Best Home Laser Hair Removal For Face

A. 10 Things to Know About Permanent Facial Hair Removal

After years of shaving the same areas every day, some Hirsute men opt for permanent facial hair removal. There are two main options: laser and electrolysis, the first being the much more popular option. When thinking about laser hair removal or electrolysis, there are ten things to consider beforehand.

1. You are not alone when you think about it

Men who are tired of ingrown hairs and razor burns are increasingly trying to lose their whiskers forever. Rachel Qin, of the Satori Laser Center in New York, estimates that one in five clients is male and that many of them come for facial hair removal treatments, mainly to combat hair stuck in the neck.

2. Think of reduction, not distance

Laser hair removal, the most popular and practical method for faces, sharpens your beard by about 70 to 85 percent. If you want to get rid of the shaver completely, electrolysis is the best choice for removing any hair – but it is more painful, more expensive and takes much longer.

3. It is ideal for shaping facial hair

Since laser removal is very effective for thinning hair, it is perfect for the areas you are constantly cutting. You can clean your neck (again, a common area of ​​ingrown hairs), the tips of your cheeks and the remains of your beard or mustache.

4. If you are an ideal candidate

Laser removal locates your hair, targeting high-contrast pigment spots. This means that light, dark-haired men get the best results. “If customers have light blond, gray or red hair, we encourage them to try electrolysis,” says Qin.

5. A full course of laser treatment costs about $ 4,000

Sure, this is a lot compared to the cost of shaving, but what good is it to sleep a little late each morning?

6. No pain, no gain

The laser aims to destroy hair follicles and not soothe the skin. The treatment itself is like a bunch of rubber bands fitting your face: uncomfortable, but short.

7. You don’t have to be sick

Each laser session lasts only 15 to 30 minutes, and the worst thing you can get is the redness of a slight sunburn afterwards.

8. It takes time to see the results

For complete facial treatment, the laser can last up to six hours over a year, while electrolysis can last up to 400 hours over four years. It makes sense that most people are inclined to laser removal, doesn’t it?

9. Even “permanent” treatments may not last forever

After the first few sessions, laser removal may require an annual treatment to maintain its appearance. “As long as the body has metabolism, there is a chance that the hair will grow back,” says Qin.

10. People who have it love it

A laser client wrote: “I am very happy with the results. When I finish, I leave the room with a smile on my face.” And a patient with electrolysis sums it up: “Dear? Yes! Painful? Yes! Is it worth it? Every penny!”


B. 10 At-home Laser Hair Removal Products For The Smoothest Skin Of Your Life

Soft skin from head to toe is something that many of us dream about – if you don’t, that’s fine! – but we rarely get a feeling of buttery softness with our usual hair removal methods. Blades tend to result in ingrown hairs, painful burns and itchy irritation, while epilation only hurts directly. So, what other options do we have? Well, there is a tried and true alternative that kills hair at the source: laser hair removal.

But who has the time (or energy, TBH) to go to the doctor’s office and pay for these expensive treatments? Well, we have good news for you: now you can get laser hair removal products at home that allow you to clean stubborn hair from the comfort of your own home.

1. What you should know about the main hair removal products at home

“Laser hair removal devices for home use are based on the same technology as dermatologists’ offices,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, a dermatologist in Austin. “Diode lasers are available for home use, as well as devices for intense pulsed light.”

PSA: Although these hair removal lasers are sent home, Dr. Mamelak finds that they are not as powerful as the ones you find in your dermatologist’s office, but they are great for removing smaller areas of your body.

  1. “Both diode lasers for home use and devices for intense pulsed light are available.”
  2. “Home-made versions are much less powerful compared to professional machines,” he says. “While this improves your safety profile and reduces the chance of accidental burns and scarring (a potential adverse effect of laser hair removal), it also makes epilation less effective. Some reductions may occur, but this may not be the case.” Get the smooth, hairless skin you’ve been looking for. “

Although you shouldn’t keep your expectations too high for these household appliances, they will help to reduce the thickness and amount of hair in particularly prickly areas – perfect for those with thicker hair! Dr. Mamelak just watches to be sure before detonating this device.

  1. “Safety is the top priority in any laser treatment,” he says. “Make sure your eyes are protected when using them and never shoot the laser directly in your eyes. Avoid treating areas with tattoos and various pigments, including birthmarks. Even if the bikini area is fine, the genitals should be avoided. “

Body hair is completely normal and you shouldn’t feel compelled to shave or shave. But if you prefer to domesticate it or get rid of it right away and want to try these homemade laser hair removal products, take a look at some of our favorites below:

2. Sedengu Ice Hair Removal

What makes this laser hair removal device at home so special? First, the price is very difficult to beat. But that is not the only thing that excites us: this impressive device has integrated cooling technology to keep irritation as low as possible, so you can zap freely.

3. Tria Beauty 4X epilation laser

This particular hair removal device has over 1,000 Class A reviews on Amazon for one reason: because it really works! It is the first and only FDA-approved home laser that removes unwanted hair for a fraction of the cost of in-office treatment. It also provides four times more hair removal energy than any other hair removal device at home, making it a powerful laser device that simply cannot be beaten. This may be a little more expensive than the others on this list, but it is worth every penny, especially considering how much money you will save by throwing your razors away.

4. Feeke IPL hair removal device

First of all, we love that this laser device at home has a digital face that allows you to adjust your device for the right control. It also comes with glasses to protect your eyes, and this whole kit costs just under $ 100 – a bargain so good it should be criminal.

5. Silk’n Infinity laser hair removal device

Eliminate annoying hair follicles with this neat laser hair removal device. Not only is it fast, convenient and easy to use, but it also uses the eHPL’s pulse of light and galvanic energy technology that stops hair growth at the root. There are also five configurations to choose from to personalize your treatments according to your comfort.

6. MiSMON hair removal machine for home use

This device can be used almost anywhere, including arms, legs, pits, bikini line and more. In addition, it has an intelligent skin color detector that can tell the difference between your skin and hair color and result in zaps that do not hurt your skin.

7. Iluminage TOUCH permanent hair removal system

This device is characterized by a combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency), with which the hair can be electrocuted directly at the source. This device also takes only 30 minutes to pass through the most hairy areas. This is a great option for those who just don’t have enough time.

8. Gillette Venus 3 BD3001 IPL silk specialist

There are many reasons why we love this Gillette selection. First, it is guaranteed to work on a wide range of skin tones (an amazing problem in the laser hair removal industry) and lasts up to 6 years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a while. It also comes with a Gillette Venus razor blade that allows you to shave and prepare any areas you want to laser.

9. Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111

Not only does this device come with a Venus Smooth razor to prepare your body, it also increases epilation in just 3 months – much faster than most office treatments. For the treatment of both legs in just 9 minutes!

10. Silk’N Flash & Go Express epilation device

This smooth yet effective device finishes your laser treatments in half the time, but it works just as well (if not better). You will notice results in just 4 to 6 weeks and can even be applied to the most hairy parts of the face, such as eyebrows or upper lip.

11. mē Body Hair Removal System and Slim Face

This is what works for everyone: it is designed for all skin types, hair types and even your face. And although it is still a little expensive, we promise it is an investment that you will love to make.

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