from looking dry, wrinkled, and stiff. For those who want a more natural and messy look, there is no need to spray your hair!

3. Bonus tips to keep your short hair curled well

In addition to these steps, there are other tips and ways you can curl your short hair. Try following these simple “hacks” to make your hair bounce and look awesome:

When curling your hair, make sure you are an inch from the edge of the barrel. This will make your hair look naturally curly and frizzled, creating a less formal look. You can also smooth your edges with an iron to make them look simple and natural.
I can’t emphasize enough when I tell you to curl your hair! Hold the curling iron with your right hand on the left side of your hair and vice versa. Keep it vertical and only use enough heat according to the thickness of your hair.
Fortunately, curls can last around two days or overnight, waking you up killer! You can keep it longer with hairspray, although as mentioned earlier it will decrease the naturalness of your hairstyle.
If you want beach waves, curl the larger part of your hair. For tight curls, curl a small piece of hair at a time. Get firmer curls by curling the top of the ends of your hair.

If you want to learn more about how to curl your short hair, check out this great video:

Wrap it up

Short hair shouldn’t be limited to the way you want to style your hair. With the right tools and tips, you can get

Hope this article has helped you curl short hair with a curling iron! Whether it’s an upcoming vacation or a party, try these methods to get great curls now! If you have any questions or want to share your methods for curling short hair, please comment below. Your thoughts are very much appreciated!

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