How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Many patients want laser hair removal so they don’t have to worry about shaving. But how much does it cost? Here is your guide to the price of laser hair removal.

Afraid of pain during hair wax removal? Dissatisfied with regular shaving?

Your laser should remove hair.

Laser hair removal is one of the top five most popular cosmetic procedures today, with a total of 1,086,830 sessions in 2017

Why and how

Because it offers a permanent solution to prohibiting the existence of women: unwanted hair.

After your sessions are over, the hair stops growing. The laser removes the hair follicles to protect the hair from growing back. This doesn’t mean you have to shave or wax your whole life!

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But how much does each session cost?

Well, the prices for laser hair removal vary individually between different clinics. If you want to know how much to prep, read on to learn what it costs to acquire this method.

Average price for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal costs an average of $ 306 per session, according to 201 data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, don’t expect the same price or proximity to the closest clinic.

The price still depends on the clinic and the hair you want to get rid of. In general, LHR treatment is cheaper in small areas than in large areas like feet.

For example, you can get a $ 60 method for the upper lip or chin, but it can cost up to 300-300. Laser treatment for the armpit area costs an average of 150. This is also the average cost for other small areas such as the bikini line, chest and stomach.

Other doctors think it is a low cost to get this $ 250-450 in this range.

Legs and arms charge higher prices, and clinics split them in half. Half-arm or half-foot treatments cost a low average of $ 250 and a high average of $ 650.

You can also get a laser hair removal procedure for your face or buttocks with an average price of $ 250 to $ 6,50,650. The entire ridge, the largest region, is the most expensive with an average of 300 to 800.

Note that this laser hair removal will cost a lot depending on the session. You will need 6 to 10 sessions for the treatment to work, so the costs will pile up over time.

The components that determine the cost of laser hair removal

The region doesn’t just list the cost of the laser hair removal factor. You have the laser type, the clinic, and the doctor who will perform the procedure.

Clinic and its equipment

LHR is a popular method. You can see it at your friendly neighborhood clinic for generous prices. Then, if you go to a high-end clinic, you will likely be surprised by the much higher price tag for laser hair removal.

The location and quality of the facility are factors, of course, but so are the skills of the equipment and the doctor. There are different types of laser hair removal, and one type of machine can cost more than the other.

The high-end clinic can carry the latest high-end equipment that enables a seamless and fast procedure. However, don’t ignore the cheaper option as it may work well for you too.

In addition, each type of machine uses different methods. Dermatologists need to know how to handle it to avoid burns.

Ton your skin and hair

Skin and hair tone are important when choosing the laser hair removal type that is best for you. For example, there is a system that works better for people with light skin and dark hair. Sometimes it doesn’t work on dark or tanned skin.

But there are also laser types that are suitable for all skin colors. Closing the trade could make it more painful or require more sessions.

In other words, your skin tone will determine which type of system is best for you. For example, the price depends on the machine the clinic is using for you.

Here at our clinic, you have the latest laser technology with FDA cleared melanin readers to make sure you are getting your treatment right. The Vectas (R) laser has a cooling system that makes you feel good. A consistent beam profile will keep each session short to get you on your way.

Financing options for hair removal

Unfortunately, your insurance cannot pay for your treatment. Even so, we always try to offer our customers multiple options. This can greatly ease the cost of laser hair removal in wallets.

As mentioned above, you will only see the full effects of LHR after the sessions are over. This enables many clinics to offer a package that offers lower prices per session. All you have to do is buy multiple sessions at a time.

In addition, there are financing options with which you can pay in installments. Clinics may have internal funding options or you can use your credit card. At Skin Deep Laser MD, we accept credit card finance for health finance.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

The prices for laser hair removal upfront can seem terrible. So if all you can do is shave or wax, then why buy them in the first place?

It’s cheap to run

A razor is cheap and can be used for a few weeks. A waxing session costs more but is still cheaper than the average price of laser hair removal. However, these are temporary and you will need to shave and wax more frequently.

A laser haircut, on the other hand, leads to permanent hair loss. Did you know that for a lifetime, you spend less on waxing treatments than you spend on waxing sessions?

Waxing your bikini line costs an average of 35 per session. If you start doing it every three months at age 21 and stop at age 55, you could have 4,900 in life.

If you can get the LHR system for £ 150 per session in the same location, you can only spend 1,1500 out of 10 sessions. If you don’t need many such treatments, you will be spending less.

This means you’ll save at least 4,400. Even if you opt for the more expensive laser session, you can still save more

That saves you time

Laser hair treatment is precise and quick. You don’t have to spend a long time in your clinic for each session. Your hair gets shorter and thinner every time you go out.

Once you’ve completed your sessions, there is no need to shave every morning or before every date. You’re always ready to wear a bikini anytime, anywhere.

You don’t want to be frustrated if you don’t get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo

Shaving, waxing, plucking, and other temporary hair removal methods can make your skin red and irritated. You will be familiar with the nasty ingrown hairs obtained using these methods.

Since laser hair removal targets the follicles when the hairs go away, you can also expect the ingrown hairs to go away. The treatment also relieves inflammation, constipation, and discoloration.

You will be hairless all year round

After your sessions are over, you can wear shorts year round if you so choose. This means you don’t have to wear pants to hide the growing hair before it gets long for wax.

This means you don’t have to worry about the shave because you don’t want to wait for it to grow.

There are minimal side effects

Even after a few days of the procedure, you can expect redness and discomfort in the treated area. Side effects are similar to sunburn. For example, moisturizers and refrigerators help in the healing process.

But unlike other hair removal options, this is what you will feel. You don’t have to worry about cuts, irritated hair, bleeding and even infection. As long as you are in the hands of a trained Skin Deep Laser MD doctor, you are safe.

How to prepare and what to expect

Depending on the clinic, you may need to shave before treatment. Contact us first so that we can advise you before the procedure.

We advise against plucking and waxing six weeks before laser hair removal. These procedures remove pores that target the laser. Avoid other methods using the same method.

Also, be aware that you may experience stitches and discomfort during the process. Make sure our system is relieving pain. We try our best to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Always wear sunscreen after every session and avoid the sun to avoid repulsion. This prevents uneven toning and sunburn.

Visit our clinic in Texas

Do you want a safe and effective laser hair treatment? Would you like to know more about the price range of laser hair removal and how the operation works?

Visit us and discuss the best solution to remove unwanted hair. With laser hair removal prices high, we make every session worth every visit and every penny out of your pocket.


How much does laser hair removal cost?

Many have to deal with body hair removal as part of their normal grooming routine. Whether you’re shaving your legs or removing the itch from your face to get a Cleve Shaven look every morning, people can spend months wiping body hair for their entire life.

American women spend more time and money on this process than American men. Surveys by American Laser Centers have shown that women spend more than 10,000,000 on their lifelong shaved products.

With these statistics in mind, it is not surprising that many people are looking for permanent alternatives like laser hair removal. However, the question you need to ask yourself is “How much does laser hair removal cost?”

The front cost of laser hair removal is much higher than other hair removal products. The long-term benefits can justify the cost for many. What you should know here.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a treatment procedure that must be performed by certified technicians. The process uses concentrated light to target and damage individual hair follicles.

As a result, the hair of each follicle falls out and its growth process is slowed down. The hair dye attracts the laser so that the energy is focused on the hair. Laser hair removal is most effective on thick hair on dark and light skin.

However, there are different lasers for different types and colors of hair and skin, and for different areas of the body.

The benefits of laser hair removal

The biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that it permanently reduces hair loss over time. Although multiple sessions are required for permanent hair removal, the results are only visible in one session. Most people need four to six sessions to get permanent results.

Unlike waxing, tweezers, and other hair removal options, laser hair removal causes minimal discomfort. Those who have had the procedure describe it as putting a rubber band on their skin.

Speed ​​and accuracy make laser hair removal an attractive option for many people. The laser is particularly aimed at the hair as the surrounding skin remains intact.

This is in contrast to waxing, shaving, or tweeting which can damage the skin and leave it red, sore, and puffy. In addition, the laser works faster and covers a quarter of the size per second.

Cost separation through laser hair removal

The average cost of laser hair removal is $ 429, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

However, the cost varies depending on various factors. The main reason is the area of ​​the body that is receiving the treatment. The size of the field and the time it takes to complete the procedure will help determine the cost.

The table below shows the average high and low costs of laser hair removal for different areas of the body.

Body area is inexpensive
Face and neck 600 $ 900
Guns $ 350 $ 500
Bikini area $ 350 $ 500
Lower legs $ 600 $ 850
Back $ 600 $ 900
Book $ 350 $ 600

During the first consultation, the doctor or technician goes through the procedure and can make an offer for an individual procedure. Doctors can also recommend the number of treatments needed for permanent hair removal. However, this can vary depending on how the hair responds to the treatment.

The spa or clinic may offer discounts for those who pay for multiple sessions or who choose to have the procedure done on different parts of the body.


Laser hair removal has a relatively high upfront cost. Before starting the process, make sure you know how much it will cost

Those interested in treatment can expect to spend hundreds of dollars per session, and a few thousand dollars total. However, due to the distribution of treatment – usually within eight weeks of each treatment – payments can also be distributed.

In some places, clients can cut costs by paying for multiple sessions at once or by choosing treatment on multiple areas of the body.

When you factor in the lifetime cost of other hair removal treatments, laser hair removal is equivalent. The method differs in that it allows permanent hair removal after several treatment sessions, thus reducing the time required for makeup, which is invaluable for many people.

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