How To Curl Hair With Wand

How to CURL HAIR with a curling wand!

You could say I have a bit of a passion for hair. Yes, the following of the year. But beautiful Carls? You are literally the gateway to my happiness. Okay, okay, maybe I’ll get a little bit dramatic, but learning how to curl hair with a curling iron is an important skill that you don’t need to learn!

Carl’s everything. Beautiful curls add movement and texture to your hair, making your braids look beautiful and your bangs look intentional. When I have curls in my hair these styles look fabulous in the early morning and don’t even let me get started with wedding styles. URLs are everything! Today I’ll roll up my decorative sleeves and we’re down to business.

Learn how to curl hair with a curling iron!

First you need a rope.

I like interchangeable sticks because they give me more styling flexibility. If I want loose waves, I lock the barrel to a different size than the one I use to create defined curls and set. The same curling edge can give me what I need when I have different sizes of barrels, when cutting my hair, or now wearing extensions.

This is my favorite stick – Flurish Trio. You can say that I am biased – which means I made it for what you want or need. This is my own brand of equipment and when I say it, best trust me, I am not going to spread the glasses as you can find them here on the website, but there are a few things to consider before you start curling.

1. What size barrel would you like?

The curling vans come in three standard sizes: a 32mm barrel, a 25mm barrel, and a 19mm barrel. I believe there is a reason to own all three because they all look like that! If you have long or medium length hair and want big loose hair or virtual curls, a 32mm barrel is ideal. 25mm is the most versatile size and works for all hair lengths. It creates defined curls, but the beauty of this size is that over time, those curls will loosen up and you can wear them day in and day out. It is wonderful! The newest size is 19mm which is very good for short hair. I have some examples of looking at some sizes of different models with different lengths and textures of UT hair.

2. What temperature should my temperature be set to?

Keep the hair hotter than you can put on a warmer hot barrel and blow it out ASAP. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing your temperature. However, I usually recommend anyone starting at 350 if you have very thick hair. They can go up to 450, but if you don’t have thick hair it can cause damage. If you have very fine hair start with a 300 and then just play it with your ears from there! Dig out your curling iron or iron that only has an on / off switch. It destroys your hair!

Bonsai Trees

3. What should my clothes be made of?

There are many materials, titanium, tourmaline and just to name a few ceramics! I like titanium and believe that it works for every hair type and texture – your heat settings will determine how safe it is for your hair. Titanium is a more expensive metal. It even has heat distribution so it creates continuous curls. It releases negative ions that reduce the shaking and sealing of the itchy cuticle, which lasts long for shiny and beautiful curls.

Now the three things we can do to curl our hair with a curling iron are not ready to learn!

Gather 1 “haircut

This section shouldn’t be too big or the curl shouldn’t be the same. Use a bigger barrel if you want bigger waves. Don’t use a small barrel or take larger sections as you will end up with mismatched curls that will fall all day and no one will want!

Press the hair a few inches under the scalp

Wrap the hair around the barrel while keeping the pinch in the hair

You will continue to bring your iron up so the barrel comes down. This is very important and things on the road just get easier as you learn different curling techniques to learn how to hold your iron! You will keep the pinch in your hair while you wrap the iron around your mouth. I don’t usually do alternative curls, but a lot of people like to do it that way! My only advice is to make sure that any sections near your mouth are away from the outside of your mouth.

Leave the last inch of the barrel

I want to let the last inch of hair out of the barrel because it takes more effort and stays in appearance. This will help keep the waves neat on your shoulders.

Four different looks with a stick:

When you get to this point there are three ways to let the curl fall. Depending on which choice you make, you will determine which curl to get.

1. Tilt the iron and let go of the curls

Just lean towards the iron to let the barrel come down and let go of the curl. This gives you the most neutral curls, not too tight, not too much to lose!

2. Tilt the iron and place curls on the roof of your mouth

The second option is to tilt the iron and curl the coil in the palm of your hand. You let this curl sit there for a few seconds until it stops getting hot. Carl determines what we do here. I like to do it with a 32mm barrel because it blends in with those huge wave and curl patterns so they don’t come loose too quickly!

3. Immediately stretch to loosen the curl

The third way is to lean towards the iron so that the curl falls off the iron, but then you land where you are and stretch the curl. This will break the curl pattern a bit and make your locks looser. I like to do it with 25mm and 19mm!

Do you see the difference?

There are many ways to curl your hair with a curling trolley – you can get the look and style you want! Did you know that you can even get the look of a curling iron with a stick?

4. Curling iron with curling iron

Instead of pinching the hair and wrapping it around the barrel, you’ll be pressing the hair flat between your fingers so that as the barrel is wrapped, it flattens flat against the barrel. Do you see the difference ?!

How do you like curling What is your favorite barrel size? Having too many problems keeping curls in your hair? I’m curious to know how you curled your hair and what you found for yourself, or to have an aha moment while reading this post !!


How to curl your hair with a curling wand – a guide

There’s nothing like having a head full of bouncy, voluminous, hair-flippable curls (though a fresh tan comes pretty close). And with an amazing curling iron in your arsenal and a professional H2DX5 curling iron, reaching your #higs is easier than ever.

Unfortunately, there are still some of us who struggle to get the perfect curls every time to help you out. We’ve put together all of the pieces of very good tips (and a quick step-by-step guide) on how to curl your hair with a curling iron. Can get up. Why the curling iron? Okay, curling your hair with a flat iron is the next level and we want to make things easier!

The first thing you need is a perfect curling van

Okay, we might be a little biased because we’re obsessed with curling vans with interchangeable kegs – but you need to get one of these.

Imagine a curling edge that not only gives you the beach waves of your dreams, but also retro curls, tight curls, and so much more! That’s why we love H2D and their X5 Professional Curling Wand (those of you who are fascinated by rose gold are also available in shades of pink!).

The X5 Professional Curling Wand from H2D has 5 interchangeable barrels (32mm, 25mm, 19mm, 9-18mm, inverted cone) and is ideal for all hair types. It has a 360-degree rotating cord that can be heated by 230 degrees and a light, ergonomically shaped body.

Using micropores and ion field technology, this baby seals your natural oils and binds moisture. This means that with this curling edge, you can get great smooth, shiny locks that will last all day. Tourmaline barrels help!

How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron: Brief Step-by-Step Instructions

Before we dive into our tips on how to curl hair, we want to give you a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair with a curler.

  • Brush your hair and apply heat shield.
  • Part your hair with hair clips, hair ties, or scrapers.
  • Take 1 inch part of your hair. Hold the barrel’s H2DX5 curling bar so that there are tips at the bottom (i.e., it runs parallel to your head and your hands are above your head).
  • Wrap the hair around the barrel. Hold the hair for 3 to 4 seconds before removing it from the barrel. For stiff locks, let the curls cool in the palm of your hand before going down. For loose curls, let the curl run straight.
  • Repeat for each section and switch your curls. Try curling the hair around your face outward.
  • Set your hair with hairspray and let your hair cool down.
    Brush the curls with a wide-toothed comb!

Okay, now let’s add some killer products (and other tips) to this process, and you don’t have J-lo curls worthy of the stage.

Here are 4 tips on how to curl your hair

1. Prepare your hair

Protect from heat

This is something we keep doing because it is extremely important and we will keep shouting it from the ceiling: prep your hair with a heat shield!

Curling or straightening your hair without a heat shield isn’t a big deal. However, once you have completely soaked your hair with hot tools, it is advisable to invest in a moisturizing hair mask to revitalize your hair.

We also wrote a post to help find the best heat protectant spray for your hair, so we’ve done all of the hard work for you!

Use the mouse or the styling spray to add volume

Clean hair alone doesn’t play well with curling irons. You may be able to get some initial curls, but these don’t last long and will likely fall off in a few hours.

So if you want to know how to curl your hair with a curling trolley and hold onto those curls, you need some styling products in your arsenal. We’re a big fan of Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray (for beach waves) and Schwarzkopf Oasis + Dust It Powder.

2. Use different barrels for different curls

When learning how to curl your hair with a curling iron, you need to understand that each barrel size will match different size curls. To help, we’ve broken down the barrel sizes of the H2D X5 professional curling winch. If you want:

Big loose curls: choose 32mm or 25mm barrels
Curls That Are Not Too Big or Too Small: Try a 19mm Barrel
Tight curls or curls: take 9-18 mm barrels
Curl with straps on top and loosening on bottom: try an inverted tapered barrel

3. Don’t be afraid to brush your curls

Okay, after just an hour of combing your hair it seems like the last thing you want to do – but listen to us. Brushing your hair will make your locks look less shiny temples and more beach or Hollywood glamor.

But don’t do that, and we’ll repeat, don’t brush your locks right after you curl your hair. Give the curls some time to cool before brushing. Then step in with a tangle teaser or a wide tooth comb.

4. Adjust with hairspray

Hairspray can sometimes be wrapped a little poorly. While hairspray might remind you of 80s hairstyles, it was actually a long time ago.

After you’ve curled (and brushed) your hair, spritz a little hairspray on your hair to set everything in place. We promise you will still have a soft, bouncy texture.

At the moment we love the Neck Heat Protectant Spray and the Tiggy Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray.

So now you know how to curl your hair with a curling trolley, and get the word out! If you are new to the game of curl, we recommend stocking up on some styling products and investing in the H2DX5 curling wand. Today you can buy H2D, haircuts and much more at OZ Hair & Beauty – we also have AfterPay and Gipp!

Conclusion: how to curl hair with a bar

Do you have a passion for styling your hair?

Then, an important skill that you should learn is teaching your hair to curl with a rod.

But Carl why, one might ask.

Well they are everything! (In my opinion.)

With the help of curls, you can make early morning hairstyles spectacular.

Plus, beautiful curls can add texture and volume to your hair, and set it in motion. And it makes ponytails and bread look more fabulous.

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