Handprint Raven Craft

A. Handprint Raven Craft

Although the raven and raven are not the same animal, I think their similarities make this hand-printed raven vessel work well for raising both species of birds. Or maybe you can have fun building a raven and raven boat! Crows and crows are classic autumn animals because they go perfectly with a scarecrow theme and their dark black color also makes them great for a Halloween craft.

1. How to make a crow boat with hand printing

Black feathers with handprints give this simple bird artifact a very special touch. The personalized touch is another reason these birds would look impressive when displayed on a classroom bulletin board or home art wall. A list of book recommendations can be found at the end of this post to guide this craft.

a. Materials needed to make this hand-printed raven vessel

  1. Raven Craft Model
  2. Black and gray (or yellow) cardboard
  3. White cardboard
  4. Black color
  5. Sponge brush
  6. Wide eyes
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue

b. Instructions for this raven hand print art project

1. Use the sponge brush to paint your child’s hands with black paint. Press each painted palm down on a piece of white card stock to make handprints. You need a total of three handprints. Let the handprints dry completely.

2. Next, you need to create your crow’s beak, feet and body. If the task of creating your own pieces seems daunting, I made a mold in my store that you can buy to make life easier.

Print the stencil on black and gray cardstock and cut out each piece of the stencil. (NOTE: If you cannot see printer ink on black cardboard, you may need to print the template on white paper, cut it out, and trace it with a pencil onto black cardboard.)

3. Glue the crow’s beak and legs to the crow’s body. Then put a wide eye on your crow.

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4. Once the ink is completely dry, cut out each of the handprints. Glue two of them to the body for the wings and one to the bottom and back of the crow for the tail feathers.

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