Genderfluid haircuts

A. Genderfluid: Short Undercut Hairstyles That Are Adaptable For Men & Women

In the past, women’s hairstyles were typically rounder and men’s hairstyles narrower. And today we see a diverse tendency to apply both options to each gender. We see that in our creativity there is a chance to mix both. We are currently in uncharted territory where gender roles are becoming more fluid. Some of our guests are looking for options that can be styled ultra feminine or masculine depending on the mood of the day. Use this as a chance for creative freedom!

1. Haircut step by step

a. Behind the head

  1. Cut your parting with a scissors-over-comb technique with the Sam Villa Signature Series 7″ Dry Cutting  scissors and wide cutting comb. Trim the entire area evenly to ridge depth.
  2. Using an adjustable trimmer with the blade in the widest open position (the position that lengthens the hair), work from the hairline to the crown of the head.
  3. Keep the blade away from the head at the top of this section to avoid lines and blending with the scissors along the length of the comb.
  4. Then use your trimmer with the adjustable blade closed to remove the soil. Work this length halfway up the vertical plane on the side of the head and wave the blade again at the top of the section to blend.
  5. Continue towards the back of the head, creating a nice smooth curve towards the back of the head with your weight line.
  6. Use the Sam Villa Signature Series Straight Blade Razor to clean up the neckline and blend into the shortest section of your trim job.

b. Tip and crown

  1. Comb your naturally falling hair.
  2. Establish the desired length in the bangs.
  3. Start in the middle of the head and make a ½ inch vertical incision.
  4. Comb each section upwards at a 90 degree angle.
  5. Work in radial cuts, connecting the crown length to the girth length and using a low point cutting technique to create texture and movement. Continue through the entire head and crown area.

2. Color formulas

a. Color – female:

  1. The hair was pre-lightened to the palest blonde with Redken Blonde Icing Powerlift 20 vol. multiplied by the Olapex binding to increase endurance.
  2. The hair was then glazed with Redken Shades EQ 3/4 oz. Equal parts 09T and 1/4oz 09V processing solution for 20 minutes.

b. Color – Male:

  1. The hair was pre-lightened to the palest blonde with Redken Blonde Icing Powerlift 20 vol. multiplied by the Olapex binding to increase endurance.
  2. The hair was then glazed with Redken Shades 1/4 oz. 09T, 1/4 oz. 09V and 1oz. of Crystal Clear equal parts processing solution for 20 minutes.

Don’t leave behind everything you know about both genders and take the time for a consultation to find out what your guest is looking for and adjust your approach. Provide various styling options and product recommendations to support your look. A guest who has the shape, skills and resources to look different every day generates revenue for your salon business. The best compliment you can get as a stylist is who does your hair? Provide your guests with the best education and the best tools to market you, even if they are about to go to the supermarket with their amazing male or female faded skin!


B. 14 Genderfluid Androgynous Haircuts

Androgynous haircuts are becoming increasingly popular. This style, which has proven itself on many celebrities, for example Miley Cyrus, attracts many extraordinary women. Unisex hairstyles emphasize gender equality without excluding femininity. These discounts violate gender norms and expectations and are relevant in today’s political climate.

1. What are androgynous haircuts?

Androgyny has recently become a very popular term that may be of interest to some and an outright rejection to others. Put simply, it’s a gender-neutral approach to things like clothing and hairstyles. Androgynous haircuts are popular with those who proclaim gender equality.

2. Graduated pixie haircut

Simple and bold, this androgynous pixie is perfect for women with straight hair. A soft gradient transition adds grace. This is the solution for those who want to reduce time in front of the mirror – maintaining this hairstyle requires a minimum of effort.

3. Androgynous punk haircut with shaved lines

For girls looking for a bold and challenging hairstyle, try this punk haircut with a long crown and layered bangs. To style, heat a light wax between your palms and gently part strands. The shaved horizontal lines above the ears add personality to the hairstyle.

Bonsai Trees

4. Dark blonde short haircut

The smooth transition from the elongated crown to the bangs successfully masks the high forehead. Plus, light bangs can help draw attention away from unwanted areas of your face. If you don’t have a problem with the shape of your forehead, you can always opt for the more traditional long strands.

5. Ash brown pointed pixie

This long unisex hairstyle without abrupt transitions looks more feminine. If you’ve already dipped and stripped the sides, rub castor oil into short hair for quick growth to eventually even out the length.

6. Softly shaved hairstyle

This neutral hairstyle for fine hair should be layered to maximize volume. One of the simplest but very effective ways to style fine hair is to blow dry your hair in one direction with a round brush. This creates the illusion of more volume.

7. Classic textured pompadour

This photo is a great example of androgynous haircuts for thick hair. The hairstyle is more voluminous on the top of the head, the longer upper strands lay over the shorter lower ones and add volume to the haircut. The sides are usually trimmed to avoid excess bulk.

8. Combed back quiff

This quirky haircut dates back to the 1950s and was popularized by celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean. This essentially masculine hairstyle was very popular with women in the 70’s, but it’s even more popular today. Using an alcohol-based hairspray instead of a gel or wax will help add volume since the hairspray won’t weigh down your curls.

9. Medium fade in pastel tones

This mini mohawk is a lot more casual than its defiant punk brother. It looks great in an icy blonde. Adding muted colors like neon or pastel tones will add a new twist to your haircut. Shaved sides, as in the photo, positively emphasize your facial features.

10. Layered silk pixie cut

British actress Audrey Hepburn developed this style in the 1950s. This haircut is not as sleek as hairstyles for medium length hair, but it goes well with light makeup – thick, long eyelashes and red lipstick that makes you look very feminine. .

11. Hairstyle with pointed bangs and copper highlights

Copper brown highlights give this man’s haircut the right balance. Maintain your hair color by using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to wash your hair. And if possible, minimize exposure to heat when drying and styling. Androgynous haircuts for round faces, like this one, make the cheeks look smaller.

12. Layered pixie in platinum blonde

The personality of this haircut is highlighted by the bold color choices. Although this haircut does not require special care, platinum blond should be constantly cared for with a special purple tinted shampoo.

13. Long hammer made of ash

Androgynous haircuts for long hair are much more difficult to do since long hair is a classic feminine version. Shaved sides, hammer hair or an elongated mohawk are enough to give the shade of a unisex haircut.

14. Retro hairstyle with bangs for curly hair

Curls and waves are always popular, even in unisex haircuts. Style your hair with a light gel or wax. Avoid water-based styling products as they can straighten your curls. Androgynous haircuts suit almost everyone, men and women. Choose only trusted stylists, this is a guarantee of the best result. In order for the hairstyle expectations to correspond to reality, take a photo of your desired hairstyle to show to your master. Regular hair care – cutting, coloring, using professional hair products – keeps your hair in top condition. And your androgynous haircut will look gorgeous forever!


C. Gender Neutral Haircuts For 2022

Gender neutral haircuts are styles that anyone can wear. They challenge the notion of what it means to have a traditionally feminine or masculine haircut and can be incredibly empowering. Want to rock a blue topknot? So nothing should stop you. Do you love short or long hair? Well, there are styles for all hair textures. Gender-neutral haircuts can be bold and bright, can benefit from a variety of bangs and parting, and are tailored to your preferences. If you want to ditch the stereotypes, one of these hairstyles can inspire your next haircut.

1. Curly bob

The bob is a classic short hairstyle that is traditionally cut at jaw level. Incredibly flattering and versatile, it works with all hair types and textures and compliments most face shapes. With straight hair, the precision of the cut can be felt and can create a dramatic and edgy look, while with curly hair, the bob haircut looks more relaxed and effortless. It’s also a great way to style curly hair, as the short length makes it easier to manage and is generally healthier. The bob appeals to people of all ages and can be worn with bangs for a more youthful look.

2. Curtain fringes

Curtain bangs are one of the best styles of bangs and have a gender-neutral look, making them the perfect addition to anyone’s haircut. The bangs are parted down the middle which helps frame the face and earns the name as it resembles a window curtain. These fringes can be added to all hairstyles and can be made in different lengths, from short drapes to long ones. It will also compliment all face shapes and highlight your features while creating a youthful glow.

3. Blunt Bangs

One of the most versatile bangs hairstyles is the blunt bangs. They can be worn by anyone and can be tailored into a variety of hairstyles. It is a prominent feature of any haircut and is cut right across the face. They can be created with most hair textures, but work best with straight hair, which improves the precision of the cut. Bangs can give you a youthful appearance and also conceal troubled forehead skin or fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, bangs are incredibly flattering and a great way to draw attention to your face, especially your eyes and cheekbones.

4. Edgar’s haircut

A modern take on the classic Caesar hairstyle, the Edgar haircut has become a must-have choice for people who want an effortlessly cool and relatively low-maintenance cut. Like Caesar, Edgar’s haircut is the same length above his head but also features a high skin fade. The fade is fantastic for adding structure and contrast to the hairdo. It can also contrast with the hair on the top of the head, making it look fuller and thicker. The cut works with all hair textures and complements those with oval, square and long face shapes.

5. Cutting the bowl

The bowl cut is a gender neutral haircut that is expressive and fun. It gets its name from its bowl-like appearance and features the same length and straight bangs. The cut became popular in the ’80s but has been updated with modern twists in recent years to make it more wearable and versatile. The traditional mushroom shape can be altered and you can experiment with different lengths to create the look that best suits your face shape and reflects your preferences. It can also be combined with a fade to add more structure to the haircut and make it look edgy and cool. For those who are really brave, why not try a bold and shiny hair color?!

6. Long straight hair with middle parts

Straight hair is a texture that usually looks sleek and shiny and is fantastic for blunt haircuts. It’s also a texture that complements the middle part, making it more defined than curly hair would be. Both men and women can wear their hair long, and adopting longer hair can be an empowering experience that challenges outdated notions of what is traditionally feminine or masculine. The middle part is ideal for drawing attention to the face and can emphasize your facial symmetry. However, it is also difficult to execute and is adamant about imperfections or unbalanced features. The middle part is also practical for long hair, because it allows the hair to be tucked behind the ears and kept away from the face.

7. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is an effortlessly cool, low-maintenance, and versatile hairstyle. The short haircut works with all hair textures and types and is incredibly flattering and complements most face shapes. The haircut will also draw attention to your face and highlight your features. You can also experiment with different lengths and keep your hair a little longer on top. Or pair it with a line, fade or hair design if you want to give the cut a modern update.

8. Curly mop

The smudge hairstyle is a youthful haircut that is cut into long or medium length hair. The defining feature is the bangs, which usually cover the forehead and part of the eyes; However, the mop can be adapted from the ’60s version to create a more modern finish, allowing you to experiment with different fringes or stripes. The wipe hairstyle can be adapted to all hair textures. This includes curly hair giving softness to the cut with the curls falling on the face. It can be an incredibly flattering hairstyle that draws attention to your face and highlights your best features.

9. Blue pompadour

If you are looking for an expressive and fun hairstyle, consider a blue pompadour. Dyed hair demands attention, but it also allows you to show your playful side to the world. There are multiple shades to choose from, from vibrant blues to soft pastels; this makes it a color that can be adapted to any complexion. Combining blue hair with a pompadour will make your hair stand out; This hairstyle is defined by keeping the hair longer at the front of the head and brushing it back to create volume. It can be adjusted according to your hair texture and desired length. However, it is often paired with short hair on the back and sides, creating a subtle contrast with the hair on top.

10. Buzz Cut with Hair Design

The buzz cut is a classic short hairstyle that is often considered traditionally masculine; However, that idea is changing, and gender-neutral styles prove that anyone can rock these haircuts. The buzz cut features short hair of equal length throughout the head. It’s attractive because it’s easy to maintain, works with all hair textures and types, and can also be tailored to your preferences. This includes adding a hair design, a fun way to express yourself, and bringing your style and personality into your haircut. Hair design can be anything including geometric shapes, unusual angles and interesting line art.

11. Curly Bangs

Curly hair is one of the most desirable textures because it makes everything look more voluminous and full. Curls can be difficult to style and difficult to maintain as they can be prone to dryness and damage. But there are many ways you can wear them, including opting for curly bangs. The way the curls fall on the face creates softness and gives you a youthful look. The front of the hair also looks fuller and thicker as the curls create natural volume. Bangs are a great addition to most haircuts and can be worn with long hair or paired with a short back and short sides for a contrasting look.

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