Hair Up Trolls

A. DIY Troll Hair Styles with Temporary Color

Our photographer Allie is back on the blog with her latest troll hairstyle adventures. Allie is doing interesting things in the name of being a photographer for The Hair Bow Company! We are very happy that she shares her adventures (and lessons learned) with us here! Allie calls her series of posts for us the “Hot Mess Household Blog-a blog dedicated to all” Hopeless Pinterest Fail “mothers who really struggle, but always fall short in the final creative department!” We don’t think she’s giving herself enough credit, as we love all the DIYs she created for us and our photo shoots, but we appreciate the inspiration for all the other Pinterest Fail Moms out there!

1. DIY “troll hair doesn’t matter”

Because we want everyone to have troll hair, because we care!

I was an ’80s baby and went through the troll craze in the gym for years. Granted, they weren’t as pretty or THBC-style back then, but the love of trolls never left my heart! A few years ago (before the new troll revolution), I decided to turn my three-year-old son into one. I was hooked and luckily she was too! Since that day, we have shared a love of trolls and funny photo shoots. When THBC sent all troll items to be modeled, I was amazed! According to my “Hot Mess Household, Blog”, let me say that this is my favorite because I didn’t even do “Hot Mess” a lot with this one! All you need is a few items, 8 minutes, and some super cute babies and families who love trolls! Let’s start!

2. Delivery

Note: in the previous photos of my little girl Ava K, she has pink troll hair. Shortly after that session, I found out that she was very allergic to Red Dye # 40. Fortunately, she now loves all the colors of the Troll Rainbow! We use white and blue for real photos. Remember the colors and ask the other kids to make sure before using!

  1. Can hairspray colored in the color you choose.
  2. Small elastics for hair
  3. Crochet the bandana available here at The Hair Bow Company
  4. Comb to straighten your hair.
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Extra fixation spray
  7. Optional for thinner hair, you can also use a dry shampoo on all hair for a thicker texture.
  8. Plastic cups of any size, depending on the length of the hair and the length you want to reach for the troll hair.

3. Let’s do this, shall we ?!

Comb your hair straight. Separate the hair at the top of the head and towards the face. Turn the glass upside down. Hold the cup with one hand and remove the front part of the hair. Don’t let go, just keep working until you completely cover the glass with loose hair. Using a small rubber band, join the top branch of the hair to the bottom of the cup and secure it in place. We also use a crochet THBC headband to protect the style. You can add your THBC bows after your hair color has dried, like the ribbon of joy we used in the photo above! I took pictures while my assistant Gigi was working with Ava K and she did a great job on the first try. Don’t be afraid to use hairspray and hair clips! It may seem confusing at first, but you can fix it later. After finishing your troll silhouette and to your liking, pull out your colored spray and start working! I suggest sweeping movements and multiple layers. Big hair ties like THBC Texas Size Bows or our Cheer Bows are perfect to embellish this hairstyle!


B. Troll Hair Costume Tutorial

Looking for an age-defying classic costume? This troll hair fantasy tutorial will make your little troll a party success. With the revival of some of the best toys made over time and the debut of the new Troll movie (released on November 4, 2016),

Bonsai Trees

1. Troll is back

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Justin Timberlake or Anna Kendrick behind the new wave of fun! So get on the fun train, especially since it’s so easy to turn your goblin into a troll! We are very excited to be working with Dynacraft on this simple tutorial.

The idea of ​​turning your child into a troll is what we, as parents, DO NOT want to do. With just a few minutes and a bottle of soda, you have an adorable costume. That’s right – the trick to this costume is in the hair! In just a few minutes (five to be more precise).

2. Troll Hair Costume

Everything you need for the Troll Hair Tutorial is as follows:

  1. Apply hair dye (the lighter the better, but pink or purple seems to work best).
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Hair tie (the coated elastic works perfectly)
  4. 20 oz. Plastic soda bottle (transparent is best)
  5. Hairspray

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a troll hair costume with this troll hair. To really create the troll costume, there are so many options. Clothes can be anything – from a naked leotard with shorts or a skirt or something. Many trolls love shiny clothes, so let your child choose their own! Of course, if you want to give your little troll an extra mile, surprise him with the ultimate troll car.

Your child’s hair will stand on its own when the baby enters the garage. With bright colors, horn and working doors, flashes and an MP3 connection that really makes you “dance, dance, dance”, your child can hit the road at a speed of 4 km / h!

3. Dynacraft DreamWorks Trolls 6 volts illuminate Super Coupe Powered Ride On Features

  1. Hot Pink Super Car with Glitter Trolls Graphics
  2. Poppy Hood ornament with real troll hair
  3. Multicolored work lights
  4. Horn working with racing noises
  5. “Chrome” exterior and interior details
  6. Doors that open, close and lock
  7. Maximum speed 5 mph
  8. Forward and backward
  9. Easy-to-use pedal acceleration
  10. MP3 input and speakers included
  11. Sport “chrome” wheels
  12. Low profile tires
  13. Comfortable running seat
  14. 6-volt battery and charger included
  15. 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Get the coolest coupe ever with your growing Troll – with the Super Coupe Dynacraft DreamWorks Trolls only at Toys R Us. And your little troll will walk high (or at least until it reaches the weight limit!)


C. 11 DIY Halloween Hairstyles for You and Your Kiddos

It is not to brag about, but we know how to nail Halloween costumes around here. Would you like to know our great secret for our fantasies to go from good to great? HAIR. Each fantasy we create – for us * and * our little ones – is finished with an adventurous and absolutely characteristic hairstyle to make it even better. It’s the cherry on top 🙂 Today we are partnering with JOHNSON’S® to share 11 Halloween hairstyles that you can spice up and untangle easily for the big scary day, for you or your child.

1. Troll Hair

We spray Frankie’s hair with dry shampoo to give it a sandy texture. Then we use a comb to provoke, provoke and provoke a little more, starting at the roots and moving forward. After every inch of his head has been combed back, we pull all the hair out to form the troll’s silhouette and secure the outer circumference to the inner frame with hairpins. We block everything with a strong and safe spray for children. Then we finish the masterpiece with pink spray, starting at the root and spreading upwards. Absolutely easy!

2. Flapper Faux Hair Bob

Going back to the 1920s this Halloween? This ingenious fake bob works on hair of all lengths and thicknesses and will take you to the next level. Separate the hair on its side and curl the curls. Comb the top of the top of the head back and then comb it gently to reshape and straighten the curls. Pull the hair back in a loose fringe, twist and pin it under the hair at the nape of the neck. Pin up your twisted hair. Gently part the hair to disguise the bangs and finish with a layer of hair spray. Add a sequin ribbon and go your way!

3. Glamor Girl Glitter Party

Be honest – we all have Halloween, where our costume is a little more ambiguous than planned. If you are looking for a last minute look, try this amazing glitter root treatment. First, spray the roots with hairspray, then use a makeup brush to paint a layer of glitter glue. Then, using a soft makeup brush, sprinkle two shades of loose glitter before the glue dries. Cover with a final coat of lacquer to fix the sparkles in place!

4. Princess Braid

Halloween is the * best * excuse to be a princess for a day. A flowing romantic dress with a boho crown braid will probably look even more majestic. Give the hair a healthy side and a Dutch braid diagonally until you have combed your hair up to the 7 pm mark on your head. Finish this strand with a regular braid and tie it with a small elastic band. Take the braided tail and wrap it around your head to form a crown. Sweep the unkempt hair to the side, comb it back and make a loose braid to the end. You can finish the braid with an elastic band or, if the hair is long and thin enough, tie it with a bun. You finished!

5. Intergalactic Galaxy

Combine a futuristic pony with metallic clothes for an extraordinary fantasy. This hairstyle is literally a no-brainer: just make a high and tight side bangs and then add elastics every seven centimeters. Pull the hair out to form a stool between each elastic band. If you need more volume, try combing your hair back. Complete the process with a layer of hair spray.

6. Black cat

Why play with a classic? The black cat is a tried and tested costume, and this quick pony updo is sure to enhance the look. Make a super tall and fluffy ponytail and smooth the top with hair balm. Finish with a pair of cat ears.

7. Hair Bow Bun

Again, this is a * perfect * hairstyle for Halloween, but there is no obvious costume to accompany it. But why would that prevent us from making All Saints’ Eve? French braid from the nape to the crown, then add the rest of the hair to create a tall, tight ponytail. Spray to seal. Use an elastic band to create a large bow. However, leave the hair on the tip to hold the bow. Separate the loop in two and wrap the remaining hair in the center of the loop. Hold the ends in place.

8. Clown “Do

No, this is not a wig – this clown” Do “is actually made with Anj’s real hair! See how much magic a little back hairstyle can do ?! Anj curled all his hair in curls tight and then pulled the HECK out of each lock, she used small pins to hold it in place, then continued combing until she had a full bench.

9. Warrior Braid

TBH, we don’t mind wearing this braid on a specific Tuesday, but it would be especially tiring on Halloween 🙂 Divide your hair into two perfect sections and make a high, tight ponytail with the top . Braid the tail fully down, secure it with an elastic band, then loosen the braid. Make a tight, low ponytail with the extra hair. Take the bottom ponytail and divide it into three sections (like a normal braid). Think of the middle part and the thick braid you just created as a section. Integrate the two braids by creating a large braid using the bottom ponytail and the thick braid you created earlier. Braid it to the end and secure it with an elastic band.

10. Milkmaid Braid

Also known as the French crown! The key to keeping this updo up to date? Tons of hair clips. Separate the hair to one side and start making a French braid around the scalp contour until you reach the opposite side of the head. Make a regular braid on the remaining hair, tie it with a rubber band and wrap the braid to complete the circle. Fully unscrew the braid and secure the tip of the tail to hide it. Secure around the braid with needles, add a layer of hair spray and you’re done.

11. 40s Broad Bangs

We love this style for its mixture of comfort and glamor from the 40s. Make a thin and elegant bun at the nape, leaving a large lock of hair in front. Separate this section into two wires and wrap each one with a 1 to 2 inch wave curler. Slowly remove the wand and secure each wave to the bottom of the wave with a duckbill clip. Wait for the curls to cool and remove the clips. Gently comb the curls and then use your fingers to shape them.

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