How To Choose A Hair Color

This Handy Chart Makes Choosing a Hair Color So Easy

The hair color is so versatile that it is impossible to stand in a single shade. Instead of straightening brown hair to make it more complicated, you now have tiger eyes, deep sable brown, and even chocolate movements if you want to get a hint of rose gold. However, the step of scattering ballads, highlights and colors is only part of the two steps. This is what you need to be permanent first: base color. Trying to make decisions about him, however, can keep you awake at night.

To make the selection process a little easier, we spoke to Gio Bargello, the master colorist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, to create the final hair color chart for brunette, red, and blonde. Understand the colors below, study their undertones and bring your new hair to the Inpo Salon. Keep scrolling to get started!

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde (pictured above by actress Cynthia Arivo) is the brightest of all gold tones. It has a white / yellow base, but you’ll need to work closely with your colorist to make sure you’re a good candidate. (Avoid getting this color yourself so you get more yellow fruits than you expected.) ($ 23) It looks fresh and fun.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts have more golden hues than Pladinum-Blond. It works wonderfully with skin that has a blushing undertone and is particularly attractive for light eyes: green, blue and hazelnut brown (or a combination like the actress Kate Bosworth!).

Champagne blonde

The champagne blonde is just as you can imagine – she has the slightest hint of a rose that is almost researchable when the light hits right. This shade is great for fair skin and fair eyes, as the above-mentioned actress Amanda Shepherd has proven.

Beige blonde

The beige blonde has a slightly darker base with lighter reflections – she is called “ginger ale and cream soda” and “complements both medium and olive skin tones as well as light and dark eyes.”

Bonsai Trees

Dirty blonde

Darker than beige blond, dirty gold has the same aspect: caramel and golden highlights compared to a deeper blonde or brown color. As seen in model Hannah Jeter, dirty blonde can also look pretty nifty.


Strawberry red is great for a light and neutral skin tone like actress Jessica Chastain. However, if your skin is deeper, look for a brownish hint of red (see below). Otherwise, your skin may look a little green with this color.


The bronze-colored hair color has warm red and golden undertones. This color goes well with dark eye colors and pink and olive skin tones, as the actress Eva Mendes proves.


Auburn strawberries are brown rather than curly red. It is very versatile, as it works well with both light-skinned (like actress Emma Stone) and olive-colored skin tones.


Sangaria or pomegranate hair is not a natural red, but it burns, warm and fat. Due to the violet undertones of this hair color, it is particularly suitable for medium and dark skin tones, although light skin is also complemented by spicy colors.

Light natural brown

The light natural brown (pictured here in the actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba) has some ash in gold tones. It has a neutral color and is therefore suitable for all skin tones.

Cinnamon mocha

The spicy color of the supermodel Jordan Dunn is a strong brown with a hint of copper and earth tones (apparently accentuated) – wonderful for caramel and deep skin tones.

Medium brown

Medium brown hair like the supermodel Alessandra Ambresio is similar to light natural brown because it also has a gray, neutral undertone that makes it wearable for every skin tone.

Dark brown

This rich brown color “feels like a cocoa bean or an espresso,” said Bargello. This color attracts an olive / golden skin tone and dark eyes to La Mila Mila Kunis.


As can be seen here in actress Kerry Washington, jet black hair should “look like black liquorice polish,” says Bargelo. With Olaplex it looks smooth and shiny.


Color Mastery

How to choose the best hair color for your skin tone

When it comes to creating the right, individually blended hair color for you, these two things are important: 1. color identification of your complexion; And 2. Determine the hair color undertone that best suits you.

When choosing the right hair color, your skin tone plays an important role, which color is suitable for you. Since your hair is right next to your face, choosing the right shade lightens your skin and makes you look younger than years. Follow our guide to your most flattering hair color – so that your skin tone creates a lot of air – and get an individual hair color that gets the best out of your complexion!

Tone detection of your skin

Look at the top of your wrist or hand to see the undertones of your color. Do you see blue or purple veins? Is your skin tone great as you peek out more green veins? If your skin has warm undertones that both have what they see, you are probably neutral.

If you’re still not sure, try this technique: look in the mirror for a silver earring or necklace. Then switch to gold jewelry. Which color looks better? Cool skin tones appear more radiant in silver, gold jewelry appears as warm skin.

Find your best hair color

After determining the bottom of your skin, choose a hair shade that highlights your best features! Our racists recommend following this rule of thumb: “Choose the opposite hair color for your skin.” “Do you need further instructions? Contact one of our colorists for a little help – they will be happy to help you.

Hair color for cool skin

If you’re fair, then cooler undertones (meaning you have a lot of pink, blue, or red in your color), your hair color can reduce any redness on your skin if you want. Warm or golden hair colors have a flattering effect on fair skin with cool undertones. So look for golden blondes, warm red or neutral brunettes that match the tone of your pink skin and complement your face.

For warm undertones (think yellow or orange), your ideal hair color gives your skin a healthy, natural-looking flush. Choose colors with cool, ashy or red tones like honey or strawberry blondes, golden copper, cool beige brown and rich brown.

Hair color for body skin tone

The right contrast between complexion and hair color is striking. What you don’t want is that your hair color matches your skin perfectly – your facial features will disappear. If your skin is warm or golden, beautiful mahogany or copper tones bring sunshine to your skin. For cooler skin tones, emphasize your pink-blue undersides with cool reddish brown or ice cream in dark brown and rich black.

A few steps away from your perfect custom color, but the key is to first highlight the tone of your skin so that the racism you choose complements and highlights your best merits.


How to Pick the Best Hair Colour from the Hair Colour Chart

This type of specific search is a matter of course for anyone who takes the first step in changing their hair color. However, your color is not enough to choose the right color. The undertone of your skin, the color of your eyes, the way in which your hair tones are to be reflected, as well as the target of your hair color, should consider several other things before you take a shade from the hair color chart.

In this post you will learn:

How to find the androtonin on your skin
Each hair color is best suited for cool and warm undertones
How to choose the best hair color from the hair color chart
Find out the key tones in your hair color

But before that, we have to answer an important question.

What is the goal of your hair color?

Or simply, how do you like to dye your hair? This could be one of the reasons:

You want lighter hair

Light hair means bleaching, which means potential hair loss. In this case, it is important that you know the process of bleaching and how to care for your hair after the procedure.

Do you think blonde goes? Read and note our post on haircuts: Do’s and Don’ts.

You want more body hair

Given that most Indians have black to dark brown hair in the standard color, your hair is less likely to darken. If you haven’t dyed a light shade, you need to know the right time to repaint your hair.

You want to improve your natural hair color

Natural or colored, your hair color fades and becomes dull in both directions. Lightening two shades or adding baby lights (e.g. very soft highlights) are some of the ways to improve your hair color.

You want to cover gray hair

Gray hair can match the rest of your scalp and be permanently covered with a permanent hair dye, or it can be a temporary hair dye stain, making them look more like highlights than curly hair.

They just want highlights

Highlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to flat-looking hair. Red, copper and turtle low lights (a mixture of gold and copper) are very suitable for black, copper-brown hair colors. You can even get both highlights and highlights. Consult a stylist when choosing colors from the hair color charts for the right color palette.

How to find the undertone of your skin

Most people only describe light, medium or dark shades as shadows. However, the layers of skin hidden under the epidermis give your complexion a “warm” or “cool” shade. A common misconception is that light skin tones have cool undertones and dark skin tones have warm undertones. The truth is that all skin tones can have a warm, cool, or neutral tone.

Here are some ways to identify the undertones on your skin. You may need a second opinion to judge.

Look at your skin

Examine your skin closely in a mirror that shines well. It would be better in natural light. Try looking for gold / yellow or pink / blue tones. If your skin is yellow, you have a warm attitude. Pink means cool undertone. If you can’t really say, you can have a neutral disappearance.

Check your letter

Take a closer look at the color of your veins. If your veins appear blue or purple, they have a cool undertone. When your veins show green veins, they have a warm taste. You can be neutral if you can’t decide which color dominates.

Wear some jewelry

Take the silver and gold jewelry of your choice and put it on your skin. If you look better in silver, your skin tone will be cooler and if you look better in gold jewelry, your skin tone will be warmer. You can adjust your neutral undertones so that they look equally good in both cases.

Examine your eyes

If your iris has more blue and green glasses on your eyes, your undertone is great

We will not use the word “color” because it is easy to find the perfect shade for every skin color in every hair color tree. From the hair color chart, you need to choose a shade that neutralizes your undertone. So if you are cool tinted, you need to find warm tints of your desired hair color. If you are neutral, you can choose any hair color because both cool and warm shades go well with you.

The best hair colors for warm and cool skin

Blonde hair color

Cool blonde hair color for a warm skin taste: champagne blonde, blonde, strawberry blonde

Warm blonde hair color for cool skin flavors: golden blonde, honey blonde, caramel, honey blonde

Brown hair color

Cool brown hair color for warm skin flavors: ash brown, chocolate brown, espresso, cool dark brown

Warm brown hair color for cool skin flavors: mahogany, chestnut, butterscotch brown, light golden brown

Red hair color

Cool red hair color for warm skin tone: burgundy, cherry, intense red

Warm red hair color for a cool skin taste: ginger, copper, red-brown

A little something on the hair tones

Yes, hair tones differ from skin undertones and play a small role in determining whether the shade you choose looks good. The hair tone is an indication of your hair color when it catches the light. Clay, auburn, red and smoke, tones add depth and dimension to your hair color and give the dye a warm and cool color.

How to choose the right hair color from the hair color chart

When looking for the right hair color, you need to look for a shade that matches the tone of your natural skin, presents your best qualities, and matches your personality. The decisive factor in the choice of hair color is the undertone of your skin, which we have brilliantly discussed from above.

Nevertheless, there is no good advice, especially when it comes to narrowing a shade on the hair color chart! Here are some more tips to help you choose the right one:

Check the entire color range

The choice of hair color is not as easy as black, brown or red for those who want to believe. Among the blonde hair colors alone, you can choose between platinum blonde, light gray blonde, strawberry blonde, beige blonde, silver blonde, honey blonde, dirty blonde and many more . If you are confused, you can consult a professional hairdresser to find the right shade for you.

Choose your style

Your choice between full head color or strikes, highlights or lolits, ombre or balaclavas also determines the final hair color of your choice. We ask professional hairdressers to choose a range of colors that you will appreciate.

Choose a permanent or temporary hair color

Different types of hair color treatments are available on the market. If you want to experiment with almost any color for a few weeks, choose a semi-permanent hair color. However, if you want to cover shades of gray or keep the hair color long, you need a permanent hair color. You will need to do root corrections every few weeks to match your roots with the rest of your hair.

The last piece of advice

Who doesn’t love a makeover? Unfortunately for us Indians and our characteristic dark hair light is the only option for us. That means we cannot avoid hair bleaching and its harmful effects on our clothing.

Since it takes a few sessions of color treatment to be deadly bright, spend more money changing the color of your hair. Our advice is to do several sessions instead of trying to do it all at once. The color that is applied to your hair appears on a single seat based on your natural hair color. It will also do a lot of damage to your hair. So it’s slow.

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