Cute Boys With Curly Hair

A. 25 Sexy Curly & Wavy Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men


Every man with curly hair knows that the fight is real. This type of hair can be stubborn and difficult to tame most of the time. Although some may think that the curls should be shaved or do not work for the shape of the face, we are here to say the opposite. To show you how to work with your natural texture, instead of against it, we have put together a selection of stylish looks that you are sure to love. Here are the sexiest curly / wavy hairstyles and haircuts for men.

1. Short Curly Hairstyles

a. Curly hair + tuft

One of the best hairstyles for men of different ages is the great one. It is classic and very suitable for men with curly hair. Tufts are modeled by brushing hair up and away from the face, but for men with curly hair, things may not be so simple. The key to perfecting a curly tuft is to experiment with the way your hair falls out and rearrange the strands so that your curls are reinforced, rather than excessively wrinkled. Try not to dry your natural hair, as you will want to benefit from your natural hair type.

b. Curly hair + tight curls

Many men naturally have smaller, tighter curls. You can add a styling ointment or mousse to your natural curls and work the product with your fingertips. Also, start with a smaller portion of hair care products and increase more when you feel the need.

c. Short curly + afro hair

Curly hair can often be unruly and difficult to handle. Therefore, a cut that helps keep your curls under control can be very useful, especially if you work in an office or have limited time each morning to comb your hair. Therefore, a faded haircut is an excellent option for men with Africans. To enhance the look, simply request a short length that gradually shortens the sides for a clean shave around the ears.

d. Curly hair + back combed

We are talking about striking hairstyles for men with curly hair, and the back combed curls undoubtedly attract attention. Use a matte or shiny product that complements the natural texture of your hair and is long lasting. Also, pay attention to the length of your hair and make sure that the style combed back matches the shape of your face. Men with longer curls get more versatility by combing their hair back, as they can change the way they separate and how the curls look.

2. Medium length curly hairstyles

a. Curly hair + beach curls

Beach curls are good for casual days and are based on much more texture than typical high-gloss curls. Beach curls are also a great hairstyle for relaxed men, as they allow more freedom to dry your hair and apply the product. Yes it’s right. Beach curls look best when messed up. Even so, it can sometimes be more difficult to get messier hairstyles. Our tip is to find an excellent sea salt spray for a carefree hairstyle when your curls are beyond manageability.

Bonsai Trees

b. Curly hair + bangs

The curly edge is based on a thick mane of hair. You want to be able to be very thick when picking up those curls. After combing your hair with a shiny ointment, apply a hairspray to make sure everything is in place.

c. Curly hair + lower cut

The lower cut may have military inspiration, but it is curled and looks very different. The curls add a little more dimension and volume to this favorite hairstyle. Channeling your locks in a lower cut is an excellent approach to taming your locks for several reasons. Especially for men with rebellious curls, a lower cut has shorter sides, which means that the only coils you have to control are on top. In addition, a lower cut of different lengths looks incredible, so you can choose any length that suits your face shape.

d. Curly hair + afro long

For those with thicker curls that are more stubborn, adopt your natural hair type and choose well-designed afro hair. We are not talking about an oversized head of hair here, but a strategically cut version that allows you to control your hair. Make sure to find a great barber who knows how to cut his hair to highlight his hair without making it oppressive.

e. Curly hair + tuft

Pompadour is a statement in itself, and curls take this popular hairstyle in the 1950s to a new level. The curls add thickness and fullness that a tuft already has. The trick to making sure that a tuft works best on your curls is to control the natural waves so your hair stays clean and in place. Work with your natural hair type for a redefined tuft.

f. Curly hair + bowl cut

The shell cut is back and looks better than ever. Although perfect and elegant cuts were in fashion in the 90s, today’s modern cut is full of texture and a little messy. As such, men with curly hair are perfect candidates to rock this style. To enhance the look, simply ask your barber for a lower cut with a long length at the top that will blend evenly with your bangs. Then, just highlight its natural texture to ensure a carefree and relaxed appearance.

g. Curly hair + hard part

If you want to add some definition and edge to your curly haircut, then you must go to a difficult part. A difficult part created by shaving a line in the hair can make a clear distinction between different sections of hair. As such, it creates a sharp look that perfectly balances the relaxed aesthetic of textured curls. Try the next cut whenever you want to push your hair aside and shake things up.

h. Curly hair + side part

The side part is the basic hair trend of the 20s and 40s and one of the most iconic and timeless hair styles of all time. Men with curls should be happy because curls maximize the volume of a side part and add well to the vintage aesthetic that this hairstyle brings with it. Make sure to part the hair on the side that matches the natural growth of your hair and opt for an elegant and shiny finish for an authentic retro revival.

3. Long Curly Hairstyles

a. Curly hair + curl

The male version of the popular female haircut “The Lob” is a version of curly hair inspired by rock stars. You want to add a little texture, so don’t be too demanding when styling it, it must be a little messy. Think grunge, but with a variation; You also want the hair to look thicker. So, be careful with the product you use and choose one that maximizes its natural volume.

b. Curly hair + shiny curls

Another way to channel longer curls is to style them with a product that has a subtle sheen. Make sure that your locks are a little more shiny and are well styled, as opposed to drier or textured surfaces. A lumbar ponytail is also another way to channel longer strands for more elegant occasions, adding a little flexibility to the longer strands and still making a presence.

c. Curly hair + men’s bun

Another popular hair trend that looks even better with natural curls is the male bun, which works very well with slotted curls. Growing your curls can be a little frustrating for the first few months, but they usually have an excellent curl when the strands reach the chin or shoulders. To maximize your curly bun, choose a slightly messy textured approach. Use a matte product and work it with your fingers until you get the waves you want.

d. Curly hair + messy curls

Ironically, the art of perfecting messy curls is a little more difficult than just rolling out of bed. Although you want to give the impression that you haven’t done anything to your hair, be aware that large, messy locks can take some time to complete. Since longer curls can be a little more complicated to manage, apply a foam or styling mousse to damp hair and chop and curl with your fingers to get the body you want. To control longer, thicker hair, consider the angle of your cut to add dimension.

e. Curly hair + bob

A curly bob for reference in this article refers to longer locks that have grown, but are not long enough to reach the chin or shoulders. When curly hair grows back, there are certain lengths where styling is cheaper. Curls with a medium length hair structure frame most men’s faces more efficiently, adding a slightly more distinctive character to their natural chin and cheekbones.

f. Curly hair + dreadlocks

Controlling afro-styled long hair can be tricky. However, certain hair styles can make this easier. For example, dreadlocks are a classic and cool way to keep tight, thick hair from falling on your face and looking wild. Although it takes some effort to create and maintain the style, after deciding on dreads, you will wonder how you managed to live without them. Best of all, after turning your long hair into dreads, you can try other looks with them, such as: B. a ponytail or a bun.

g. Curly + unkempt hair

If you are a gentleman who combines with a robust and sophisticated appearance, long and messy locks are for you. This relaxed hairstyle creates an elegant and carefree look, ideal for casual occasions. However, to make sure your hair doesn’t look too out of control, it’s best to do a subtle style, such as B. sweep it back or add a simple side panel. Although this look requires minimal style, it is still important that you look disheveled and not completely disheveled.

h. Curly hair + shoulder-length hair

Whether your hair falls naturally in tight spirals or waves in waves, a shoulder-length cut can be an excellent choice for style. The length is long enough to show its natural epic texture, but also short enough to look like presentable informal situations. In addition, a shoulder-length cut offers a variety of styling options. If you want to swing a men’s bun, a ponytail or a half-seesaw, or want to leave your hair down and pulled back, you can do this with this haircut.


B. 10 Cool & Smart Curly Haircuts for Little Boys

Like the clothes, the haircut is a very important aspect in the first days of the boy’s life. If your child has curly hair, don’t be sorry! Instead, try the following curly haircuts for boys to make them look even better!

Boys jumping around the house can be both joy and horror. But you still love her. They are full of life and ideas, learning new things and absorbing nuances from everyone.

The boy’s curly haircuts need to be styled taking into account hygiene, school rules and ease of possession. If you are uncomfortable or against the prescribed style (some schools prescribe these rules), you may need to change your haircut everywhere. You also can’t go for anything ridiculous to guarantee allowed styles or ease of management, as we all know how cruel boys can be when it comes to teasing and rude. Here is a list of the best curly haircuts for boys that you can be inspired by.

1. The keubic cut

Boys with curly hair are blessed! You don’t have to get too excited about her hairstyle. All you need to do is make sure that all of your hair is the same length. Therefore, when cutting your hair, consider the curls of the hair. Make sure to keep the area behind the ears clean.

2. The loose waves

If your child has wavy to curly hair, this hairstyle can be chosen. It is a cleaner version of the angelic cut, except that it keeps the sides and neck clean. This gives the impression of full hair without looking sloppy.

3. The crisp curls

As much as you want it to remain angelic, curly hair can get boring after a while. You can then cut them just a few inches, with deeper cuts on the sides. This gives the head a beachy look while keeping the overall style clean and tidy.

4. Fading and Short

Curly hair can be mixed with some hair styles that are considered good for straight hair. One is the fade. Boys with curly hair can opt for a high fade with sharp points and then finish with short curls. This hairstyle not only creates a curly mess, but it also makes this traditional hair type really cool.

5. The plateau top

A thick mass of curly hair is a tremendous resource. You can cut it to your liking with surprising results. One of these haircuts for boys is the platform cut, which begins with a fade behind the ears and ends at the top with a thick lock of curly hair. The added charm is perfect, even cut at the top of the hair to make it look like a straight line.

6. Mohawk burned and fade

Mohawk and curly hair can be a deadly combination for boys. The logic and the process are the same; The sides start with a break that moves upwards, where the mohawk is raised, from the front of the head to the nape.

7. The famous cut

Curly hair may be the best type of hair to try for the lower cut. The hair stub on the sides up creates a strong contrast with the curls and wavy hair on the top. The balance between the two layers is lovely.

8. Nice edge

This is a simple but very beautiful hairstyle for your child. You can have your hair chipped on the sides and back regularly to keep it reasonably short.

You need to make sure that most of the length is at the top of the head. the longest strands go to the forehead. The last strand hangs from the forehead like a natural curl, which makes the hairstyle very attractive.

9. The slick back

You heard it right. The boy’s curly hair can also be combed back. You can leave the long, curly strands of hair at the top, with shorter lengths on the sides and back. With the right products – a strong modeling gel, if your child has very tight curls – you can toss your hair back so that the front is straight, but they end up in loose curls.

10. The curly bob

The easiest and most traditional way to deal with curls is to simply cut them into a bob. Bob gives the head a beautiful shape and allows the curls to tie well, depending on the shape of the face and especially the head.

Haircuts for boys are a headache and a joy for all parents. A boy’s hair is soft and needs to be handled with care. In the meantime, you can experiment until you make the right choice. As we saw above, there is no shortage of options for any type of hair. Everything works, as long as you follow a few simple tips.

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